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{Michelle Obama’s Jason Wu dress at the Inauguration Ball}

Having recently opened my own showroom space, I always love to check out what other designers are doing with their shops and showrooms.  This month’s Elle Decor featured designer Jason Wu’s new studio in the garment district in New York.  Of course he would never leave behind one of his most prized possessions, “the” table where he signed his first deal with Bergdorf Goodman in 2008, the table on which he crafted Michelle Obama’s gown for the inaugural ball.  Decorator Jesse Carrier was enlisted to deck out Wu’s new space, which certainly wouldn’t be complete without “the” table at the forefront.

{Jason Wu in his New York studio}

{“The” table}

{Wu’s couture filled showroom}

{Wu’s fabulous designs are simply breathtaking}

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Windy City Style

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Anish Kapoor’s Cloudgate, or more fondly known as “The Bean”

I was excited to see that Elle Decor has taken a liking to Chicago , featuring The Windy City’s design, art and architecture in the eponymous mag this month.  If you’ve never been to Chicago, the slideshow gives a preview of many of Chicago’s most stately sights.  If you have been or live here, these are places you may not know or know very well, but even if you are familiar these are places that will never bore the eye.  The only unfortunate part of this article is that it only features 15 photos in the slideshow, when in reality Chicago is a treasure trove of glorious design!  I must say, the photography of the stunning shoot really does my city proud 🙂

Elle Decor Chicago destination guide!

Adler Planetarium

Tribune Tower

Interior of fab fashion boutique Ikram

Interior of the elegant Elysian Hotel…featured in a previous MG post!

Jeanne Gang’s Aqua building

Jayson Home and Garden

Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago…also featured in several MG posts!

Fabulous Chicago skyline….I love my city!

Acclaimed restaurant Avec

Sofitel Hotel Chicago

“Face Fountain” at Millenium Park by Jaume Plensa

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Sexy Interiors?

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{Carrie Bradshaw in her new apartment}

I personally did not get a chance to see “Sex and the City 2”  in theaters (not so many positive reviews, as I’m sure you know…).  I am waiting until it is available on HBO on Demand to watch this flick for free from the comfort of my own home.  Per usual though, everything design related, from the clothes to the sets, was thoroughly decorated.  I caught a glimpse of several images from a feature on the set design from Elle Decor.  Like the girls themselves, the interiors are diverse in style and personality.  Many were left underwhelmed by the highly anticipated sequel, and I must say I felt the same way about the interiors themselves.  Although her place does have some quirky, unexpected and chic pieces like the main gal herself, I honestly was expecting a bit more pizzaz from Carrie’s new apartment; I thought her redecorated old apartment was much more captivating.  And Samantha’s office in Times Square seems a little bland (at least from the Elle Decor shot).  Were you excited at all by Charlotte’s all white kitchen?  What do you think?  Love em, hate em?

{Carrie and Big’s living room}

{Carrie and Big’s dining room, with kitchen in the background}

{Hallway in Carrie and Big’s apartment…love the Lindsey Adelman light fixture}

{Carrie and Big’s master bedroom}

{Carrie and Big’s closet…how do you feel about the differing his and her’s sides?}

{Carrie’s iconic closet in her old apartment}

{Carrie’s apartment post renovation in the fist “Sex and the City” movie}

{Charlotte’s kitchen…how adorable are the coordinated outfits, cupcakes and drapes?}

{Samantha in her Times Square office}

{Kitchen in Miranda’s Brooklyn home…loved what I saw from the first movie}

{Author Candace Bushnell’s own apartment…definitely my favorite SATC related interior!  Painting look familiar? Reminds me so much of the “Love” piece (actually a needlepoint rug) from Carrie’s renovated former apartment}

{“Love Too” by Paul Smith}

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