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Nothing like a cold winter’s day to make you want to curl up with a book by the fire in the library.  When I think of a library, images of oversized leather armchairs, dark wood paneling and my grandfather’s cigars fill my mind.  The variation in library design today however, is great, and this collection of libraries from House Beautiful prove that this is no longer a room to merely store books.

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Food Network at Home

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Picture 52

{Giada’s Food Network Kitchen}

As I sit here on this first day of 2010 (where did 2009 go?!) nursing somewhat of a “headache” watching Giada De Laurentiis on Food Network, I got the sudden urge to google “Food Network Homes.”  To my surprise, Giada’s kitchen on “Everyday Italian” is not from her own home.  It is actually the kitchen of a house close to her own house in Malibu.  Her actual home is less cottagy and more European contemporary. The beautiful modern residence blends beachy with contemporary extremely well and looks like the ideal home for what other than entertaining.  Check out the photos from the 2008 issue of Architectural Digest.  If I weren’t so “tired” today I’d almost be inspired to whip up the fab dish of grilled salmon with citrus salsa verde that Giada has cooking right now!

Picture 43

Picture 47

I’m loving Giada’s outfit!

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Picture 49

This yellow chair is so fab!

Picture 50

I’d take this view any day…

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Picture 51

With Giada’s cooking and this view, this home was built for entertaining!

Have a happy new year all of you Material Girls!