Lighten up!

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Lately I have had this crazy fascination with lanterns- any size, shape, color, material- I am addicted! They all look so different from each other. Maybe it’s the arrival of summer that’s got me but I think I love them most when they are unexpectedly used inside as opposed to outdoors. The Living Room above featured in House Beautiful a few months ago had a crisp white lantern set on its ottoman. The lantern adds height to the ottoman/coffee table and makes the perfect candle holder.

Some of my favorite retail lanterns this season…

This cute one from Anthropologie has a more girly feel to it with the small floral detailing but its clean lines and unique appearance makes it a lantern that anyone could appreciate

Wow- lanterns with pizzazz! These sleek pieces are made of polished nickel and are from Restoration Hardware. Currently on sale!

The Casablanca Lanterns from Room Service Home retail at $145. These Moroccan inspired beauties would look great indoors OR outdoors. Putting them together in a pair of varying sizes would make them even more irresistable than they already are (if that’s even possible!)

Who can refuse a bargain? These lanterns are sold at IKEA for only $9.99 each! They might as well be giving them away! I am sold on the orange one

These candle lanterns from WS Home are very eye catching- rustic yet modern with clean lines… you can carry OR hang these beauties for two very distinct looks!

And who could forget Z Gallerie? If there’s a trend, don’t worry, Z Gallerie (and/or Pottery Barn) will be taking note of it! This bamboo lantern is said to “scatter brilliant constellations throughout your favorite room in the house”. But why does this one still kind of remind me of a birdcage?

Next up- Pottery Barn! These $39 colorful and cheery lanterns go perfectly with PB’s other bright decor this season. I can see these at an outdoor barbeque or another festive occasion- how about Fourth of July? They just need to add a white one to the mix and we’d be set!

These West Elm perforated lanterns can hang or stand. Only coming in white, these lanterns would look great against a colorful backdrop.

We’ve been tagged!

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(My mom and I- my favorite design mentor!)

We’ve been tagged by Carolina of Carolina Eclectic– be sure to check her blog out. She has great eye candy over there! Thanks again Carolina!

What I was doing 10 years ago…

Well, I was finishing up my Freshman year of High School at Ursuline Academy in Dallas…looking forward to September of Sophomore year when I would get my nice shiny maroon 1985 Volvo for my 16th birthday (my grandma’s old car). Trust me, it was the highlight of my highschool career. Aside from school, I was into my art classes at Ursuline, rearranging my room (which led to a love for decorating), writing plays for fun, and trying to survive Freshman Spanish class…did a lot of good when I went to Costa Rica last month and did not know a word of Spanish. So much for that private school education!

Five Things on My To-Do-List (in no particular order)

1. Update my Quickbooks (which I am dreading!)

2. Find gold sconces for my Dining Room and a pair for my bedroom

3. Finish reading my design magazines for the month (as well as my weekly People Magazine)

4. Plan road trips to Austin, Houston, and Norman

5. Research how to become a Certified Home Stager

Snacks I Enjoy

Just like Lauren, I love salt…it’s an unhealthy obsession where I end up going to Chuy’s for the sole purpose of getting salt with a side of chips and their jalapeno ranch dip. I also love chocolate chip cookies…I am a regular at Tiff’s Treats downtown where you can get freshly baked cookies until 11 pm! My boyfriend and I often come back with 18 or so that last a mere few days.

Things I would do if I were a Billionaire
I have never been as much of a clothes person as I am a house person. I would have to say that I’d put a good amount in decorating my house (or houses) for that matter. I would also love to open a quaint store like Sample House or Again and Again and sell all of my favorite finds! Of course I would give money towards causes/organizations that I am passionate about. I would love to support Big Brothers/Big Sisters in any way that I could (been a member for a couple years now) and think it’s a great way to get involved with the community. Also, I would go abroad (which I have never done before) and stay in Italy for as long as I could- not to mention, buy a house on Lake Como just like George Clooney!

Places I have Lived…

Norman, OK and Dallas, TX

Person I want to know more about…

Sorry I have to pick two- Decorno (because I am often laughing out loud when I read her blog!) and The Peak of Chic (because she has great style and I can’t get enough of her posts!)

Newborn Catalog

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I don’t know about you all but I love Pottery Barn Kids…their catalog really inspires me. So you can imagine my excitement when I hear that Restoration Hardware will launch their first ever “Baby and Child” collection this summer. Click here to request their new children’s catalog- I just did!

Stylish Stamps

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It was love at first site when I learned about Eames furniture in college through the book, 1000 Chairs. Charles and Ray Eames are still making waves even fifty years later…though this time it’s not in the home, but rather on your outgoing mail! Sixteen (42 cent) stamps are being released June 17th honoring the Eames’ outstanding career in furniture design. You can bet I will be sending out my bills with little Eames’ plywood lounge chairs on them!

Posh Patio

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These patio chairs were featured in O at Home this month… I am crazy for all of them but especially the last orange and pink chair (see previous post!)- it’s too cute to put outside! You can buy it at Veneman for $599