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Not only was I intrigued by this home because it is in north suburban Chicago, my own hood, but also because my intern Colette lives in a renovated and expanded coach house that was originally part of the estate that provided the inspiration for this home, the Carol Morse Ely home designed by acclaimed architect David Adler.  I knew this house in Met Home looked familiar!  The original Carol Morse Ely home, built in the 1914, is only a a few steps away from Colette’s house.  Well done to architect Gregory Maire for capturing the essence of the breathtaking original home!  Design/build trends come and go, but nearly 100 years later, this classic French design proves to be timeless.  However, the eclectic interiors give it a modern twist which is oh so ooh-la-la!







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So Flavorful!

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I am a big fan of  the “Secret Sources” article in this month’s Met Home.  Even designers like to hear about other designers hidden gems!  One of my favorite finds is Flavor Paper, “tasty” hand-screened wall coverings.  Based in New Orleans, Flavor Paper uses only the highest quality water based ink to create vintage reproductions, contemporary and custom hand-screened wall coverings.  So incredibly unique!


Remember this room, which I featured in “Purple Rain?” You guessed it…this paper is from Flavor Paper!  This is actually the dining room in designer Cynthia Rowley’s home.



Check out these other fab papers…and many many more on their very own website!


{Ziggy Diamond}


{Fruits of Design}


{Power Plant}




{Tutti Frutti}


{Party Girl}


{Flower Pedal}



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Is it just me or can we say that the “Atlanta Design Aesthetic” seem to be a sophisticated and chic interplay between neutrals and pops of bold accents?  Case in point: this fabulous Atlanta tudor which employs bright yellows and oranges juxtaposed against abundant neutrals creates a bold sophistication that Atlanta just seems to do so well.  And the touches of “natural elements” throughout really are the icing on the cake for me.  Perfection!  Check out the article in Atlanta Homes for yourself…Atlanta’s got it goin’ on!







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Chicago Crave!

Chicago Crave!

Woohoo! The 1st edition CRAVE Chicago guide has gone to-print.
CRAVE guides connect urban gals to the sassiest, gutsiest, most inspiring people they need to know in town. This is Chicago’s first edition, and it is only reproduced every two years! The first edition CRAVE Chicago guide features a great variety of renowned entrepreneurs from an orthodontist to a dry cleaner to a dance instructor, and every fabulous entrepreness inbetween! I am happy to announce that our Interior Design firm, Buckingham ID, is a part of this dynamic group.
Other cities that offer CRAVE guides can be found at Crave Headquarters and the following cities have just begun their CRAVE orientation: LA, Washington DC and New York City!


Inspired by Inspiring Women in business…Sound like you could be a part of the magic?

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Purple Rain

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{Sofitel Chicago}

I just purchased a pair of purple suede flats today….and a purple cheetah print blouse  for one of my girls the week before.  Sensing a pattern?  It’s no secret that purple is the new “hot” color in the fashion world, and the trend definitely is popping up throughout interiors as well.  Although purple has been on the rise in interiors for several years now, I really think that with the start of the new fashion year in September, that this is THE year for purple.  Thoughts??


{The Wit Hotel, Chicago}




{Elle Decor}


{Elle Decor}


{Elle Decor}


{Elle Decor}


{Elle Decor}


{Elle Decor}


{Elle Decor}


{Elle Decor}


{Metropolitan Home}


{Courtesy of Patricia Gray- Interior Design Blog}


{Courtesy of: Patricia Gray- Interior Design Blog}


{Courtesy of: Patricia Gray- Interior Design Blog}


{Courtesy of: Patricia Gray- Interior Design Blog}


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And here’s another one…”So Chic: Glamorous Lives, Stylish Spaces,” written by Margaret Russell and the editors of Elle Decor.  I had actually been meaning to pick this one up, and checking out the virtual preview on 1STDIBS.COM reminded me once again to do so!  Just made that trip to Barnes & Noble this afternoon and picked up both books-“un” (from my previous post) and “deux!” Now just have to find some time to dig in and enjoy….Anyone finished both and have a favorite?





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I haven’t heard the term “Required Reading” since I was about in the 10th grade and had to suffer through 1,000 pages of Crime and Punishment.  (Ok, I actually did enjoy the over-the-top Russian violence and romance during my  later teenage years.)  But on 1STDIBS.COM, “Required Reading” refers to that which anyone who loves fashion, design or anything beautiful must read.  Or at least check out the digital preview online.  I have been doing just that for quite some time this morning, and look at these glorious interiors I found in “Domino The Book of Decorating: A Room by Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy.”  Although I only got a six page preview, I am thinking about heading to Barnes & Noble this afternoon to check out the rest of what this book has in store…having anything to do with any of these rooms surely would make me one happy designer!






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Back the Bid!

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With only 19 days, 21 hours and approximately 22 minutes left until the International Olympic Committee picks the host city for the 2016 summer Olympic Games (October 2…not sure what the “exact countdown” will be  when I actually hit “publish post”…), I am getting increasingly excited, nervous and anxious to learn if my great hometown city of Chicago will be chosen for this incredible honor.  The four candidate cities are Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago….all unique and fantastic cities, but come on, why SHOULDN’T the Olympics be held in Chicago?  The lake?  The skyline? The shopping, dining, museums?  The AIRPORTS? (Yes, travel access to a host city is a major factor!)  I just had to plug Chicago 2016 on MG because hey, I might be biased, but Chicago is my favorite city in the world.  Check back here every now and then…I like to take all MG readers on tours around the Windy City! :)



Check out the website for Chicago 2016.  It’s really just a fantastic way to get aquatinted with the city…it’s like an Olympian guided video travel guide through Chitown!  Even as a native Chicagoan, I’ve had so much fun just checking out the site!



I back the bid…and you should too!!

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…Look what else I found while browsing their website!  I seriously think they should open an “Anthropologie Home” store to house their unique, varied and ever changing abundant collection of all things for the home.  I just can’t get enough of Anthropologie these days!  TGIF to all…always a tough week after Labor Day weekend.


{Tunis Chair}


{Bresson Rocker}


{Lorraine Headboard, Ikat}


{Galvanized Pedestal Table}


{Cascara Side Table}


{Emeline Chair}


{Atelier Chesterfield}

**As previously seen in Lauren’s “Furniture Fridays” post on Chesterfield Sofas!  This piece is a MG favorite!


{Mantadia Rug}


{Eventide Ikat Rug}


{Cooled Globes Lamp}


{Fruteria Floor Lamp}


{Estuary Shade}

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{Ikat Bowl in Orange}

For any of you Chicago MG readers, you know what I mean when I say that fall has truly arrived.  The day the calendar page turned to September, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped and the telltale crispness of autumn returned.  After a lackluster summer, I would love to see a glorious, long autumnal season in Chicago.

{Ikat Bowl in Green}

The point to this introduction is that the commencement of “pants and sweaters” seasons means that I have already made several trips to one of my favorite outfitters, Anthropologie.  Agreeing with Emily’s recent post, I greatly admire Anthro (as my girls call it) and  after picking up several cozy oversized cable knit sweaters, skinny corduroys and a long, luscious scarf, I noticed the REAL find of the day as I was heading out the door…these Ikat bowls!  I am a sucker for Ikat, and these bowls rimmed in gold are to die for.   These really are the most perfect little bowls…they just are cool.  Imagine how many ways that you can use them…I am going to splurge and buy a bunch in case I ever have a bowl shortage :)

Head on over…they were going out the door fast!

{Ikat Bowl in Blue}

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