I am looking really forward to my upcoming trip to the Big Apple this next week.  Traveling for design inspiration and for the latest things that rate for all that is design.

Although it will not quite be a relaxing vacation, it will be an exciting experience nonetheless.  I will be in NYC to attend the 8th annual BoD (Business of Design) Conference from August 30- September 2.  The theme this year is “Designing Happiness”…I’m interested to see how they will bring this concept to life as it feels right for how my design firm is navigated.

The conference, with a national roll call of high- end residential Interior Designer Firms,  will be my second year of membership. The conference will feature world renowned speakers, insight into innovative business strategies, extensive networking opportunities, and much more. We have been known to have a bit of fun alongside the biz work. Staying at The Peninsula Hotel isn’t exactly torture.

The conference is designed for Interior Design Firms (from 1-20 employees) with an emphasis on attention to client satisfaction and design excellence. After 8 years, it is now attended by an elite one hundred members within the  Interior Design world in the United States and Canada.  I will be there representing my firm, Buckingham Interiors + Design.

I am thrilled to have been invited to attend an alternative addition to this conference and to join 19 of my esteemed colleagues for a luxury experience with Steve Nobel. The LEO (Luxury Experience Option) will allow me to engage and meet:

  • Thomas Jayne, Author, “The Finest Rooms in America”
  • Judith Gura, NYSID Faculty, “Designers Through the Ages – an inspiring look at design influence”
  • Newell Turner, Editor, House Beautiful
  • Michael Calman, former chief marketing officer, Bergdorf Goodman
  • Nancye Green, co-author of “Home and Interior Design Among the Affluent”
  • Alan Siegel, Esq. Attorney to many Distinguished Interior Designers

With speakers who range from graphic designers, magazine editors, economists, psychologists and to interior designers themselves, I can’t wait to attend this bound to be enlightening conference.  Also looking forward to seeing my old friends from whom I find great inspiration on a daily basis.

Heading straight from NYC to Boston to move our son into his apartment in Brookline for his next year at BU.  He will have some groovy new stuff fer sure. All in CAD 🙂

Stay tuned for feedback from the conference!

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Jessie 24 Aug 11 at 4:54 pm

Amazing trip! Peninsula is one of my favorites. So is designing for happiness. Safe Travels! Good luck on the move with A- he’s going to have the best apartment on campus!

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