Pink and orange (together) is the hottest color combination for Summer! Madeline Weinrib quotes “What girl doesn’t love hot pink? Adding orange gives it an ethnic vibe and keeps the pink from being too sweet”.

I completely agree…I have always loved these two colors together. Michael Kors, Versace, and Jil Sander all had models sauntering down the runway in these vibrant hues for their Spring collections. Photo above credit of The Budget Babe

Where can you add this hue combination into your home? How about in floral arrangements, picture frames, rugs, pillows, bedding, and even vases!

Photo from House Beautiful- yummy! This one is my favorite

Another photo from House Beautiful- such a cheerful look for summer!

Photo from Elle Decor.. love the design of the headboard and the fun pink/orange bedding. Yellow seems to be another stylish citrusy color you can add to the mix of orange and pink!

This carpet is from Madeline Weinrib’s collection and was recently featured in In Style. Called the Brooke and Zig Zag cotton carpet- $325 each- can buy them at ABC Carpet and Home

I spy…Z Gallerie!

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There is one 15 year old girl that has been on everyone’s mind lately- Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hanna Montana…well we are here to talk about a photograph- not that photograph (we are done hearing about the Vanity Fair cover, believe me!) but the one in June’s In Style magazine. They featured the home of the Cyrus family- including Billy Ray, Tish, Loretta, Trace, Braison, Brandi, Miley and Noah (phew that was a mouthful) Talk about a large household! Of course Miley gets her own dressing room and bedroom suite. We already knew Miley got whatever she wanted, but what we didn’t know was how much she loved Z Gallerie!

I will say that if I was making MILLIONS, I wouldn’t be shopping at Z Gallerie! Don’t get me wrong, I like that store but if I had the chance to shop anywhere in the world, I definitely wouldn’t still be at Alpha and the tollway…but I guess how can you blame her, “she’s just being Miley…”

Miley’s End table- $199

Miley’s Bedding- on sale now!

Miley’s Side Chairs- $749 each- she has two of these

Miley’s Bedroom Chest- $699

A peek into Miley’s dressing room…her black chandelier mimics her pink and black chandelier print wallcovering. I love the black and white houndstooth fabric on the chair and ottoman (but we all know that I like a good houndstooth anywhere!)…Miley says she wanted it to be more “boutique-like”

The Cyrus living room- I adore all the zebra print…You would think all neutrals would be boring but the zebra print adds a bold pattern into the mix

Towel Style

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It’s finally heating up here in Dallas and I think this weekend will be nice enough to lay out by the pool! Check out these Tory Burch beach towels- perfect for summer and you will be the most stylish gal at the pool that’s for sure….

Charlotte Moss and her showroom were featured in House Beautiful this month…I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with her accessories…these two pieces are just too cute for words!

The sunflower clock is more expensive than the chair if you can believe it- but it’s so precious I might have to get a second job just to support my accessory fetish!

Get Carried Away!

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It’s finally almost here- the highly anticipated Memorial Weekend opening of the Sex and the City movie…it’s been years since we’ve seen Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie, and Miranda in anything together but it feels even longer since we’ve gotten a peek into their NY apartments…Will the new movie have the same old sets in it? Or have the characters moved on to bigger and better things? We hear that Carrie has! Apparently in the new movie Carrie is getting married to Mr. Big and in the preview, they go house hunting together. While we don’t have too much info on their new homes, their old apartments as single gals were quite fabulous.

Look at all those clothes! I would love to get a peek into Ms. (or shall I say Mrs.) Bradshaw’s wardrobe in the new movie! I never understood how a tiny NY apartment closet would have held all of Carrie’s clothes- I guess that’s why they call it a tv show!

A pretty simple but sophisticated apartment- It provides a nice neutral backdrop for all of Carrie’s colorful clothes!

Carrie’s very low key, unfussy bedroom- I wonder where she got her paint color? In some lights it looks gray and in others, more of a taupe

The entryway to Carrie’s apartment- nice bookcase that provides lots of storage- perhaps for all of Carrie’s publications

I have always adored her drapery fabric and its large circle pattern!

And you can’t miss Carrie furiously typing away at her computer for her next column (insert Carrie voice over here, posed as a question)

Charlotte’s bedroom- just like Charlotte, this room is extremely organized, pristine, proper, and traditional

Another view of her stylish bedroom- warm woods, gold accents, and floral wallcovering, make this room some place homey that Charlotte would feel comfortable in

Now onto Miranda… her place is very pretty due to the help of her infamous designer! Remember that episode where Miranda’s Interior Designer came over with a lamp and left with the guy Miranda had her eye on? Woops! I am guessing Miranda didn’t give her designer too many referalls after that!

I love her Living Room…she glams it up a bit with the sunburst mirror, which to me is very unlike the uptight pessimistic Miranda!

Samantha’s Bedroom- of COURSE Sam has to have the bold red bedspread to mimic her bold and fiery personality! Lots of lush pillows and dramatic bedding make the bedroom the focal point of her house- go figure!

Samantha’s bathroom looks like it came right out of a hotel spa…could be because her life is one big vacation!

I love Samantha’s home but what if I told you the photo above was really Samantha’s home? I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but the photo above IS where they filmed Samantha’s home! They just edited the outside a bit (this is located in the Meatpacking District) I actually went on the Sex and the City bus tour while I was in New York about three years ago and they took you to a bunch of places where the show was filmed…I was saddened to discover that their apartments did not really exist! Only the exterior of Carrie’s does and people actually live there!

J’adore Wisteria Decor

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We at Material Girls love wisteria! My favorite part about it is the story of how it came into existence…Andrew and Shannon both grew up in beautiful homes- their style and love for antiques was heavily influenced by their mothers’ taste. After getting married and going from store to store looking for their own home, they realized that they were just not finding the right local treasures to fit their house and lifestyle; hence Wisteria was born. They started to go out and collect their finds from all over the world- giving them a chance to travel as well as do what they do best- finding the special pieces that make a house a home.

Suzani pillow – $99.00

Art Deco Lamp – $129

Ornamental Jade Sculptures – $149

Half Oval Console – $629

Stacked Sideboard – $499

Chinese Tea Pot Lamp

Love it all!

You must check out the recent Dallas Morning News article about IKEA….Can this really and truly be the same IKEA we have come to know so well? Their new collection of furniture has taken inexpensive decor to a whole new level! Their new target is an older crowd- they are trying to achieve a more sophisticated and stylized look with their furniture. I love the Trollsta sideboard below.

I’m not going to lie, I had never gone to IKEA until about two months ago.

(“What? You have never gone to IKEA??”) Trust me I have heard it all before from people! Seems as though I was the only person in the free world who had never stepped foot in the Frisco store. But I am just not a big fan of the really huge mass-produced furniture retail chains. I would rather buy something unique at an antique store that no one else has. But I must say that I was pleasantly surprised after I went to IKEA (granted it took me about two hours to walk through the store) but they have definitely put more thought into their new collection and are making their furniture look more unique!

I ended up buying a file cabinet there, which by the way, it’s the most beautiful filing cabinet I had ever seen (if you are in the market for one) It was a cream color with a glossy finish- something you would not find at your normal office supply store for only $99! So needless to say with IKEA’s new transformation and great deals, I shall be keeping up with what’s in store (literally) for them!

Tropical Chic

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I just got back from Costa Rica (which explains my lack of blogging lately!) and it was gorgeous. Far prettier and more fun than anything I could have ever imagined. Aside from the breathtaking mountains, lush greenery, gorgeous flowers, and colorful birds, even the interiors of hotels and restaurants there were cheerful and bright. Our hotel room walls were painted a bold turquoise color! I was in color heaven the whole time…

They even love the “blue and brown” trend just like we do!

I was so inspired by their casual, relaxed, and exotic atmosphere that I couldn’t help going back to my favorite “vacation” inspired rooms that I have gathered from various magazines. Since summer is almost here and it’s finally the weekend, take a look at some of my relaxing and refreshing photos of a few Living spaces that inhabit the tropical chic decorating style!

West Elm room vignette…I love the set up of it- wouldn’t it be nice to take a nap on that sectional!

A Living Area featured in Traditional Home. I love the way they incorporated several different materials and textures in this room. The greenery brings a bit of the outdoors inside and the yellow wallcovering brightens up the room

Pottery Barn catalog- tropical flowers really make this room stand out. It’s like its own little hotel getaway!

Another Pottery Barn ad…fresh and crisp, this blue on white scheme reminds me of the ocean…very soothing colors, I feel like I am at a beach house- wouldn’t that be nice!

This Living Area was featured in Met Home. A bit more exotic, this space can accomodate large groups which is great and also has small wooden stools you can move around for seating versatility. I adore the geometric pillows and the random plant in the middle of the room! Gives it some spunk.

The key to decorating in tropical chic style is not to go overboard. You don’t want to start getting a “jungle theme”. You really want it understated so it’s comfortable and fun to be in… not overwhelming and movie set like!

Here are a few elements to add to your home this summer to give it more of an exotic, relaxing, and tropical atmosphere:

  • Rattan or wicker furniture
  • Wood flooring
  • Natural area rug- seagrass or sisal
  • Mixing lots of texture and pattern is a must!
  • Small stylish “palm trees”/banana plants- they have some adorable and funky ones at Pottery Barn now…beware of 1980’s type silk plants- you want to stay away from that and go for more unique greenery and natural elements
  • Comfort is key- large upholstered furniture in preferably white or off white will give it a fresh, clean, and crisp look
  • Animal prints!!!!
  • A few leather pieces
  • Grasscloth wallcovering
  • Try to stick with these colors- pale yellows, browns, golds, beiges, natural greens that have more yellow in them, soothing blues, whites, and splashes of red, black, and chocolate brown
  • Incorporating some iron like those sconces in the photo above would look great in your new room
  • Wood furniture
  • Lanterns
  • Use leaf motif sparingly but how about a leaf shaped tray? Could do one in metallic so as not to get too tropical looking
  • Bamboo shades for your windows
  • Table setting- they have these great round textured placemats at Crate and Barrel/ C&B Outlet or you could do wooden bowls
  • Large floor vase with bamboo sticks
  • A candle in a glass container with water rocks/stones
  • Wood bowl with real fruit

But if you want more of a beach/nautical look, here are some of my favorite accessories:

  • Faux coral- I can’t say enough about it, I have a piece of it in my Living Room that I bought at Crate and Barrell and it just makes my coffee table.
  • Extra large clam shells- I know we have done a high low feature on this before, but you can find them everywhere these days- they are very in style!
  • Anything dark blue and white
  • Stripes are always nice for this
  • How about putting starfish in a bowl or in a jar?
  • Shells on a stand or in a glass bowl
  • A glass apothecary jar filled with sand…my mom (who inspires me every day!) has been collecting sand from the different beaches she has visisted while on vacation for the past I don’t know how many years- she then puts the sand in different glass jars and labels them where they came from. It makes a really cute display and a great conversation starter about all of your travels!

Personally, I would mix some tropical and natural elements in with some glamorous elements..that’s the best way to know you are not going overboard. If you have a Hollywood Glam scheme, how about throwing in a big pot of natural sticks in the corner? Keep in mind that most schemes you can over do, so you should always have something opposite that will complement it nicely!

X marks the spot!

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Lumine Bed Bench- Thomasville

X can mark the spot in your home!

What X might you ask? The X Bench!

What spot? At the foot of a bed, underneath a console table, or placed around your Living Area for extra seating.

Crosby Stool- WS Home

I can’t get enough of X Benches! There is just so much that you can do with these small pieces. They are gorgeous AND functional. Who wouldn’t love to have a little bit of extra seating? These make sense because they don’t take up too much room…in a room!

X Bench- Ballard Designs

Three reasons I love X Benches- they are…

Xtra-ordinary, X-tremely chic, and not very X-pensive!

This X Bench was designed by Johnathon Adler and is a little more on the pricey side- $700 per bench

Below are some different ways you can design your room with X Benches…

I love this little girl’s room featured in the Pottery Barn catalog. These white wooden benches look so cute at the end of the bed

This room from House Beautiful magazine shows an X-Bench upholstered in a fun zebra fabric. The purpose of this bench is to provide extra seating in the Living Area

This house from Traditional Home is actually located in Highland Park, in Dallas. Designed by Mary Anne Smiley, these gorgeous iron X-Benches provide some glamour and also functionality for this chic budoir. With the bedding and rug being so light, these darker neutral upholstered benches help to anchor the space- their color matches perfectly with the headboard

Another Traditional Home photo, this bedroom vignette features the “Alexandre” stool by Jacques Garcia. Notice how one of my favorite books- The House in Good Taste by Elsie de Wolfe sits on the bench! I love how this piece of furniture serves as a tray/nighstand for this bed. What a great “table” to put random items on such as books, reading glasses, and mugs so they can be easily reached. A little more curvy than the normal x bench, this stool also has fab nailhead trim!

These benches look very similar to the Ballard Design ones (except these are a lot more expensive!) Designed by Jonathon Adler, these leather benches look tres chic in this entry way while also providing extra seating. This is probably my favorite use of the X Bench- under a console table. Can almost use this set up as a little desk area too!

You can barely see these benches because of the copy that is placed over it, but I had to feature this oh so fabulous room. Featured in this month’s Domino magazine, these mod black and white benches gather around the atypical high pedestal table (replacing the normally low coffee table). The table is a little high for the sofa but it’s at a perfect height for the X Bench!