I am definitely what you may call a wine aficionado. And the design possibilities when it comes to wine! Wine can actually enhance your living space. Why hide your wine when it can be out and make a statement! Check out some of my favorite wine cellars and wine storage design ideas.

Daun Curry really knows how to make wine shine. The lighting shining from behind the bottles creates a subtle, warm glow. Notice how the storage travels across the adjacent wall to continue the design and highlight the wine as a central piece of art. Who wouldn’t want to lounge at this home bar with family and friends?!

How about this space? This spiral staircase leads from the kitchen to a “hidden” wine cellar below. If you have the space (and budget!), this could easily become the family’s favorite storytelling subject.

This other example of wine storage takes advantage of the dead space under staircases. This is the perfect solution for smaller spaces and it would be a fairly inexpensive project. Love that each bottle has its own cubbie!

Now this is a hole in the wall that I could actually deal with! Again, this is a great use of otherwise dead space. Do you like how the color blends with the bricks or would you rather have a popping color to further highlight this unique wine storage option?

All you MGs KNOW that I love this one! A little mix of old and new, perfectly modern-ique(R).  Repurpose a vintage library card catalogue  unit to store your favorite bottles—and use the labels to easily find what you’re in the mood for! Use a little chalkboard paint instead of  labels and you add a sophisticated flair while creating even more usability—just erase and relabel after you drink up!

My oh my look at all that wine! Although the link doesn’t give much information on this wine wall, who doesn’t love a bit of mystery? It looks as if a the cooling unit was built into the wall with frosted glass to create glow and beautiful shadows. You would have to have quite the large stock of wine for this to work, but what a unique idea to create a magical space!

As you know, I love functionality and style. This island features convenient storage for your favorite wine! When you’re ready for a drink, it’s right where you need it! I love how you can fit up to 20 bottles of wine without taking up extra space in the room.

So many homes are cramped for space, so that little space between cabinets or in odd places around the kitchen becomes prime real estate. You will notice this dead space particularly around the fridge. If you have about 6 inches, this is the option for you. Although it doesn’t produce a lot of storage, it’s a great idea for the occasional red-wine night, or even just to store your favorite cooking wines!

And here is a wine storage area featured in one of my client’s homes. With just a little space, you can create your own wet/dry bar to create a splash in your living room. This intricate design can store a significant wine collection (and it looks pretty too!). Think of it as your own library of wine!

I like how this minimalist set-up sets the wine as a central design element in the room. The bottles are balanced on peg-like rods, easy to reach and easy to show!

This is an excellent wine storage idea for those who like to keep around a few of their favorite bottles in an elegant display. Love the modern teardrop shape  that accommodates the storage of wine necessities!

Which of these wine storage ideas would you use in your home? Do you have a large stock of wine or do you just keep a few of your favorites? I would love to hear what you’re currently doing in your home and what you would like to do in the future. Comment below!

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9 Comments to 'Fine Lookin’ Wine – The Best of Wine Storage Design'

romy 30 Aug 12 at 2:26 pm

#6 is a room with glass walls. It was designed by Bates and Masi:


Julia-Chicago 30 Aug 12 at 4:35 pm

Romy, Thank you for the link! That is a lovely home! I couldn’t find the original image anywhere!!

perth wa storage 30 Aug 12 at 8:14 pm

Perfect furniture that i’ve seen. Has an organizing setting up of home.

pavitra soans 31 Aug 12 at 3:45 am

Using the dead space under the staircase (first pic) was just brilliant. And the lighting makes such a difference there!!Wow!!

Chris at Contempo Space 31 Aug 12 at 7:10 am

The card catalog is awesome!

The glass door in the floor might be a little unnerving.

I imagine explaining to an ER tech how I was grabbing a corkscrew out of the drawer and I landed in the cellar…

Arun 31 Aug 12 at 12:23 pm

Heh, under the stairs seems the way to go!

renee finberg 01 Sep 12 at 7:35 am

the card file for wine bottles!!!

xox 😉

Julia-Chicago 04 Sep 12 at 1:47 pm

I totally agree Pavitra! Such a creative idea for space that otherwise go wasted!

Julia-Chicago 04 Sep 12 at 1:48 pm

Hahahaha I can imagine that would be quite the story!! It would be challenging especially if you had young ones around! But I agree- the card catalog is an ingenious idea! Thanks for the comment Chris!

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