Whether or not you’re a fan of HBO’s hit series True Blood, it’s hard to deny how gorgeous the set designs are and how elaborately cohesive they look. As the series heads into its fifth season, we’re introduced to new and intriguing interiors thanks to production designer Suzuki Ingerslev and set decorator Ron V. Franco. Each design is meticulously orchestrated to support character development. Here are some of the highlights.

Season 1 – A Sweet Home for Sweet Sookie
In True Blood’s premiere season, we view sweet Sookie Stackhouse in two environments: Sookie house (inherited from her Gran) and her workSam Merlott’s bar. Sookie’s house is enchanting, and surrounded by greenery. The interiors feature aged furnishings, antiques, delicate textiles and patterned wallpaper, clearly a distinctive, homey charm. The set design is warm, welcoming and representative of Gran’s personality-and that of many Gran’s that we may know ourselves.

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Merlott’s is another one of my favorite places from the showjust look at that fabulous chandelier! The bar’s interior is a mix of wood-paneled and slate-stone walls, creating the perfect pub setting. A bit too perfect for a small-town bar perhaps? I would have chosen that fixture myself for the space 🙂

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Season 2 – A Royal Dayroom
Welcome to Queen Sophie-Anne’s dayroom. The 1920s beachside feel mixed with touches of modern royalty perfectly compliment her personalitya 1,100-year-old vampire longing for human luxuries, such as soaking in the sun. Dioramas were placed at each window to create the illusion of natural sunlight and an ocean view. Once again I was very intrigued by the chandeliers in this set, but couldn’t get a close look.  But I was able to find a shot of the original Malibu home where the scene was shot! Multiple chandeliers over water – this space truly makes a statement.

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(images source: http://trueblood.wikia.com/wiki/Sophie_Anne’s_Mansion)

Season 3: Mississippi Royalty
As one of the primary locations for this season, King of Mississippi’s Longwood Mansion was set in a National Historic Landmark in today’s Mississippi. True Blood set designers used antiques, teak wood furniture, handmade rugs and drapes to create a luscious and regal feeling.

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Season 4: A Royal Change
In season four the décor changed dramatically as Bill Compton becomes the King of Louisiana. Breathtaking changes were made to his plantation home. (Check out what his house looked like from season one!) A new Hollywood Regency vibe, along with the hints of Bill Compton’s masculinity, elegant and mysterious demeanor and authoritative powers, can be seen… Once again, chandeliers take center stage with H.D. Buttercup pieces in the foyer and a gorgeous, if not unexpected, chandelier above Bill’s desk. I may have hung the fixture in the foyer a bit lower for added drama…..

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Season 5: Authority
So where to go after 4 seasons of royal luxury?  New characters require new sets. Most prominent are the interiors of the Authority Headquarters and Salome’s bedroom. The Headquarters highlights a modern sensibility mixed with historic artifacts. I love how the  lighting completely surrounds this interior. The ancient columns, accentuated by the clean furniture lines and bright blue color shout Modern-ique™. This is-as most of you already know-my favorite compilation of modern and antique finishes and architecture.

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Salome’s bedroom is another mix of styles with Oriental influences, hinting to a modern Scheherazade’s bedroom, lush with fabrics and color. I love how the designers used the bold print of the mural panels next to the subtle gold pattern. Very “Wow”, no?

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What do you think of the interiors of True Blood and how they reflect the personalities of the characters? Which are your favorite design elements? Please comment and share your opinions all MG Peeps!

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7 Comments to 'Harmony of Characters and Design – True Blood’s Interior Design Evolution'

Katherine Paluska 05 Jul 12 at 4:23 pm

We love watching True Blood and the interiors are amazing!
I also can’t get enough of the chandeliers. They are so beautiful, and I agree on the height of the one in the foyer!
My favorite space is Sookie’s home. I like it better now that Erik has touched it up a bit. It is no longer dirty-ish or drab, but still homey with stylish accents.

Nando 06 Jul 12 at 2:07 am

I liked everything except the interiors of the Authority Headquarters. The juxtaposition somehow didn’t quite agree with me. I think the bright blue color might have something to do with it.

Love Salome’s bedroom with its Asian influences,, though.

Akron Furniture Store 06 Jul 12 at 10:54 am

I love taking design ideas from my favorite shows. I think the colors used in the foyer of Bill’s new home are fantastic. The zebra-print rug adds the perfect splash of interest.

Julia-Chicago 06 Jul 12 at 3:16 pm

Katherine, I’m working on a blog post just about the chandeliers in this show. They are all gorgeous and each scene has a different one.

Nando, it is definitely a bravely designed space. I’m fascinated by what it seems to say about the Authority. What do you think?

Akron, yes! Zebra-print rugs are very fashionable. I think the space shows Bill’s mix of traditionalism and modern living. He’s supposed to be the ultimate Southern gentleman right?

Kristine Lofgren 09 Jul 12 at 6:55 pm

I love that you tackled TB’s interiors – I have been constantly fascinated to see how they have evolved and I think they capture the mood of each character perfectly. Sam’s country boy charm. Pam’s “who cares” attitude. Sookie’s southern naivete. And Bill Compton’s office? YUM!

Chicago Interior Design Firm 12 Jul 12 at 4:33 am

i like everything in this post the interiors are too good the colours used on the walls are amazing .
thank you for sharing such a nice post.

Julia-Chicago 17 Jul 12 at 1:09 pm

Thank you! There were so many interiors from True Blood that I would have loved to highlight and it was so hard to pick my favorites! Bill’s office is definitely one of my faves. The change between season one and now is incredible!

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