I have the pleasure to be spending the day with Eddie Ross and an “entourage” of fans at the Kane County Flea Market on Saturday, June 6. I have been a fan of Eddie’s for a long time. As you may know, Eddie is a former senior style editor at Martha Stewart Living, was associate decorating editor for House Beautiful, and starred on “Bravo’s” reality series Top Design. Eddie and his partner Jaithan Kochar now have a popular blog and website, www.eddieross.com. The blog provides inspiration on how to cook, craft, decorate, and entertain not only beautifully but also affordably.


I will be touring the flea market with Eddie, Jaithan and my dear friends from Scentimental Gardens. Debra Phillips opened her Geneva, IL business in 1989, adapting English gardens to the Midwest landscape. This exquisite home and garden store blends her love of garden design and the exhilaration of the hunt for one-of-a-kind antiques with an edgy European flare.


As we were preparing the guest list for the cocktail reception to follow the day’s events, I found myself intrigued by Eddie’s ability to bring lovely touches to every aspect of his life. Even a small gathering of friends at his home came alive with simple, elegant touches for which he is known. As Eddie himself says, “Truth is- even the simplest foods, thoughtfully presented, can make for the most memorable meals.”




Wow, way to go, Eddie! Isn’t it remarkable how a few sprigs of baby fern in simple, vintage pressed glass ice cream cups can light up an entire table? Taken directly from his garden, they added just enough decoration and life to the table without overpowering it. Look around your home or garden for some fun, cost-free decorations that will provide that “magic touch” to your next gathering. What are some of your favorite ways to decorate a tabletop? What are some simple inspirations to share with us all?

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pigtown design 01 Jun 09 at 4:53 pm

I have a friend who says “linen makes the party” and i think that’s the best advice! beautiful linen table cloths and napkins make a big difference.

Eddie Ross 01 Jun 09 at 9:27 pm

Thank you for such a sweet post! You’re the best! Can’t wait to meet you on Saturday!

Eddie + Jaithan

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