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Posted By Julia-Chicago | Dec 06, 2010 | 4 Comments | Category: Art

Thank you Casa Sugar for tipping me off about this amazing artist, Samantha Hahn!  This New York based artist is as versatile as she is talented…wallpapers? prints? stationary? magnets? illustrations for Marie Claire and Conde Nast? Check, check, check, check…

Her work is chic, fresh, modern and whimsical.  No wonder she’s such a hot commodity!  I particularly love her watercolor and ink prints.  They are just so fabulously lovely and feminine.  They have such a cool, somehow mod feel that is ethereal yet still makes a bold statement.

Check out some of her work below!

Most of these prints are set on white backgrounds, so they are a little hard to discern from the background of the blog…but just try to imagine them against a colored wall!

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Showcase in the Bay

Posted By Julia-Chicago | Nov 16, 2010 | 5 Comments | Category: Uncategorized

I love a good showcase house…showcasing the latest from various design talents is an exciting way to unite the design world.  I am also a big fan of the annual Lake Forest Show House that takes place every other year in the North Shore suburb of Lake Forest.  I am thrilled to have been asked to design a space at the Showhouse this Spring! The three week long event benefits the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago while uniting many talented Chicago designers and outfitting a stunning manor home. Stay tuned for more on this soon…. My design board is hot off the press as we speak.

I stumbled upon Elle Decor’s first San Francisco showcase house recently on Casa Sugar, and I am pretty impressed.  San Francisco has a very cool design aesthetic, and this exhibition represents San Francisco well.  It is not my 100% favorite showcase home I have seen, but it pretty amazing how much of a design transformation can take place.  The 5,000 square foot home was built in 1911 and is located in SF’s historic St. Francis Wood neighborhood.  Elle Decor called on some of the Bay Area’s hottest designers to transform the home from drab to fab!

Check out the pics below (there were 160…I had such a hard time choosing!) and stay tuned for more amazing showcase houses from around the country.

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