Gifts (Not) By the Book

Friday, July 22, 2011 | Category: Decor Accessories, Gifts

Summer= weddings, and weddings=wedding gifts.  Choosing just the right something for the occasion can be difficult, and I myself must admit that sometimes I slack a little and just go with something off the registry.  However, if you really want to win the award for “WOW” gift of the night, consider these Spisani bookends from Barneys.  I highly doubt that blender or toaster Mr. and Mrs. Smith over there are getting for the bride and groom will hold a candle to these guys! If you check out Chelsea Passage at Barneys in Chicago, say hello to my buddies that work there. Hey Michael!

They range in price from $265-$365.  Check ’em out below!

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3 Comments to 'Gifts (Not) By the Book'

Tucson Web Design 22 Jul 11 at 3:46 pm

How cool! I love the snails!

Mary-Lantern Candles 25 Jul 11 at 3:07 pm

i love the tree, how its color contrasts with the transparency of the glass

Chicago Hypnotist 26 Jul 11 at 12:13 am

I love the Kangaroos. They will look perfect in my office. I’ve always loved an animal/nature theme for an office room.

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