I am crazy about organic decor!

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What makes a residential or commercial environment more warm and cozy than a shot of infused nature?  I always use a bit of something woodsy and real in all of my design projects.  You can bring a bit of the outside in by using branches as a centerpiece in a large vessel or by exhibiting a beautiful flower inside a small vase carved from bark. “Found” organic branches can be transformed into modern art.  A wooden floor vase spied at Jayson Home and Garden can even act as a piece of natural sculpture. Just pitched that piece for a spot next to a modern white lacquered Louis II chair from sixinch. Love that juxtaposition of clean and modern with natural elements!

Last weekend, I ventured out to the DIY Trunk Show here in the windy city along with my pal, a craft aficionado.  She was actually on the prowl for emerging artists for a huge craft exposition held in Chicago every year. The DIY show was filled to the gills with amazing, talented, and “crafty” exhibitors.  Holiday spirit was in the air and generous smiles and huge appreciation went hand in hand with our viewing and purchasing. (Yes, I did a little tiny bit of that just to support the economy, of course!)

There were beautiful paper objects created by “Up In The Air Somewhere” that literally glowed in their luminescence.
I saw some an amazing puppet theatre highlighting the most intricately created black paper puppets of many different animals and creatures by owly shadow puppets.
Colorful and happy people pillows for casual decorating in any environment exhibited by Brandy Agerbeck.
One of our favorites was ReUseful Objects. 
These two artists create the coolest repurposed glasses made from discarded and long ago finished beer and wine bottles.  The bottles are sandblasted and etched with a variety of patterns.  Then,  the glassware is presented in handmade repurposed wooden boxes.
Unique stone coasters created from a large stone are “sliced” and stacked back together as a unique piece of rugged art that will come in handy during the holiday entertaining frenzy.  Craftily designed by Stonesters.
Ever wonder what happened to all of those raffle and carnival tickets that you have gathered from various outings and events over the years?  Find some here…at Little Rumble.
Have a friend that just became engaged or married that needs a little assistance in the kitchen? A couple of these would be just perfect! Artgoodies is the place to find them.
Who knows who will be crowned some of  the next “Emerging Craft Royalty?” Maybe someone that we have met here?

Lunch with Lindy

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Just when you think that you have enough to be thankful about, you are invited to the home of a dear friend for an engaging lunch with amazing women… what a warm and cozy home so perfectly decked out for the holidays.  Don’t you wish that you had a stab at that pumpkin tureen?

I recently completed one of those “dream” projects where you get to collaborate with easygoing, hip, and cool clients that shared similar design sensibilities. They also exuded qualities from which I  garnered incredible knowledge.  I learned so much from them… and, I hope, that I gave them something in return.

Bookshelves, one of my passions, was on high alert for this home.  Bookshelves can become art of the three dimensional kind.  I love to layer artifacts, art, pieces from world travels, and book collections themselves in this forum.  I also like to use photographs, sculpture, and found seasonal objects.  Leaves, flowers, candles, and organic finds can complete this picture.

I had several areas in this amazing Chicago home for my craft.  Don’t you think that it looks as if we had been collecting for years? (Fooled you!)   See how you can exhibit your favorite color, or books, or just a grouping of your favorite things?  Start with one shelf at a time… you will be amazed at what you can create.  Add a dash of holiday greenery or ornaments and you are set for the season!

Mid century art in West Virginia?

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One thing that I have learned in all of my travels around the world searching for unusual and intriguing artifacts and art is that you find treasures in the most unexpected places. On a recent trek south to North Carolina I stumbled upon a mid- century oasis in Charleston, West Virginia. After doing a Google search for “mid century/vintage” in Charleston, I was amazed to see one shop cruise to the surface.  We were skeptical, so I placed a call into the “alleged” mecca of fine mid century art and furnishings.  The owner who was almost on his way out for the day said that he would stay open until we could stumble in.  I was still skeptical!  But, by now, there was no stopping me..I was headed to the Purple Moon.

I want to share with all of you MG devotees some of the gems that I discovered that day.  Most of the art is still available,  but one group of prints was snapped up by me for a lucky client 🙂
Remember, all good things take a little longer to find.  Go out and search for it!
Art featured, “Two Faces of Eve” Felix Krasyk 1953, “Two Owls” Herbert Bayer 1948, ” Saturn Family” Gregory Corso 1967, “Provential Rooster” Felix Krasyk 1951, “Day of Infamy” Felix Krasyk 2007

Cruising through Lincoln Park today, I came across a transition of sorts. What better way to start the holiday design and home preparation frenzy than the onset of holiday decorations? Out with the corn stalks, in with the swag draping at RL’s Rugby, and a toast to the elegance of the simple statements at Tabula Tua, a premier tabletop and home furnishings store located at 1015 W. Armitage. Time to turn it up a notch for all of the family and friends getting ready to descent upon you!