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With only 19 days, 21 hours and approximately 22 minutes left until the International Olympic Committee picks the host city for the 2016 summer Olympic Games (October 2…not sure what the “exact countdown” will be  when I actually hit “publish post”…), I am getting increasingly excited, nervous and anxious to learn if my great hometown city of Chicago will be chosen for this incredible honor.  The four candidate cities are Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago….all unique and fantastic cities, but come on, why SHOULDN’T the Olympics be held in Chicago?  The lake?  The skyline? The shopping, dining, museums?  The AIRPORTS? (Yes, travel access to a host city is a major factor!)  I just had to plug Chicago 2016 on MG because hey, I might be biased, but Chicago is my favorite city in the world.  Check back here every now and then…I like to take all MG readers on tours around the Windy City! 🙂



Check out the website for Chicago 2016.  It’s really just a fantastic way to get aquatinted with the city…it’s like an Olympian guided video travel guide through Chitown!  Even as a native Chicagoan, I’ve had so much fun just checking out the site!



I back the bid…and you should too!!

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3 Comments to 'Back the Bid!'

Jill-LA 14 Sep 09 at 7:45 pm

YES! Support the games being here on local ground (for those of you in the states!). My cousin Josh was a silver medalist in trap shooting at the 1996 games in Atlanta. It was thrilling to be in our own country and see him win! He now travels the world training other Olympic hopefuls, I am sure he would be proud to have stay here in the states for the next Olympic Games! Check him out at: and's_trap

Julie C. 14 Sep 09 at 9:20 pm

So cool, Julia! As a fellow Chicagoan I definitely back the bid. Can’t wait to find out if Chicago gets the 2016 Olympics on October 2….so soon!

ContractorBids 17 Oct 09 at 3:19 am

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