{Look familiar?}

If so…then it’s your lucky day!  I think most of us are probably familiar with the much blogged about Bunny Williams’ living room (turquoise? horn decorations? sound familiar?) that was a part of 2009 Kip’s Bay Showhouse in NYC.  If this room caught your eye, than you really must check out the many other rooms styled by other top designers.  And if you really can’t get enough, then you can have it all to yourself, for $50 million that is.

Sotheby’s International Realty is listing this home, a 21,000 square foot limestone mansion on the Upper East Side, at quite the price tag.  Although unfortunately only the select few can afford such a home in the mid 8 figures, you can virtually tour it all you would like at House Beautiful’s virtual tour (as well as check out more photos from the show house).  Enjoy!  Oh yeah, and if any of you MGs end up purchasing this home, I’d be more than happy to stop by for a visit 😉

Images courtesy of Sotheby’s International Realty.

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Fabric Lust

Posted By Julia-Chicago | Oct 08, 2010 | 2 Comments | Category: Designers, Fabric, Magazines

I am in the midst of organizing the endless sea of home, travel and fashion magazines that are scattered throughout my office, showroom and home.  Some are my daughers’, some my assistants’ and some my own, and each contain a treasure trove of material and inspiration I can’t bear to part with.  I guess you could say that I am a bit of a design hoarder.

I came across the back cover of this month’s House Beautiful which features a beautiful fabric from the Thom Filicia collection for Kravet, which is a glorious take on the so right now Ikat craze.  I love the pairing with the geometric prints, contemporary nicknacks and especially the fabric ottoman in lieu of a traditional coffee table.  Such a cool space!  How do you feel about it? Here are some more great fabrics from this cool collection. So glad to be back in the blogging business after our malware snafu! I missed posting and reading my fellow Material Girl’s posts :)

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Sleek and Chic

Posted By Julia-Chicago | Sep 16, 2010 | 1 Comment | Category: Kitchens, Magazines

I love the “Kitchen of the Month” section of House Beautiful.  In fact, I flip to the monthly feature first when I receive the magazine in the mail.  This month’s kitchen honestly didn’t strike my fancy, so I thought I’d go online and check out the archives of kitchens past.  Sure enough, I came across a kitchen that is mere miles from me (in Lake Bluff, IL)….also in suburban Chicago!  Lake Bluff is known for its tree lined streets, pristine lake front and traditional, cottage like homes.  This kitchen, however, is far from tradition.  It’s sleek, modern design defies the Lake Bluff standard, but is beautiful nevertheless.  Check out the “Kitchen of the Month” archives for more great kitchen ideas!

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How Silly

Posted By Julia-Chicago | Aug 25, 2010 | 5 Comments | Category: Color, Decorating, Design Inspiration, Fashion, Trends

Kids of all ages are sporting the latest craze to sweep the nation: Silly Bandz.  These small, pliable pre-formed rubber band bracelets come in all shapes and colors, each pack individually themed.  If you’re into baseball, princesses, even the Chicago Bears…there’s a pack of Silly Bandz for you!

With my daughter recently sporting her own variety, I realized the color ways of each pack are pretty well paired.  After reading the September issue of House Beautiful, the main theme being color, I decided to take a look and see if the Silly Band color ways correlated with interior color ways…and sure enough they do!  Check out some of the matches below…not so silly after all!  But don’t at all feel limited by these selected color ways; google Silly Bandz to see many more collections and colors of this crazy trend.

{Silly Bandz Fantasy Shape, $4.95}

{Jeffrey Bilhuber}

{Silly Bandz Beach Pack, $1.85}

{Steven Gambrel}

{Silly Bandz Baseball, $3.39}

{Silly Bandz, Wild West $3.49}

{Kathryn M. Ireland}

{Crazy Bandz Neptune, $3.99}

{Miles Redd}

{Silly Bandz Sea Creatures}

{Bunny Williams}

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