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Sunday, September 06, 2009 | Category: Walls

I came across this interesting wallpaper, called Lletras i Tipos designed by artist Javier Marsical for Tres Tintas Barcelona, in the latest issue of Chicago Home + Garden.  I think it is incredibly unique and  I would love to find an application for it.  A wallpaper as unusual and unique as this definitely would require a leap of faith and a willingness to try something new and exciting on the part of the client.  This wallpaper is like saffron or truffles or a vintage bottle of wine: only to be used at the right moment in the right setting, yet when applied it creates such a statement.  I love how graphic it is, yet  when viewed as a whole it almost appears as some sort of textured wall covering.  It no doubt is incredibly fascinating and quite a work of art in itself…I can’t stop admiring it!   What are your thoughts?

Interested in this wallpaper?  Tres Tintas Barcelona is carried at Urban Source in Chicago (1432 W. Chicago Ave., 312-455-0505)

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6 Comments to 'Reading Between the Lines…'

Sarah Lisa Ultigulzski 06 Sep 09 at 7:08 pm

Very cool and cool post. I like ALL the color ways!!!!!!!

Down Pillow 06 Sep 09 at 9:10 pm

It is a pretty busy pattern, but I think it could be used on a single wall in a room, with the other walls painted in maybe the blue color.

Given Campbell 07 Sep 09 at 11:25 am

As a wallpaper junkie (and maker) I think it would be perfect in a baby’s nursery. Really. A new take on the boring alphabet theme some people still trot out. Instead of pink and blue and building blocks use this paper. Put it on the wall next to the crib/bed and do accents of dove gray and tomato red. A fabulous dove gray hand knotted silk and linen rug, a chandelier, a bright teal dresser/changing table. Little pops of color everywhere. I can already see it.

susan 07 Sep 09 at 12:39 pm

I might try it on the panels of a tall screen, placed in a corner as an accent, in a room with lovely creams, beiges, and blues. Pick up the burnt orange in pillows, vases etc.

Julia-Chicago 08 Sep 09 at 10:39 pm

All great ideas for usage. Thank you!
The nursery idea is amazing- a great take on that classic idea.
The screen idea is another one that I am digging. As an accent wall- terrific.
Keep up the great comments…they keep me inspired!

First-Impressions-Designs-Dallas 11 Sep 09 at 8:59 am

Way fun for a POWDER BATH! Provide a sharpie for guests to add their OWN sentiment whilst “resting”–make your own graffiti. But need to break up all the action on the walls with some sold color, chunky items or towels.

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