Jonathan Adler really is doing something right, because not only is he an interior designer, he also has a collection of office goods, creator of all things home decor (vases, pillows, china, candles…the list is endless), and designer of some pretty great furniture pieces, he now is the proud designer of beach totes and umbrellas.  So whether you are hitting la playa or get caught in a midsummer shower, you will be well prepared with these goods by Adler.

I have to say they are very fun, as is most everything created by Adler’s golden touch.  These items will no doubt be a big hit.  What do you think?  I’d be happy to sport one of these totes around town!

All totes are $198 and umbrellas $25.  Available at Shopbop. I just snagged one of the umbrella’s for my upcoming holiday in Tokyo.  Guess which one?

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2 Comments to 'Design World Domination'

HomeFurniture AndPatio 15 Jun 11 at 11:37 pm

I want them all! Those pretty umbrella prints and cool bags are perfect for the summer!

Ben Chuck 17 Jun 11 at 12:50 am

nice handbag. i like it too.

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