Island Paradise

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Whether you are a skilled cook or a take-out queen, the hub of the home is most definitely the kitchen.  What once was the least formal space in the house has now become one of the most skillfully decorated.  Kitchen design is very personal, but I think it is safe to say that the island is typically where all the congregating happens.  If you have a house full of kids/their friends/your friends like we do, you know that the bigger the island the better!  Check out these super size islands featured in Chicago Home + Garden.

Sleek and Chic

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I love the “Kitchen of the Month” section of House Beautiful.  In fact, I flip to the monthly feature first when I receive the magazine in the mail.  This month’s kitchen honestly didn’t strike my fancy, so I thought I’d go online and check out the archives of kitchens past.  Sure enough, I came across a kitchen that is mere miles from me (in Lake Bluff, IL)….also in suburban Chicago!  Lake Bluff is known for its tree lined streets, pristine lake front and traditional, cottage like homes.  This kitchen, however, is far from tradition.  It’s sleek, modern design defies the Lake Bluff standard, but is beautiful nevertheless.  Check out the “Kitchen of the Month” archives for more great kitchen ideas!

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Picture 4

Want to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s….with Audrey?  Or gaze at the Mona Lisa….over morning coffee?  Well, now you can! The quirky design company Generate has developed a series of “mosaic fridge magnets” to turn your good old refrigerator into a work of art!  Designs include Muhammad Ali, Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn and James Bond.  You have the option of purchasing the “warm colors” color scheme or the “grey” color scheme, each including six funky designs and instructions…for only $99!.  Sounds like a great gift idea!

Picture 1

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Picture 5

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Picture 3

Picture 3

Yes, Kanye has a blog and yes, I read it.  Don’t be too quick to judge…he has very fascinating taste and showcases  not only the latest from the world of hip-hop but also what is on the cutting edge of the art, architecture and design worlds as well.  Kanye is quite the well-rounded gentleman!

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In the design section I came across an incredible find….a kitchen island covered in legos!  Take a look and see for yourself. Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti purchased a basic kitchen island and transformed it with over 20,000 legos.  Who says you have to put the legos away once you reach the age of about 10?  Certainly not these two!

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Picture 6

Food Network at Home

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Picture 52

{Giada’s Food Network Kitchen}

As I sit here on this first day of 2010 (where did 2009 go?!) nursing somewhat of a “headache” watching Giada De Laurentiis on Food Network, I got the sudden urge to google “Food Network Homes.”  To my surprise, Giada’s kitchen on “Everyday Italian” is not from her own home.  It is actually the kitchen of a house close to her own house in Malibu.  Her actual home is less cottagy and more European contemporary. The beautiful modern residence blends beachy with contemporary extremely well and looks like the ideal home for what other than entertaining.  Check out the photos from the 2008 issue of Architectural Digest.  If I weren’t so “tired” today I’d almost be inspired to whip up the fab dish of grilled salmon with citrus salsa verde that Giada has cooking right now!

Picture 43

Picture 47

I’m loving Giada’s outfit!

Picture 44

Picture 48

Picture 49

This yellow chair is so fab!

Picture 50

I’d take this view any day…

Picture 46

Picture 51

With Giada’s cooking and this view, this home was built for entertaining!

Have a happy new year all of you Material Girls!

Essie’s new flavorful Winter Collection has me smitten like never before… Mint Candy Apple, Lollipop and Rock Candy have joined the Essie line up and are far too fabulous to cover fingertips alone…

Don’t you agree?

Essie Winter Collection

Mint Candy Apple floors shine amid snow white subway tiles and lacquered cabinetry… I am eating this Windsor Smith kitchen up with a spoon! Delish!

Windsor Smith Kitchen

Sarah Jessica Parker packs a Lollipop punch in her Hamptons kitchen with Enzo Mari art and a glossy red island center.

Sarah Jessica Parker Red - Hamptons

Betsey Johnson, Eye Candy Goddess, coated her NYC Penthouse sky in Rock Candy-inspired hues… Can we blame her?

Betsy Johnson Living

I just love how a tiny .5 oz. bottle can inspire an entire room… Don’t you?

Essie Mint Candy Apple

{Images collected from Elle Decor and Elle Decor UK.}