Gleaming, glowing, glossy and bright… These walls are anything but understated and I’m infatuated with every inch…

Never afraid to color outside the lines, Miles Redd allows sapphire to shine

Where was this room when I wrote Purple Rain? Check out these glossy, bold boundaries… Yum!

Jonathan Berger gave this late-19th-century Brooklyn home one jaw-dropping entrance with Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle… Wowza!

Laquered loveliness… This space couldn’t be more fab if it tried.  Loving this high-gloss blue amid black, white and yellow…  Fierce.

{Images gathered from Architectural Digest, House Beautiful and Head Over Heels.}

As you know, I’m quite partial to brights, lights and whites… of neutrals and heather grays… but must admit, these slate-inspired spaces have me going to the dark side

Mario Buatta adds depth and elegance with his brilliant selection amid feminine, delicate decor…

Loving this seamless blend of ebony walls and glistening black flooring…

Crisp white linens set off soot-like surroundings oh so beautifully in this Domino bedroom…

Drama and glamour filled walls house this chic ebony and ivory tub just right…

This sleek backdrop is the perfect compliment to Vueve Clicquot hues and rustic wood floors…

Natural elements and fresh whites pair perfectly atop pitch-black boundaries…

What do you think? Time to turn in those pale walls for a little dose of drama?

{Images gathered from Apartment Therapy, Domino, Decor Pad and Living Etc.}

Two Windy City fashionistas gave their La Porte estate a renovating makeover and welcomed Chicago Home + Garden Magazine through their doors… So happy they did.

This glossy red entranceway has me crazy in love… Paired with black and white papered walls, it truly shines as it should.


Love, love, loving this effortless mix of classic and modern.. of matte and gloss.. of slate and white. Lucite Louis X-esque chairs amid mirrored finishes leave this space feeling boundless and bright.


A consistent palette enables the couple to mix, match, accessorize and expand collections at will while maintaining a sense of fluidity and balance throughout… “It’s incredible how much fun it is to play musical furniture. We like playing house.”


The perfect mix of personality and soul… well-collected and a true reflection of the Mark Heister Designs pair. “We’re from a black-tie life in the fashion business. Every day is an event, and why not?”


Well said!

So Flavorful!

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I am a big fan of  the “Secret Sources” article in this month’s Met Home.  Even designers like to hear about other designers hidden gems!  One of my favorite finds is Flavor Paper, “tasty” hand-screened wall coverings.  Based in New Orleans, Flavor Paper uses only the highest quality water based ink to create vintage reproductions, contemporary and custom hand-screened wall coverings.  So incredibly unique!


Remember this room, which I featured in “Purple Rain?” You guessed it…this paper is from Flavor Paper!  This is actually the dining room in designer Cynthia Rowley’s home.



Check out these other fab papers…and many many more on their very own website!


{Ziggy Diamond}


{Fruits of Design}


{Power Plant}




{Tutti Frutti}


{Party Girl}


{Flower Pedal}



Reading Between the Lines…

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I came across this interesting wallpaper, called Lletras i Tipos designed by artist Javier Marsical for Tres Tintas Barcelona, in the latest issue of Chicago Home + Garden.  I think it is incredibly unique and  I would love to find an application for it.  A wallpaper as unusual and unique as this definitely would require a leap of faith and a willingness to try something new and exciting on the part of the client.  This wallpaper is like saffron or truffles or a vintage bottle of wine: only to be used at the right moment in the right setting, yet when applied it creates such a statement.  I love how graphic it is, yet  when viewed as a whole it almost appears as some sort of textured wall covering.  It no doubt is incredibly fascinating and quite a work of art in itself…I can’t stop admiring it!   What are your thoughts?

Interested in this wallpaper?  Tres Tintas Barcelona is carried at Urban Source in Chicago (1432 W. Chicago Ave., 312-455-0505)

Designers Guild

Some of my most inspired moments take place on the elliptical.  It really is the only time of my day when I am actually forced to sit, well I guess stand, still for an hour.  Therefore, to make the time pass quicker and to take my mind off my burning thighs, I comb through just about every magazine I can get my hands on.

Today’s magazine was the September issue of Town & Country.  Although not usually my first choice, I found some very fun wallpapers/wall coverings!  Well really I came across a segment about Designers Guild, and was then prompted to browse their website.  Got my work out in and found some potential materials for a new client’s home…now that’s killing two birds with one stone!

Leopold in Chartreuse

Leopold Chartreuse

Leopold in Charcoal

Leopold Charcoal

Check out this fabulous pattern in a room!  So fun!


Padgett in Acacia

Padgett Acacia

Padgett in Delft

Padgett Delft

Padgett in Noir

Padgett Noir

Here’s a better view of the Padgett wallpaper in a room.  Isn’t it so striking?  Especially with that pop of purple and green…wow!


I just love Padgett so much I had to show it to you in one more room!


Because I love purple…I just had to throw this one in here.

Tolmer Viola

Tolmer Viola


This Tolmer wall covering comes in about a zillion colors.  Well, not actually a zillion…but a lot.  Here’s some more fun ones.

Tolmer Ocean

Tolmer Ocean


Tolmer Moss

Tolmer Moss

Doesn’t Designer’s Guild just have the greatest papers and wall coverings?  Not to mention furniture, fabrics and floor coverings, but those are all posts for another day 🙂


I must say I am somewhat of a pack-rat when it comes to design magazines.  I have stacks and stacks of Elle Decor, Chicago Home and Garden, Traditional Home…you name it.  This collection, however, is not amassed in vain.  I frequently hark back to past articles for inspiration or reference.  I stumbled upon this article from the January 2007 issue of House and Garden magazine.  One of the cover stories, “25 Fabulous Movie Interiors, And How to Make Them Yours” caught my eye.  Even though this issue was published over two years ago, the movie interiors featured are classics.  I thought I’d show you some of my favorites!

The room below is a modern day room inspired by the interiors in the 1971 film, “A Clockwork Orange.”  (The original set is the image in the upper left corner)  Of course I had to include this one, because orange is one of my favorite colors!  This mod-70’s look becomes uber-chic with the checkerboard vinyl flooring, Beethoven shade, and orange console.  Notice the groovy wall covering in the second image!


Clockwork Orange

Here are some of my other favorite movie interiors from the article.

25 Fabulous Movie Interiors

How great is the wall covering, the lamp, THAT COAT from “Conversation Piece?” Really though the Rothko on the wall makes it for me.

What do you think?  Do you have any favorite movie interiors that jump out at you?