Wallpaper’s on a roll!

Sunday, September 30, 2007 | Category: Walls

Everyone wants a great piece of artwork for their home. Why not choose some really amazing wallpaper instead? Your friends will be admiring not just what’s on your wall but the wall itself!

I know what you are thinking- you grew up with wallpaper and now can’t stand the site of plastic-looking floral patterns. I get it…but not all wallpaper these days are passe and old-fashioned. In recent years, wallpaper has gone from tacky to chic.

The point of wallpaper is to add texture and depth. It’s a cost effective way to get large-scale art work on your walls.

According to Janet Davidson, there are three tips when selecting wallpaper:

1) “Use neutral colors for a classic look that will never go out of style”

2) “If you have a large room, choose a small, subtle pattern to keep it from becoming too overwhelming”

3) “Coordinate painted wall to match the wallpaper”

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