Let’s Make a Deal!

Sunday, April 03, 2011 | Category: Decorating, Magazines

Although a Groupon deal is only valid for a day, the featured product often deserves lasting attention.  I was pleased to see that a subscription to one of my favorite shelter mags, Chicago Home + Garden, was the deal of the deal this past Sunday.  The publication is already vastly popular, but extra press is always welcome.

With its diversity of material, broad range of featured articles and eclectic mix of home styles highlighted, this magazine appeals to a wide audience of design junkies both locally and nationally.  Having been featured in the publication several times myself, I have great respect for the quality and integrity of Chicago Home + Garden.  And above all, it really makes me proud to be practicing design in my fabulous hometown, Chicago.

Although the deal is now over, I thought I’d feature some of the best from the magazine, hopefully drawing you in despite the missed Groupon discount 🙂

Photos from Longman and Eagle Inn, Chicago

One of Chicago’s chicest lodging posts (doubles as a bar/restaurant downstairs!)

Featured Article, “Longman and Eagle Inn Style” Chicago Home + Garden

Photos from Winnetka home

Cool before and after article of North Shore home

Featured Article, “Trading Spaces” Chicago Home + Garden

Photos from Wicker Park Home, Chicago

Featured Article, “Making it Work” Chicago Home + Garden

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Mark@ Kitchen Remodeling Miami 07 Apr 11 at 6:08 am

Nice photos and uniquely beautiful designs. I really enjoyed looking at those photos. I really love this post.

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