Greetings from the City of Lights!  I am here with my hubby John to attend the Maison & Objet Home Fashion Showcase, and we couldn’t be having a better time eating, drinking, sightseeing and shopping our way through this magnificent city!  Although the weather has been a bit dreary at times, that hasn’t stopped us from taking in all that Paris has to offer. Also a blast meeting one of my Chicago client’s at the flea market to find goodies for her new home.  I am so excited to bring the best of European chic back to the U-S of A for my clients and showroom!

Here is a look inside what we have been up to…

Hotel Plaza Athenee…our amazing hotel!  So Paris chic.  Lavish glam to the max! The Gallerie and Night Club were elegant and happening.  The Dior Spa and Fitness Center was one of my favorite haunts during my stay. Fitness was much sought out after foie gras intake daily.

Beautiful nighttime at our lovely hotel with the twinkling lights of the Tour Eiffel in the background. There is an ice skating rink in the courtyard of the hotel with children skating daily to the tunes of french music.

Restaurant Le Jules Verne at the Eifel Tower

Hands down the best meal and views of our stay in Paris.  I highly recommend for lunch, sipping champagne of course!

Clignancourt Flea Market…I was like a kid in a candy store even though I have visited many times….

My client and I trying to wrangle best prices while amusing the crowd 🙂

Vanves Flea Market…another endless world of treasures!

The main attraction of our trip, Maison & Objet Home Fashion Showcase.  Five days of the most amazing home furnishings and decor in the world!  What is it about Paris that makes everything so oo-la-la?

Check out these chairs…j’adore!

Some exhibitors and me in the Hall of Garden and Home Furnishing’s………..

A few little treats from Laduree to end the perfect day in our hotel …These are mostly gifts I swear!

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6 Comments to 'Bonjour from Paris!'

Shondra Little 25 Jan 12 at 11:40 pm

Wow, Julia!! Sensational. I’m going to have to ask my husband to take me to France for our anniversary 🙂

Liz 26 Jan 12 at 10:27 am

Is that lighting company called “Noovo”? I tried to Google but no dice. That hanging light is awwwwwesome.

Raquel 27 Jan 12 at 2:58 pm

Love the Parisian crinkle sheets!

Julia Buckingham Edelmann 28 Jan 12 at 9:27 am

I grabbed a card while in that booth- there were a few lighting lines combined- and this is the company that shared the space
The “Noovo” line was totally cool. The lighting was made out of braided material in different colors.
Perhaps this “neighbor” can help you find out more!
Let me know 🙂

julie c 28 Jan 12 at 1:15 pm

Julia- AMAZING! Looks like you had a wonderful time! J’adore!

Carla 29 Jan 12 at 6:20 pm

Hi Julia
This hotel is a winner – keeping it on my list!! Stopped by your studio the other day and just thought I’d share brief post from my shopping day. Cheers!

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