It makes sense that the line between fashion and home has become increasingly blurred, as often times I (as I’m sure you too!) will see a print or fabric coming down the runway or in a magazine that seems IDEAL for that ottoman in your latest project, and vice versa.  Many of the biggest names in fashion have capitalized on this notion of fashion/home interchange, including Trina Turk for Schumacher, Diane von Furstenberg, and Jean Paul Gaultier for Roche Bobois, just to name a few.

I recently came across this fantastic ad for Oscar de la Renta for Lee Jofa on the back of a magazine the other day, and I just had to share.  Although this collection isn’t new, it is definitely noteworthy.  This so perfectly captures all that is so alluring about this fashion to home trend…wouldn’t you just feel amazing either be draped in a gown in these fabrics or sitting in front of drapes in your living room in these prints?  Either way, I’d be happy to have anything Oscar de la Renta, whether it be a couture evening gown, or more feasibly several throw pillows in one of over 120 prints in his collection for Lee Jofa.

On the Cusp

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{Cusp, Northbrook IL}

On a very gloomy day yesterday in Chicago, (it’s April and it’s SNOWING?! 1#@#dkasl!@$@$@!!) I headed indoors to find some relief in the form of retail therapy after a long day at the office with three of my favorite clients and with a potential new client whose project sounds AMAZING.  One of my favorite stores these days- thanks to my daughters Caroline and Madi, is Cusp, an offshoot of Neiman Marcus that is essentially their contemporary department on steroids.  Not only do I just die over their clothes, but the decor inside the store is also extremely cool.  I snapped a few pictures (very stealthily, as I don’t think paparazzi are really welcome inside Cusp) to share with you!

Some great looks from Cusp…

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{In Style}

Then you’ll LOVE her home!  Designer Tory Burch has taken the fashion world by storm in recent years with her bold prints, fresh take on classic styles and cornering a niche of chic day to day wear.  Burch’s Upper East Side apartment is featured in the March issue of In Style magazine, and I must say I am really feeling the vibe she has going in her pad!  Gotta admire a fellow orange devotee 🙂  And this is no mere Manhattan fourth floor walk up…Burch’s 9,000 square foot apartment is comprised of 3 apartments remodeled into one in the Pierre Hotel.  Modern day Eloise, right?  Burch fills her home not only with orange, but with a variety of other statement colors as well (color schemes not all that much different than those found in her clothing line).  Her eclectic mix of furnishings, art work and accessories creates the perfect balance between luxury and comfort (Burch has 3 boys, after all, so ease of living is paramount!)

{In Style}

Check out these images from the In Style article (was unable to find the images on the magazine’s website, so pulled these off of Tory’s fabulous blog!), and also images from her Spring 2010 fashion shoot that took place in her apartment (courtesy of The Well Appointed House) and an article from Elle magazine.

{In Style}

{In Style}

{In Style}



{The Well Appointed House}

{The Well Appointed House}

{The Well Appointed House}

{The Well Appointed House}

{The Well Appointed House}

{The Well Appointed House}


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After having done a recent post on the most enticing warm weather destinations featured in the Travel and Leisure 500 Best Hotels of 2011 issue, I came across this remarkable Moroccan home in Elle Decor that I would be more than happy to visit and soak up some rays.  As the home of fashion designer Liza Bruce and artist Nicholas Alvis Vega, the home was destined to be remarkable from the start.  The home is brimming with color and light…a perfect combination of antique, honoring the home’s Moroccan heritage, and modern touches.  Check out the kitchen…who would have thought that a tree trunk would work in a space!?  In such an exotic locale, bending the rules of convention may be permitted.  While the home may be in Marrakech rather than Casablanca, I couldn’t help but dream of Humphrey Bogart  whispering “we’ll always have Paris” to Ingrid Bergman in this sensual abode.

As I passed by the Chicago showroom of Roche Bobois the other day, I decided to check out what this uber chic Parisian home outfitter is up to.  I discovered their Jean Paul Gaultier home collection, which is fashioned in the same style as the designer’s couture creations.  Avant garde, opulent and oh so glamorous, I must admit that this collection isn’t particularly my style, but in the words of one of my most favorite taste makers, Carrie Bradshaw, it is undeniable that it is just “fabulous.”  This sophisticated and very unique line of furniture and accessories is so distinctive that it would take a bold designer and willing client to fashion a room out of this collection.  Perhaps a few pieces here and there might produce a more manageable effect.  What are your thoughts?  Hate it, love it, or somewhere in between?

{Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter 2010/2011}

{Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter 2010/2011}

{Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Winter 2010/2011}

Preppy Chic

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For all you prepsters out there, this one is for you. The quintessential preppy outfitters, Brooks Brothers, is taking their signature style one step further…home decor.  This makes a lot of sense now that I look at the collection, which includes bedding, bath and decorative pillows.  The classic stripes of silk ties and button downs translate nicely into home apparel, although they strike me as a little “hotelish.” The bedding is very understated (however maybe even a little bland), but I find the pillows to be somewhat fun (they are a literal translation of classic Brooks Brothers ties into pillow form).  Like the tried and true brand itself, this latest venture from Brooks Brothers is meant to be timeless, classic and conservative, not trendy and fleeting.


Running Wild

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{LaRok Luxe, Wild Thing Moto Jacket, $468 Shopbop}

Animal prints are all over the place right now!  I myself am considering investing in a faux leopard print fur jacket (too out there? I think I might have to go for it!)  I stumbled upon this feature on Elle Decor about animal print in interiors, and I must say I am a huge fan.  Bringing the outside in, I like!  Adds a little spice and whimsy to any room, especially a traditional space.  Don’t be afraid to add a touch of “wild” to your space.  Whether it be in a big (armchair, headboard) or small way (throw pillow, accent fabrics) let your wild side out!

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Print Happy

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{Diane Von Furstenberg at Claridge’s Hotel, London}

Diane Von Furstenberg’s name has become synonymous with the printed wrap dress.  Her latest venture is the print, minus the wrap, plus a bolt of fabric.  The designer has snagged 87 of her own prints and rather than put them on the body has gracefully created upholstery  for the couch, chair, pillow and more.  The prints are super chic, fun and innovative.  Such a great idea, as just about every DVF print is fabulously eye catching.  Want to see the fabrics in use?  Check out these photos from her decorating collaboration with Claridge’s Hotel in London.  What are your thoughts….would you rather wear them or lounge on them?

Photos courtesy of Elle Decor and Claridge’s

{Dress from fall 2008 collection…see a resemblance?}

{Claridges Room with China Vine pattern}

{Room at Claridge’s}



Wu Hoo

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{Michelle Obama’s Jason Wu dress at the Inauguration Ball}

Having recently opened my own showroom space, I always love to check out what other designers are doing with their shops and showrooms.  This month’s Elle Decor featured designer Jason Wu’s new studio in the garment district in New York.  Of course he would never leave behind one of his most prized possessions, “the” table where he signed his first deal with Bergdorf Goodman in 2008, the table on which he crafted Michelle Obama’s gown for the inaugural ball.  Decorator Jesse Carrier was enlisted to deck out Wu’s new space, which certainly wouldn’t be complete without “the” table at the forefront.

{Jason Wu in his New York studio}

{“The” table}

{Wu’s couture filled showroom}

{Wu’s fabulous designs are simply breathtaking}

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How Silly

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Kids of all ages are sporting the latest craze to sweep the nation: Silly Bandz.  These small, pliable pre-formed rubber band bracelets come in all shapes and colors, each pack individually themed.  If you’re into baseball, princesses, even the Chicago Bears…there’s a pack of Silly Bandz for you!

With my daughter recently sporting her own variety, I realized the color ways of each pack are pretty well paired.  After reading the September issue of House Beautiful, the main theme being color, I decided to take a look and see if the Silly Band color ways correlated with interior color ways…and sure enough they do!  Check out some of the matches below…not so silly after all!  But don’t at all feel limited by these selected color ways; google Silly Bandz to see many more collections and colors of this crazy trend.

{Silly Bandz Fantasy Shape, $4.95}

{Jeffrey Bilhuber}

{Silly Bandz Beach Pack, $1.85}

{Steven Gambrel}

{Silly Bandz Baseball, $3.39}

{Silly Bandz, Wild West $3.49}

{Kathryn M. Ireland}

{Crazy Bandz Neptune, $3.99}

{Miles Redd}

{Silly Bandz Sea Creatures}

{Bunny Williams}