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Saturday, March 14, 2009 | Category: Contests, Decor Accessories, Decorating

I received some more entries today….And, I was thinking….I like the idea of painting both the bookshelves and the interior an amazing color.   Something in a direct contrast to the surrounding wall color.  Give me some feedback on your favorite colors for further inspiration! Boy, the lucky challenge winner is going to have it made 🙂

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Colour Me Happy 14 Mar 09 at 3:02 am

That is a lovely image of a well styled bookshelf. One of my favourite greens is 2145-40 Fernwood Green. It’s fresh without being too funky.

Willow Decor: 14 Mar 09 at 3:36 am

You know me: Miss Neutral – but I think Arctic Shadows BM1559 would be a pretty gray!

ShockTheBourgeois 14 Mar 09 at 8:40 am

I think this is a great idea. I’m actually working on a similar project myself. I have a whole wall of bookcases from Target- they were ridiculously cheap, but sturdy and fairly classic looking. However, a whole wall of espresso colored shelving is a little heavy. The solution? I’m taking the backer board off and painting it a nice bright lavender/violet color that will peek out over my books. Then I’m putting brassy picture lights on each. Should be an unexpected twist on a traditional look!

living large 14 Mar 09 at 7:12 pm

I’ve done several bookcases this way: Use fabric!
Take the backer board off, use spray adhesive, put down the fabric, smooth like wallpaper, and replace on the bookshelf. In one room I used a gold bee on a rose red ground. in another room I used a very small pattern in a diamond grid. In my dining room I wallpapered a red strie behind the shelves. Yes, there’s the red thing going on. But I think books look great on red. The other thing is to consider what color the bulk of the books are and use a flattering shade. I love living with spines as I call it. I have books in everyone room of the house, except for the baths!

Velvet and Linen 14 Mar 09 at 7:47 pm

Like Gina, I’m a pretty neutral kind of gal.
I do like to use Hinson’s Madagascar grass cloth on the back of shelves. It’s a great look.
If you are more colorful like Living Large, I know that Philip Jeffries makes grass cloth in some fantastic colors (yes, even red!).


julia b. edelmann 14 Mar 09 at 9:09 pm

Love all of the color thoughts and wall covering ideas for the “Shelving” challenge!
I just used Philllip Jeffries granite wallcovering in “oro” behind shelves in a french china cabinet. The way that it moves with the light is fantastic. Added a lot of interest to a simple piece!
Keep the ideas rolling in…I am taking notes 🙂

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