{Francine Turk in The Break Up}

The “Break Up” was on television the other night, and it is one of my favorite flicks not only because it is set in my beloved city of Chicago (I am partial to anything set in the Windy City) but also for its prominent exhibition of artwork by my friend, Francine Turk. Remember the lovely sketches all throughout the apartment in the Break Up, supposedly drawn by Jennifer Aniston’s character, Brooke?  Well, they are actually by Turk, a Chicago based artist.  Francine’s work is also featured in the new Vince Vaughn movie The Dilemma. I have been a big fan of Francine for quite some time, and when I opened my showroom last year I naturally had to feature her work.

{Francine Turk in the Break Up}

Her work is not only beautiful, but it is versatile as well.  From placing a large collection on a living room wall to hanging one or two in a powder room, Francine Turk’s work certainly is nothing with which to “break up.”

{Francine Turk in my Buckingham Interiors + Design showroom}

{Francine Turk in my Buckingham Interiors + Design Showroom}

Turk’s official website is under construction, so the following images courtesy of “So Haute.”  Also, check out the tour of her fabulous Chicago townhouse!

{The artist with one of her pieces}

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