To me, nothing signals the approach of the most wonderful time of the year more than Starbucks’ annual release of their signature red cups. Today marks the 12th Anniversary of the colorful tradition and I hope it brings you as much pre-holiday cheer and excitement as it does me!..  Let’s warm up with a little handful of red today…

Starbucks Red Cup

A few more reasons I’m loving on this festive hue:

Rina Menardi has added a new shade to her already irresistable collection… Che bella!Rina

I absolutely adore Farrow & Ball’s new Lotus print in red and can not wait to showcase it in my one of a kind designer space at the Merchandise Mart’s “One of a Kind Show” this upcoming December… Lotus

Can you imagine feeling anything but fabulous in this Jolie tub?  Regia earned Designer Plus 2009 status with this decadent design…


Getting warmer?


What’s in your red cup?

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6 Comments to 'Ready or not…'

Sarah's Fab Day 03 Nov 09 at 10:21 am

Me too! I love the red cups. It just suddenly feels like the holiday season.

Deborah Milne 03 Nov 09 at 10:34 am

I so agree, the arrival of the Starbucks red cup is the kick-off to the amazing holiday season. I worked for Starbucks for 4 years, & even those of us that had to deal with the craziness that the season brings, it was exciting.

Bye the way, the red Jolie tub is unbelievable!

Jaime 03 Nov 09 at 1:14 pm

Yay for Sbux red/holiday drinks!

Rita 03 Nov 09 at 3:36 pm

Loved your post today! (as much as I love the red starbucks cups and the fabulous Lotus wallpaper) Most definitely put me in the holiday spirit. At bit too early??
Can’t wait to hear more about the ‘one of a kind show’ you’ll be in.

Richa 04 Nov 09 at 9:17 am

That bathtub is gorgeous! I want it.

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

down pillow 13 Nov 09 at 2:30 am

I swear, I’m ready to put my Christmas tree up 🙂

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