I Have Been Caught Dreaming

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Been traveling quite a bit for business and kiddo stuff.. .college auditions for our young, talented,  classical musician,  and have been searching through archives of amazing dream bedrooms.  Not sure if I need to wake up or sleep more deeply through this process 🙂

Some of my favorites are from British Homes & Gardens.

This “Modern Classic” example is alive with blocks of colour (gotta love that) accented with florals and geometrics.  Subtle, soothing shades emphasize the cocooning nature of the room, while ceramics and accessories in pure white impart light relief…that I dig.

This “New-Look Country” is based on texture and pattern which brings a sense of intimacy (blush) to this bedroom scene.  A dramatic floral wallpaper, tempered by clean lined furniture and unfussy curtains, gives the space a romantic feel without being overwhelming.

“Boudoir Chic” is all about an over-sized bedhead (UK speak for headboard) that creates a striking focal point and works beautifully with a delicate color palette.  Subtly patterned wallpaper, plus accessories and cushions in silk and taffeta add to the sense of glamour and luxury.

Hmmmm.  Looking for a bit of shut eye……

Goodbye cold and beautiful city…..See you again soon and hopefully with a new appreciation for all of the icicles and frozen waves.

It is Official….

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…the Huffington Post declares that Michelle Obama is the new Jackie O of style!

This photo from today’s festivities shows the brilliance of the new first family and the virtual strength and solidarity that they will bring to us over the course of the next four years.  Michelle in that Isabel Toledo citron sheath dress and matching coat ensemble rocks!  Isabel a Cuban American fashion designer and her husband a talented sculptor and artist share a passion for the arts…and it shows.

How full of hope does this photo make you feel???


A group of multifaceted designers located in Calgary, Canada are striving to construct unique situations that explore the intrinsic nature of their own embedded narratives., creating a continuously evolving dialogue between the object, the individual and the environment.  Phew!  Heady stuff.

I found this company, and have had an interesting chat with one of the designers, Ian, after searching for some perfect lounge chairs for a commercial design studio that I am currently working on.  I am again amazed at the pertinent qualities that one can find in the world of interior design.  Having won some major design awards, Palette Industries, continues to surprise and provide us with some typographical wonders!

The purpose of the chair is to create a situation where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship with the object based on personal experiences and memories..thus increasing the lifespan of the product.  I think that it is such a beauty that you don’t even have to think that hard about it to appreciate.  And, while you are at it sign up to purchase one of the first 100 “Dharma Lounge” chairs available.  Certain to become collector’s items.

How Cool is This!

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This home, my home, has recently been included on the roster for the Spring House Tour of the Wilmette Historical Society.

The Society just passed along this image of my home from a real estate listing dated 1905.

How beautiful the house looked then in all of it’s grandeur.  How much it has changed since then!  Who was responsible for those changes…and why?

The feeling of merely being the curator of a piece of history is daunting.  What would the family that built this home think about it now?  I know that we have never been happier.  We hope that that would make them proud. 🙂

Looking forward to showing it to the historically interested on May 17.

A group of extraordinary young women are gearing up to host their second annual “March The Mart” event here in Chicago on Monday, January 19.  The walk begins on the 18th floor of the Mart and winds down through the stunning corridors of the famed institution for all that is design in the Windy City.  Their charitable drive is a magnificent effort and the children of the Misericordia Home would agree, is a good time.

This is a great way to get a bit of exercise, view the amazing showrooms without any distractions, support a great cause,  and just imagine the prime parking spots that all designer’s covet during the week to be yours alone!  I confess that last year when I attended this event with my daughter, Madi,  it was the best spot that I have ever snagged 🙂

The event is chaired, manned, and run by the girls themselves.  They are hoping to surpass the success of last year and to provide the Special Children’s Charities, which has been the financial sponsor of Special Olympics Chicago since 1969, with a donation that will make a tremendous impact yet again!

Come join them!

Have been so enjoying the recent posts of my colleagues here at Material Girls that I wanted to pass along some lovin.

Each and every new post is engaging and enlightening.  I learn something new from ya’ll every day!  Thank you for sharing!

Bundled up and NOT loving it!

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Still whining about the winter as a whole new pile of snow lay at our feet this weekend in Chicago.  Saw some pink salt being distributed over the streets outside the Merchandise Mart and that was a brief, colorful moment.  Loved the color burst…made from beets!

Always searching for design inspired by nature, I fell in love on that same visit to the Mart, with the Tony Duquette designed organic “Baroque” chair.  First designed in 1965, this sensuous biomorphic piece is crafted entirely of wrought iron.  Viewing the tear sheet at the Baker showroom, I conspired with myself about where I was going to place this baby live with one of my clients.  Started to feel a bit warmer already.

You may have grown weary of this image, as I have seen it absolutely everywhere…but a post on chairs inspired by nature would not be deemed complete without this “David and Edward” chair designed as a one-of-a-kind gig by Margaret Elman at Chair Couture.  The image of the grass was digitally transferred onto a recycled oxford weave polyester.  Green in every sense of the word.

This whole image hits the spot.  A stylishly upholstered chair with fabric named “Foret” is based on a watercolor by French designer, Philippe David for 6, Mandel.  The plum color is right in line as a top trend color for 2009.

Another example of a massively creative chair inspired by nature is the Patricia Urquoila designed “Crinoline” outdoor chair for B + B Italia.  The chair features coiled flower bursts on an updated wing chair frame.  Plenty of storage space underneath for all of your extra pool accessories.  Sweet.

Divine Fabrics That Make Me Swoon

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With studios in London, Belgium, and the South of France one would imagine artist, Carolyn Quartermaine, to experience many daily inspirations for her textile line.  Ahhh, I am sure that I could too.

The names alone make you sense and feel the patterns…The Fresh Collection..The Flowers Collection…The Script Collection, and the Modern Lace Collection.

Her four amazing collections encompass all that one could desire in the world of hand printed fabric designs created on a wide variety of grounds ranging from silk taffeta’s, rich crushed velvets, and clean crisp cottons.

Oh…. the opulent and exquisite textiles of Carolyn Quartermaine!!  Is it possible to envision yourself in a home constructed entirely of fabric?  Sorta like some never-ending tent or cabana?  If this multi layered home could be constructed using the designs created by this 2008 “Maison Et Objet” designer of the year, I might just sign up.

With the holidays over and out and the scrambling to remember the incredible and crazy things that have happened over the last month, I could use a real dose of color while contemplating the next 4 months of winter here in the heartland.  Always rejuvenated by elements of design, my desire to get out of Dodge was put on hold while viewing this colorful NYC entryway painted white but illuminated by tinted lights in the home of style maven, Cynthia Rowley, courtesy of Elle Decor.

From the top of the 2009 Design Trend Forecast featuring Paris’ bi-annual home furnishings trade show, The “Maison Et Objet,”a modern patchwork Hay’s felt rug could not be more colorful and reminds me of a bunch of gum balls.  A whole lotta sunshine for a winters floor.  More on these top trends featured on Point Click.

And, just around the middle of February, when the gloom and gray really get to you, imagine this “Print” 3 seat sofa by Marcel Wanders for Moroso of Italy.  Winter might not seem like such a long season after all?!