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Wednesday, December 12, 2007 | Category: Trends

2008 is soon upon us so we here at Material Girls decided that we would take a brief glimpse back at 2007’s biggest fashion trends and see how they evolved into trendy but classic home decor. Using celebrities as our style icons, here are our ten top trends for 2007!

1) Black and Gold– These two colors are an exquisite combination. Here you have the classic black (which never goes out of style) paired with gold (a current home and fashion trend). Together this look gives off a vibe of sophistication and glamour.

Top- Hilary Duff on the red carpet

Bottom- Tracy porter-Bath Bar-$422

2) Patent Leather– This look was big this year and dominated the shoe department. We are now seeing this sleek material on pillows and home accessories. It is easy for patent leather to start looking tacky if in a really bright color- stick with black to be safe.

Top-Kate Bosworth on the red carpet

Bottom-West Elm- Shiny Patent Pillow Cover- $14.99

3) Sequins– Celebrities were wearing sequins and sparkles all over the red carpet this year. Neutral sequins as opposed to colored sequins are a safer bet to make sure that the sequins in your home do not start bordering on ‘too much’. Neutral sequins on pillows and accessories add texture to a couch/room and provide visual interest without being too much of a focal point.

Top: Vanessa Manillo in a sequined dress

Bottom: Horchow pillow-$115

4) The Color Grey- We just can’t get enough of grey this year- it has been everywhere this fall. At first we thought this color might be gloomy and depressing but it has since turned into our favorite neutral! Looks good on everyone and is not as serious and formal as black.

Top- Sienna Miller on the red carpet

Bottom- Brocade Home Chair- $399

5) Feathers! I know what you are thinking- feathers can start looking mangey and out of control and Mary Kate’s dress just looks like one big fur ball. But really- feathers are a great accessory; however, I am liking them a lot better on a table as a home accent than on MK Olsen! Feathers look especially great when put into a vase. We recently found some inexpensive feathers at Pier 1. We love the colors in Peacock feathers and think they could really add some color to a room and are the perfect conversation starter.

Top: Mark Kate Olsen on the red carpet

Bottom: Z Gallerie Peacock Feather Collection-Placemats- (4)-$79

6) Jewel Tones- This is our favorite trend of 2007. LOVE jewel tone colors as home accents in a room- especially deep turqoise or emerald green on velvet pillows. Since the jewel tone colors are in fact so deep, you really don’t need much more ornamentation on your pillows/home accessories. A solid color without a print makes enough of a statement for these fantastic hues.

Top- Kiera Knightley on the red carpet

Bottom- A Dining Room filled with luscious jewel tones

7) Tweed- Such a perfect winter fabric. Reese looks great in her black and grey tweed- perfectly matching the dress with black opaque tights. These Crate and Barrel towels have the same effect- come in a speckled black and grey fabric with a black striped accent at the bottom of the towel. I love tweed because I can see these towels in a male or female bathroom. Paired with a bright paint color on the wall. This look is timeless!

Top: Reese Witherspoon in a tweed dress

Bottom-Crate and Barrel tweed hand towels- $2.95

8) Metallics- First it was gold and now it is silver. Metallics have been popular for a while and seem like they might be here to stay! For the past few years, metallics have been everywhere in fashion and have now made it to the homefront! I always like to add a few pieces of metallic to every room to give it some sparkle.

Top- Eva Longoria with her metallic bag

Bottom- William Sonoma Home accent table- $525

9) Neon Colors– Oh Posh Spice, this is why we love you so- you go out in public in neon blue pants. The color seems to be more forgiving painted on a wall. An ode to the 80’s, electric blue can actually look quite pretty and serene in this bedroom above. Paired with unexpected traditional furniture, this look seems to be a winner!

Top: Ashlee Simpson and Posh Spice in neon blue jeans

Bottom: Neon blue wall color

10) Animal Prints– I have been in an animal print phase for the last few months. This fabric goes great with a lot of other fabrics and pieces of furniture because of it’s neutral colors. Zebra, leopard, cheetah- whatever animal print you desire, this look is trendy and daring and adds a little spice to any room.

Top: Kelly Preston on the red carpet

Bottom: West Elm pillow Cover- $24

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