Amazon from the Elements collection


I am constantly on the hunt for the new, the different, the bold and the often times daring to bring into my projects to give them depth and enduring interest.  I was in the Artistic Tile showroom at the Chicago Merchandise Mart when I spotted the incredible work of artist Ellen Blakely.  I was familiar with Blakely before, but had never really gotten a chance to take a close look at her work.  Blakely began her career as a ceramist, however she was inspired by shattered glass from a bus shelter to create innovative mosaics defined by clear glass that reveals treasures below its surface.  Literally anything can be used in these amazing mosaics, from family photos to leaves to scraps of newspaper.  You name it, Blakely can do it!  Her work comes in tile form, but can also be molded into sink basins, sculpture or used for tabletops.  If you can dream it, Blakely can do it!  I hope to be using Blakely’s work in projects in the near future.  Nothing says personal and unique like crafting a table or a counter from your treasured photos and memorabilia!


Moss from Elements collection


Fall Leaf from the Spotlight collection



Spring Leaf from the Spotlight collection

Black Lace from Core collection

Blossom from Core collection

New Yorker from  Core collection

Degas Dress


Degas Dress detail



Degas Dress detail


“My Girls” mosaic

“Heartwood” sculpture

“Meredith” sculpture

“You Are Here” sphere

Blue Bowl

“Dot Calm” gold sink

Sink, Wild Mango

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4 Comments to 'Below The Surface'

Nancy 19 May 12 at 11:23 pm

Amazing designs – love the blog – I am hoping you keep posting

michele@hellolovelyinc 22 May 12 at 8:21 pm

oh julia–the black lace! what lovely work.


Julia-Chicago 29 May 12 at 6:54 am

I just spec’d this gorgeous work for a project up North. It is going to be fabulous in my clients dressing room!
Thanks as always-for reading 🙂

Julia-Chicago 29 May 12 at 6:55 am

You got it!
Thx for reading!

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