OMG!! Last time I checked in, there was just a hint of a chill in the air and the trees still looked like summer, and then, suddenly, it’s cold, half the trees are bare already–and tomorrow’s Halloween! How can that be? What happened to October? Or, for that matter, September? Oh, wait.  That’s right.  Since my last post…

Napa Show House

Buckingham Interiors + Design opened a brand new showroom next door to our Design Studio on Grand Avenue, we took part in Traditional Homes‘ 2013 Showhouse out in Napa Valley and we did those things at the same time that we were designing & installing several major projects for clients here in Chicago.  All that stuff  might have had something to do with my absence around here lately.  But, still: Halloween—tomorrow ? ? ? I just hope somebody else remembered to buy candy at home.

Guatemalan Ottoman

Speaking of sweets, though, am I the only person who looks at our way-cool Guatemalan ottomans and suddenly starts craving a snack? Say, iced donuts? With sprinkles? And, considering the season–apple cider?

Morticia Chair

And surely, other people besides me think of Mexican sugar skulls when they see our Morticia Chair–named after the seductive, black-gowned mistress of the decaying Victorian mansion on TV’s The Addams Family. Tell me they do! They have to.

Morticia Chair2

Morticia, of course, was the original Goth chick, and her slinky getup and dead-white makeup still inspires some people’s Halloween costumes, but let’s be honest: not everybody is (0r was) into black crape and seaweedy sleeves. I don’t need to tell you who it was that always went out trick-or-treating in a sparkly pink princess dress or a fairy godmother’s cape or a ballerina’s tutu. I am convinced that Material Girls are born, not made.


Not me. Soooo not me, not even as a kid. I wasn’t even born in 1951. But Happy Halloween, anyway, and if you haven’t yet visited the showroom yet, do stop in.

Afrodite, Goddess of Candy keeps watch over the loot.

If the team hasn’t already eaten them all, you might even get a treat or two.

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Get ready, get set…almost go time for the Design Bloggers Tastemakers Tag sale on One Kings Lane beginning this Tuesday February 28, at 6 PM PST!  I am thrilled to be included in this fantastic event, as I have always been a huge fan of the site, and it is a true honor to be in such good company with other talented design bloggers, including fellow Material Girls Emily from Dallas and Lauren from Houston.

The Material Girls for the Design Bloggers Tastemaker Sale!

In addition to being an interior designer, I have owned antique and art design showrooms from Cincinnati to Chicago, so exhibiting products that I am passionate about has long been an important part of my career.  I can’t wait to share some of the best from my collection with OKL followers.

Looking forward to the One Kings Lane Design Bloggers Tastemakers Tag Sale beginning this Tuesday, February 28th at 6 PM EST…I hope all Material Girls out there have a chance to check it out!

A new image from my Buckingham Interiors + Design Showroom at 1820 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago

Stop by to visit and check out what we’re featuring…we curate new goodies constantly!

Photography for my headshot by Anthony Tahlier

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I am so excited to have been asked to be a part of the LX.TV – NBC Universal “Open Houses” series!  You can catch the episode on which I will be featured next Sunday, September 12th at  10:30 AM CST.  This “Designer Living” segment is a unique opportunity for designers to welcome viewers into their homes on a virtual (televised) open house tour.  I myself know that I am always excited to see what goes on behind the scenes in a designer’s own personal world.  I will be taking viewers throughout the various spaces of my home, showcasing my favorite pieces, explaining how my design aesthetic is reflected in my own space and giving tips on how you can translate your own personality into designing your own living space.  Designing for yourself is most challenging, for there are so many fabrics, furnishings, design objects and artifacts plus sooooo many amazing artists work to choose from at your disposal. I can’t tell you how many times I have been sourcing for  a client during my many travels and find something that I MUST have. So in essence, my home is a reflection of my very favorite pieces from my excursions all over the world. Designing for yourself is extremely rewarding- and the best part is that there is only one person to convince as to what are the best design decisions!

LX.TV NBC airs in a variety of different cities, and “Open Houses” therefore features designers from across the country.  While my segment will be airing on television at LX.TV NBC Chicago,  it will also be airing simultaneously across the country. My son in Boston has no excuse not to watch :)  My oldest daughter, traveling in Europe will have to settle for Tivo.  For now, check out the link to LXTV Chicago, the place to go for life and style seekers of the Windy City!

Here is a preview of my Queen Anne style home (Buckingham Interiors + Design), that is being featured on the special airing Sunday, September 12.

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Related Posts with Thumbnails