{Ditte Sofa, Fred Shand Pink, $3998}

I know I have posted about Anthropologie’s home decor before, but I just can’t help myself because there are always so many fantastic pieces!  I am inspired literally every time I go into the store or browse the website, and today was no exception…

These are my latest obsessions, expect more to come!

{Mosaic Desk, $998}

{Woodland Slumber Canopy Bed, $2698-2998}

{Amorphous Nesting Tables, $898}

{Springbok Benches, $1698}

{Chien Coffee Table, $2898}

{Kansai Bookcase, $1298}

{Celluloid Dream Base, $498}

{Sure Footed Base, $498}

I am hooked on basically anything on Bravo, and their latest show is no exception.  “Million Dollar Decorators” chronicles the highs (and yes, the lows) of 4 well-known Los Angeles based interior designers.  Mary McDonald, Nathan Turner, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Kathryn Ireland and Martyn Lawrence Bullard are all big names in the design world, but getting to peek behind the scenes in the running of their successful businesses is very entertaining. Being an interior designer isn’t glitz and glamour all the time, it’s extremely stressful, very hard work, and the attention to detail keeps me up at night-all days of the week.

My  job requires lots of patience and many texts, emails and real-time conversations day and night.  I wouldn’t trade any of it as the rewards are bountiful and the relationships that are made last forever. Plus, it is a huge amount of fun.

“Million Dollar Decorators” shows also how ultimately rewarding/frustrating this fantastic job can be. The show can be pretty wild sometimes….

Check out these projects featured in the first few episodes.

Kathryn Ireland overhauls Shannon Factor’s home (her husband is the grandson of Max Factor, makeup extraordinaire).






Mary McDonald: client guest house




Martyn Lawrence Bullard redoes Sharon Osbourne’s apartment








The new Restoration Hardware “Gallery” at the San Francisco Design District really caught my eye as I was doing my daily sweep of design blogs/websites this morning.  Showcasing the best of their latest collection excellently pulled together into various room scenarios, I must say that I am pretty impressed.  I particularly love the Colonnade Entry, seamlessly blending modern, rustic and traditional into one.  I also love the nicknacks throughout the Kensington living room!

What are your thoughts?  Impressed, disappointed, neutral or just over this altogether?

Jonathan Adler really is doing something right, because not only is he an interior designer, he also has a collection of office goods, creator of all things home decor (vases, pillows, china, candles…the list is endless), and designer of some pretty great furniture pieces, he now is the proud designer of beach totes and umbrellas.  So whether you are hitting la playa or get caught in a midsummer shower, you will be well prepared with these goods by Adler.

I have to say they are very fun, as is most everything created by Adler’s golden touch.  These items will no doubt be a big hit.  What do you think?  I’d be happy to sport one of these totes around town!

All totes are $198 and umbrellas $25.  Available at Shopbop. I just snagged one of the umbrella’s for my upcoming holiday in Tokyo.  Guess which one?

I was so honored to be selected as one of the nine designers for the coveted Merchandise Mart DreamHome exhibit, which runs from now until December 9, 2011.

My firm, Buckingham Interiors + Design, was chosen to design the foyer.  My goal was to incorporate different eras and textures- along with a visual “jolt” into the first room one sees upon entering a home. The pieces used for my space came from many of my favorite showrooms at the Mart- Holly Hunt, Bradley Hughes (the newest showroom at the Mart)  Dessin Fournir, Baker, Donghia, Boyd Lighting, Paris Ceramics, Lee Jofa, Summerhill and Richard Norton Inc. The showrooms play a huge part in this event as they graciously donate pieces to be on display for the duration of this 9th annual event showcasing design talent from the Midwest. Thank you all for being so magnanimous in letting me select and highlight your stunning pieces!

Here’s a little blurb about what inspired me to create this space…

I had so much fun working on this room, and I hope that Chicago area MGs can come out to enjoy the fantastic exhibit.  The Dream House is open Monday-Friday, 10 AM – 5 PM, and Saturday 10 AM- 3 PM. Photography of my Foyer by Hedrich Blessing and Eric Hausman.

Want more info on the Dream Home or need directions to the Merchandise Mart, click here!

{Rue Magazine- May/June 2011}

I can’t get enough of Rue Magazine, possibly because it’s such a fun, cheery read.  This little feature on side tables in the May/June 2011 issue could have totally be a “skim over” but I did a double take when I saw these “wow” worthy pieces!  Some cool tables, don’t you think?

After being featured in the magazine’s first issue back in September, this online publication has become a must read for me! Had lots of fun with Crystal and co. and photographer, Werner, at the shoot in my home.  They learned a lot about my obsession with crowns 🙂

Hanging Out

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Who loves a fun treehouse more than a kid?  Well, adults of course!  When Teresa Surratt and David Hernandez bought a 1920s resort in the beautiful forested regions of Wisconsin, the property was naturally quite woody.  One tree, however, was particularly special.  A year and a half after the couple acquired the property, Hernandez’s father died, yet had indelibly made his mark by christening one large tree with a tire swing.  They then found out that the tree had been diagnosed with Dutch elm disease, yet instead of cutting this special tree down they decided to convert what was intact into a treehouse.  Camp Wandawega, as the resort was called, has been turned into an adult arts camp, and the construction of the treehouse was completed by collaborating artisans.

Love this idea!

Article featured in Chicago Home + Garden.