Gleaming, glowing, glossy and bright… These walls are anything but understated and I’m infatuated with every inch…

Never afraid to color outside the lines, Miles Redd allows sapphire to shine

Where was this room when I wrote Purple Rain? Check out these glossy, bold boundaries… Yum!

Jonathan Berger gave this late-19th-century Brooklyn home one jaw-dropping entrance with Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle… Wowza!

Laquered loveliness… This space couldn’t be more fab if it tried.  Loving this high-gloss blue amid black, white and yellow…  Fierce.

{Images gathered from Architectural Digest, House Beautiful and Head Over Heels.}

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11 Comments to 'Deck the Walls…'

Julie Dexter-GoldLeafCustomWalls 28 Nov 09 at 7:07 pm

Love the use of color.. particularly the high sheen. Can also get a reflective surface with high grade, professionally applied Marmarino (Venetian plaster)

Tammy@InStitches 29 Nov 09 at 10:06 am

Yes, Please ! I would love to have any of those rooms…

angkasuwan 29 Nov 09 at 8:13 pm

very skilled use of color and layering textures, shapes and such. not something the average the designer can pull off.

MJ 01 Dec 09 at 11:04 pm

I ADORE Miles Redd… He keeps your eyes moving around the room inch by inch. <3

Mary @ ECLECTIC 03 Dec 09 at 2:35 pm

Color is everything- I wish more people weren’t afraid to go a little bold.

These rooms are delicious!!

Julia-Chicago 09 Dec 09 at 9:08 pm

I little lacquer can go a long way to produce an amazing look. Sometimes we have to close our eyes and trust!

down pillow 11 Dec 09 at 12:11 am

LOVE the super-hot pink walls!!!

Amy 11 Dec 09 at 7:29 pm

I recently wandered upon this blog! I have been loving the magnificent writing and pictures. The two put together are making me want to come back for more and more. The black walls are stunning, by the way!

Sofia Elise 15 Dec 09 at 3:18 pm

Gorgeous collection of color!

Kristen Ryan 20 Feb 10 at 3:04 pm

Is there anyway to know what color was used on the walls? (turquoise walls) thanks!

Stephanie 25 Apr 11 at 10:13 pm

I love the hot pink and glossy walls! Definitely a risk-taking move that turned out stunning!

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