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Sunday, April 17, 2011 | Category: Fashion, Shops and Showrooms

{Cusp, Northbrook IL}

On a very gloomy day yesterday in Chicago, (it’s April and it’s SNOWING?! 1#@#dkasl!@$@$@!!) I headed indoors to find some relief in the form of retail therapy after a long day at the office with three of my favorite clients and with a potential new client whose project sounds AMAZING.  One of my favorite stores these days- thanks to my daughters Caroline and Madi, is Cusp, an offshoot of Neiman Marcus that is essentially their contemporary department on steroids.  Not only do I just die over their clothes, but the decor inside the store is also extremely cool.  I snapped a few pictures (very stealthily, as I don’t think paparazzi are really welcome inside Cusp) to share with you!

Some great looks from Cusp…

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