One of my lovely BID girls, Paulina, tied the knot last year-and another BID gal Shannon is doing the same this month- and I have to say that I have always had a soft spot for weddings.  With two daughters (and a son) myself, I can’t help but dream about dresses, bouquets, cakes, shoes…(I am admittedly design obsessed, after all).

I was very excited when Chicago-based blog “The Every Girl” asked if they could use my Buckingham Interiors + Design showroom as the backdrop for their “Wedding Week” special!  This week long event highlighted budget conscious wedding decor, and I must say that I was very impressed!  Their styling was excellent and I was thrilled with their incorporation of antiques at my BID showroom.  Although they primarily used my bare white painted brick walls at the showroom, we certainly do have quite a bit on display…definitely stop by if you are in the Chi!  Buckingham Interiors + Design Showroom is located at 1820 Grand Avenue, Chicago. We have sold quite a few pieces in our latest exhibit of local artists-with day jobs-so the walls will be refreshed soon…I promise!

Every Girl co-founders, Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski

{Jamaican Wedding}

With the royal wedding just around the corner (ok, I may or may not be following the “Countdown to the Royal Wedding” on Twitter…) as well as my wonderful assistant, Paulina, tying the knot this summer- and one of my other fabulous assistant’s, Shannon, getting hitched next year,  wedding bliss seems to be on my mind these days.  While the Brits are keeping their lips sealed about the deets on Kate and William’s nuptials and Paulina’s big day several months away, I have been antsy to check out wedding styles for myself.

{New York City Wedding, Cipriani Restaurant}

Weddings surely have come a long away from the days of big frills, veils and a zillion tier cakes.  There is such a wide variety of wedding styles these days, and there really is no “right way” to do it anymore.  Weddings have become so much more personal and therefore meaningful to the bride and groom, lovingly capturing their personal tastes and relationship; it no longer requires a 20 foot train or a monumental bouquet toss to create the perfect wedding.  Non-traditional is all the rage!  Wedding planners phones must be ringing off the hook.  After perusing Brides Magazine’s website, I found sundry wedding inspirations (even if a wedding in my own family may be a ways away, a girl can dream, right?).

And if you can’t tell, I’m kind of into the whole “al fresco” wedding thing right now 🙂

{Bahamas Wedding}

{Seaside Wedding}

{New York City Wedding}

{Greece Wedding}

{Wedding at New York’s Fig & Olive Restaurant}

{Palm Springs Wedding}

{Wedding reception created with $10,000 and eBay materials!}

{Guatemala Wedding}

{Malibu Wedding}

{New York City Wedding}

{Beach Wedding}

{Oheka Castle, Huntington New York Wedding}

{New York City Wedding}

{New York City Wedding, Hill Country Barbecue Restaurant}

{Lake Placid Wedding}

As a former owner of an antique showroom and an avid collector of vintage furniture and decor for both myself and my clients, I am constantly on the hunt for vintage hotspots.  There are quite a few out there, some good and many bad, and frequently very pricey.  The Vintage Bazaar however, a self proclaimed “modern pop-up flea market” will feature over 40 vintage vendors selling affordable, one-of-a-kind, housewares, furniture, clothing and accessories.  The event will be held on Saturday February 27 from 12-5 at the Dank Haus in Lincoln Square in Chicago (4740 N. Western Ave).  Best of all…admission is free!  “Vintage” does not have to be expensive to be beautiful, and I will certainly be checking out this unique show.

The masterminds behind the show…Katherine Raz and Libby Alexander.

Check out their own antiques businesses: Back Garage and Alexander Salvage.

Picture 4

Want to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s….with Audrey?  Or gaze at the Mona Lisa….over morning coffee?  Well, now you can! The quirky design company Generate has developed a series of “mosaic fridge magnets” to turn your good old refrigerator into a work of art!  Designs include Muhammad Ali, Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn and James Bond.  You have the option of purchasing the “warm colors” color scheme or the “grey” color scheme, each including six funky designs and instructions…for only $99!.  Sounds like a great gift idea!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 3

Have you caught wind of Blu Dot’s Real Good Experiment?

Blu Dot Real Good Experiment

If you haven’t, catch this: 25 of Blu Dot’s iconic Real Good Chairs were abandoned and left for the taking atop New York streets with a few curiosities leading the way: “Who will grab them?” “Where will they go?” “How will they get there?” “What will their new homes look like?”… GPS tracking devices were discretely attached to journal journeys, and their stories couldn’t be more eagerly awaited. This experiment is above and beyond “real good” in my book and I love every ounce of imagination that founded the creation…

Blu Dot Real Good Experiment 2

Will these glossy, vibrant, sturdy seats become permanent curbside furnishings or well-adored, adopted interior additions? Stay tuned for the Real Good Experiment Film, premiering December 15th, and unfolding the fate of each.


I have the pleasure to be spending the day with Eddie Ross and an “entourage” of fans at the Kane County Flea Market on Saturday, June 6. I have been a fan of Eddie’s for a long time. As you may know, Eddie is a former senior style editor at Martha Stewart Living, was associate decorating editor for House Beautiful, and starred on “Bravo’s” reality series Top Design. Eddie and his partner Jaithan Kochar now have a popular blog and website, The blog provides inspiration on how to cook, craft, decorate, and entertain not only beautifully but also affordably.


I will be touring the flea market with Eddie, Jaithan and my dear friends from Scentimental Gardens. Debra Phillips opened her Geneva, IL business in 1989, adapting English gardens to the Midwest landscape. This exquisite home and garden store blends her love of garden design and the exhilaration of the hunt for one-of-a-kind antiques with an edgy European flare.


As we were preparing the guest list for the cocktail reception to follow the day’s events, I found myself intrigued by Eddie’s ability to bring lovely touches to every aspect of his life. Even a small gathering of friends at his home came alive with simple, elegant touches for which he is known. As Eddie himself says, “Truth is- even the simplest foods, thoughtfully presented, can make for the most memorable meals.”




Wow, way to go, Eddie! Isn’t it remarkable how a few sprigs of baby fern in simple, vintage pressed glass ice cream cups can light up an entire table? Taken directly from his garden, they added just enough decoration and life to the table without overpowering it. Look around your home or garden for some fun, cost-free decorations that will provide that “magic touch” to your next gathering. What are some of your favorite ways to decorate a tabletop? What are some simple inspirations to share with us all?