Victorian Era

Posted By Julia-Chicago | Apr 09, 2011 | 8 Comments | Category: Decorating, Material Girls Projects

We tend to think of Victorian homes as being stuffy, formal and certainly not kid friendly.  One of my most recently completed projects, a Victorian in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, was to transform the home into anything but these conventional stereotypes.  The home, built in 1872, came under foreclosure in 2008, and an imaginative couple jumped at the opportunity to transform this historic dwelling into their modern dream (family!) home.  Working with both my firm (Buckingham Interiors + Design) as well as the hugely talented architect, Jean Dufresne, of Space Architects + Planners, the family painstakingly overhauled every square inch of the dwelling.  One of the main reasons they fell in love with this house, however, was its expansive yard, perfect for a family of six and unusual for this part of town. This fantastic project is the third home that I have designed for one of my hands- down favorite client families, who moved around the corner from our previously designed home into this grande dame 🙂

One of the most exciting parts of working on this project was certainly the addition to the back of the house.  Totally deviating from the Victorian style of the original structure, this modern space represents the eclectic taste and open-minded nature of these visionary homeowners.

{addition to the back of the residence}

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