Chicago Modernism Show!

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Today, while allegedly taking the day off from work, I enjoyed my job immensely by touring the Chicago Modernism Show and Sale.  The event sponsored by AIA Chicago, Modernism Magazine, and Chicago Home and Garden Magazine was a treat.  I was WOWED by the vignette created by Room With A View.  The illusionist box was already sold (that is what I get for shopping the last day of the event) but it’s graphic image and magical provenance was unique.  One piece that would make a room and label an environment one-of-a-kind.  Gotta love the graphic orange walls showcasing the architectural and black and white objets d’art.

Go Scout!  I always look forward to seeing what is in store for me when I hear that this Andersonville star is on the dealer roster.  BTW,  I scored on the Ted Harris “Terrarium” lamp  (his work is available at Scout)  on top of the console in the background. Lucky me!

Larry has done it again…a multitude of color, texture, and layering.  Each piece has a personality… And one that I would like to get to know better.  Proud that he is a Chicago compatriot…and that his shop is close enough for me to raid at will.

I was admiring the vignette created by Alex Chronis of cmodern in Cincinnati for his vast collection of foundry pieces.  This sculpture containing actual pieces mounted on steel drew me in…and then..POW!  I spied the cabinet behind it.  I love when that happens.

This industrial cabinet is so perfect for a mud room, kitchen, or closet application.  Mutli colored “peeps” adorned the drawers.  Just in time for Easter!  No samples were to be had, though 🙁

A close up.  Just to be sure.

Check this out!  I have never seen anything like these chairs before…..

Hold me back!  This set of 6 Italian Memphis style inspired leather and metal chairs from the 60’s gave me the gimme’s.  I had to be escorted out of the booth due to excessive use of superlatives…..Wells and Company in Binghamton, NY owns these chairs now but I will be working my interior design magic on a client that I know very soon.

The vignette provided by Room Service, was lovely in it’s scope.  The whole space just “worked.”  I adore the use of industrial metal pieces alongside the cowhide covered chairs.  Plus, the front table was loaded with peppermint patties.  Perfect pick me up…I scored a couple…to share.

The entire portfolio of the Masters Degree Project c. 1948 of Frances Stewart Higgins, was exhibited by Lusenhop Fine Art.

Frances, who studied at Chicago’s Institute of Design, was so fascinated by a demonstration of the art of glass color fusing in her study above that she later made it her career.  Today “higgins” pieces of beautiful and always useful art glass can be found everywhere from brides’ wish lists for dessert plates to some of the world’s great design museums, including the Smithsonian, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Victoria and Albert in London.  Imagine showing up at the Antiques Roadshow with this in hand!  Such a beautiful art presentation possibility…framed and shown on a white wall in it’s entirety.

What a good time.

Looking At Things From Two Angles….

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…but it is really only one “angle” seen in two ways!   This modern twist on the age old “silhouette” is the work of Chicago photographer and artist, Maggie Meiners.

Maggie can be commissioned to provide you with art that will last the test of time- with a whole lot of personality.  After she snaps a photograph of your little darlings,  she quickly adds any pantone color  of your dreams for the image and background. The likeness is truly amazing!

Now if I could only decide which colors to go with… neutral, metallic- or a bold, colorful pop……What if the children will want to hang in their homes one day…..Which colors will best stand the test of time?

The MG’s March Design Challenge is not over yet….this challenge will allow you, the entrants, to have the opportunity to have your shelving, of any type, considered for the ultimate prize.  This one lucky winner will receive drawings and ideas for a fully accessorized and professionally designed shelving environment.

Bring  your shelving on over to me, Julia, via email at with the following criteria by March 31:

– A straight on shot of all shelving or cabinetry.
– Dimensions of all shelves: width, height, and depth.
– An overall shot of the room with the shelving to see the whole space and to get a feel for your design style and taste.

Lastly, add any other tidbits of information that will allow me to build collections that will seem like you have been collecting forever.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Image above courtesy of Traditional Home Magazine featuring a Buckingham ID project.

Taking the Bait…Green Envy 3!

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Erin go Bragh!  I forgot to wear any green today (hoping not to be pinched) , so I decided to try and redeem myself by posting some of my favorite images using green as an accent color. This sofa is fabulously antique french yet with a strikingly modern shade of green velvet.  Love the combination!

Below, the ottoman is a rich jewel toned green lost in a  sea of other jewel tones.  Nanette Lepore sure knows how to mix colors.  From fashion straight into her own home.  Image courtesy of Elle Decor.

Love the wall color and the hint on green in the lamp below.  The art is graceful and subtle. Black and white always looks great on a green wall.  Image pulled from House Beautiful.

Many fun things happening here in my town this day….Have you heard that our Chicago River has turned green?  😉

Simply Never…..

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…would of thought of this idea!  I am seeing shelves everywhere these days as I cull through entries for our March Design Challenge.  This has to be the most intriguing yet!  Thanks to MODERnests, one of my latest design blog finds, I found this highly creative idea….on the blog you can actually find the step by step directions on how to craft your very own “bench shelf.” Courtesy of Martha Stewart, d’accord.

Makes me wonder what is on the other side of the wall 🙂

Don’t forget to enter the MG Design Challenge of the month…A complete design plan for furnishing your very own shelving.  Check out the March 9 post and email me, Julia,  your stuff!

I received some more entries today….And, I was thinking….I like the idea of painting both the bookshelves and the interior an amazing color.   Something in a direct contrast to the surrounding wall color.  Give me some feedback on your favorite colors for further inspiration! Boy, the lucky challenge winner is going to have it made 🙂

Just received this image from a design challenge contestant…They would like their bookshelves to look like this.  Even down to the retriever in the foreground.  I am ok with the shelving inspiration but does anyone have an idea about incorporating the dog into the scene?  Ceramic, faux painting?  Bring me your ideas!

MG Design Challenge of the month!  Better late than never 😉  Hold on to your built-ins or to your rolled in shelving….This month’s challenge will allow you, the entrants, to have the opportunity to have your shelving, of any type, considered for the ultimate prize…That is one lucky winner…..Will receive drawings and ideas for a fully accessorized and professionally designed  shelving environment.  Even the image above, from Alcatraz Prison, could be considered.  I would whip that baby into shape in no time!

The contest begins today, March 9.  So, please email me, Julia, with the following criteria:

– A straight on shot of all shelving or cabinetry.
– Dimensions of all shelves; width, height, and depth.
– An overall shot of the room with the shelving to see the whole space and to get a feel for your design style and taste.
– Lastly, any other tidbits of information that you may like to add to allow me to build collections that will seem like you have been collecting for ever and that include a sense of “you.”

After the first fifty entries or the last day of the month (whichever comes first,) we will post a notification that the design challenge has ended. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Recently relocated and just don’t have the time to fill and display?  Ok…even if it has not been so recently.  I will NEVER tell.

Maybe you just want to expand your horizons away from exhibiting books alone.  Borrrring!

To this……..

Or this…..

Maggie Knows Her Stuff!

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Fresh off of our meeting to discuss a new art commission, I am thrilled to share the work of Maggie Meiners.  Primarily, self trained her work focuses on documenting the beauty, complications, emotions and surprises of everyday life.

Maggie is currently working on a series involving the use of color and random patterns as a way of bringing the viewer into the meditative process of making photographs.  Intentionally blurred,  these examples show magnificent color and possess a sublime presence.   All images are from her website.  Stay tuned for her modern take on the  silhouette which is a personal favorite of mine!

Maggie’s compositions are direct, to the point of appearing minimal, while her subject matter, conversely discloses significant complexity.

Part of the “Shared Elements” series….Graphic and simple…This piece is titled “Black or White”



Maggie has an amazing collection of Polaroid images that are refined and three dimensional.  Using  the edges of the film as the frames you can really feel the spaces. “Utah Canyon” is exquisite….



“Red White and Blue”

“Figure Eight”

“Poppies” reminds me of the spring that we are craving here in Chi town.  Word on the street is that Maggie may be part of a satellite exhibit during Art Chicago in May.  If it happens, I will be posting about it here!

Oh Lucy!

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In these times of rediscovery…have you heard of the master of the word “repurpose?”  Her name is Lucy Slivinski.   Lucy graduated from Northern Illinois University and has an MFA from Cranbrook.   She deliciously shares her art with us all.   Nothing tossed or forgotten gets by her….She is truly a renaissance woman.

Lucy dominates this space with color!  Salvaged steel tanks and chain wax eloquent considering their past.

Recycled felted sweaters encompassed by steel….

Amazing and brilliant…crocheted steel wire and concrete.

The “Green Moss Series.”  Materials include sisal, steel, and paint. Real and organic.

This piece titled “Bundle.” Magnificent!

See crocheted steel wire and concrete….  Hangers have a new life.

How ever does the old tried and true aluminum lawn chair become this stellar sculpture?  Only in the hands of Lucy Slivinski! I am proud to be a fan.  Again,  I would like to share another Chicago artiste with the rest of the material girls consortium.  Enjoy!