Would you stay here?

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The world’s first “sand hotel” is now officially open! Located on Weymouth Beach in England, this hotel has only two rooms complete with tons and tons of sand. Mark Anderson created this beachfront hotel- you can stay here for a whopping $21 a night!

I’m not too much of a travel snob, but I do say that this bed looks very uncomfortable and I’m not sure how I would feel about waking up with a pile of sand in my hair.

It would be interesting to see if people actually stay here or if it’s just a tourist attraction!

Positive Space is a showroom here in Dallas with stylish, unique, eye catching furniture that definitely got our attention! Having only been open seven months, Positive Space is already making waves on the design front (they’ve been featured on the cover of F!D Luxe magazine and in various retail stores)

Some of the design lines they sell are SixInch, Extremis, Emeco, Tidelli, pegRAIL, Shine, and David Roos wallpaper…

We love these dramatic Six Inch chairs- suitable for indoors OR outdoors. Also perfect for an impressive window display or a photo shoot! Customize these pieces by choosing any color from the Pantone or RAL color charts.

I must say that one of the added “plus’s” of Positive Space is that they are the only distributor of Six Inch in the US….and they are right down the street from me!

Be sure to visit the Positive Space showroom at 1729 Irving Blvd. #101 on your next visit to D town…you won’t be disappointed!

Even celebs like to read!

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Which celeb library is this?

I’ll give you a hint…it’s her California home- books on her shelves include first edition biographies of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, Collected Poems by Robert Frost, Edith Wharton’s the Age of Innocence, and The Deep End of the Ocean.

Apparently she even likes greek key too! (judging from her fireplace)

Smart cookie!

Typography Trend

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Typography seems to be the new trend…

Four printed words on Jessica’s t shirt caused quite a stir and sent a nice little message to Carrie Underwood…don’t you just love typography in fashion!

Though some messages….aren’t so true

and others won’t stop complaining…..

All we have to say is that we hope typography in Interiors isn’t this dramatic!

We are proud to announce that the home is finally getting a voice of its own this fall….sending quirky messages, symbols, numbers, and just plain gibberish to its residents

This Graffiti pillow from CB2 bears a sweet message- also comes in a black “SAVE” print

I love this kitchen that was featured in Domino a while back…a simple #16 piece of art gives this kitchen a graphic punch

Can’t really make out what this one is trying to say- but I do know it’s from Maharam!

This photo came from Elle Decor- it’s Nate Berkus’ revamped apartment..(by the way, be sure to check out Carolina Eclectic’s fabulous post on his home!) You can barely see it, but his art in the far corner repeats “God Bless America” over and over

Some more “number art” from a room that was published in Domino. Are those the resident’s favorite numbers? Was he born in 1980? Is he 80 years old? Was that the score of his last tennis match? What’s the significance of 80 I can’t help but wonder!

Cute little magnets on sale at PB Teen. You can spell out whatever you like with these cuties- or even labeling what’s in the storage bin with the magnets would help keep me organized, that’s for sure!

Don’t quote me on this, because you know how quickly my taste changes…but I don’t think in my entire life I would ever spend $400 just to put the alphabet on my wall (from Z Gallerie). I think I’ve got the alphabet down by now! Hopefully it’s meant for a kid’s room- would be cute in there!

This graphic double hook from Urban Outfitters is a cute play on words- only $18

Another CB2 find– a poetry RUG! Can you believe it? Very unique abstract floor script- black and ivory- comes in two different sizes

And if you just want plain letters…both Anthropologie and Ballard Designs have great inexpensive letters you can buy individually and spell out your own words!

This new pillow at West Elm is called the Selvedge letter pillow- comes in two different colorways

Or what if you just want a plain monogram? Classic and simple- identifying who lives in the home. I think monograms are timeless. Check out these adhesive ones from Pottery Barn

West elm Country Code pillow

And last but not least, yet another West Elm typography piece- they obviously are in the know! This Brooklyn art insert is my favorite from this bunch- $19- frame sold separately

What message will you put in your home this fall?

I love to mix high/low in my own home (but at the age of 26, there isn’t too much room for the “high” if you know what I mean). I get so excited when I find something unexpected at a lower end store that looks pretty close to something three times its price that I have had my eye on for a while.

And if you are anything like me, you’ll understand my need for bargain shopping- the pieces in my home are welcome to stay for about 6 months until I get sick of them and sell them off on Craigs List (and it’s quite possible that if you have ever bought anything off Craig’s List, I probably sold it to you) so needless to say, I don’t like to spend a ton of money on home pieces that are “trendy”.

Thought I’d share with you two of my recent bargains…

Exhibit “A”- this medium size Ballard Designs mirror is $199…it was the mirror I thought I wanted for over my bed…

As fate would have it one day, it brought me to Marshalls (the good Marshalls)- I’m sure all of you have one good Marshalls in your town/city…THE Marshalls- the nicer, newer one that you usually have more luck at.

I saw this tiny little mirror and I swear it looks exactly like the Ballard one but smaller so I bought it and found a perfect spot for it…and you want to know how much it set me back? A whopping $19.99! In my entire life I have never seen anything at Marshalls that looked that classy and trendy for $19.

Exhibit “B”- I love the Pottery Barn brass “architect’s table lamp” for $149. I must admit, in addition to the style, I’m drawn to this lamp because of the name- with an architect’s table lamp on my desk, I would now be “official”. I could design great things under that lamp (so I thought)- purely because it was an “architect lamp”. Then as fate would have it again…it brought me to Home Goods where I stop in from time to time (located in Irving)…it is TJ Maxx’s “sister” (if you want to get technical)

I found this brass lamp very similar to the PB lamp….ok I still like the style of the PB lamp better but is there really that much of a difference? I didn’t notice too much of a distinction, but my bank account did! A whole $110 worth a difference! (note: Home Goods lamp is a little more gold/cuter in person)

So this just goes to show you, that if you hold out, you just might have that “bargain story” to tell your friends and not to mention, $290 extra in your pocket for some new fall clothes!


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Does anyone know where my beloved Brocade Home went? Their website has been out of commission for a while now…can anyone explain this unsolved mystery?

Black walls- a do or a don’t?

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I think dark walls are gorgeous….as we’ve discussed before in our post, “Dark and Daring”. But what are your thoughts on black painted walls? Would you ever do it in your own home?

In this month’s Met Home issue they had a whole section on “paint tricks”. Josette Buisson said “I know a decorator whose kitchen is coated entirely in black, and when you walk in, the ceiling seems to go on forever.” Sarah Cole claimed to “paint the inside of shelving a dark color to set off dishes, glassware, or books” and their shelf example was shown using Farrow and Ball’s Off Black.

What are your thoughts on black paint? How would you use it? What kind of room would you paint black?

Studio Annetta featured this black room from House and Garden on her post, Tall Dark and Handsome

Apartment Therapy also featured a black painted room in their post Randolph Duke’s Hollywood Home from British Elle Decoration

Modern Living!

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I stumbled upon Velocity the other day and I end up perusing their website for hours! Their imaginative and original home decor, furniture, gifts, and accessories would definitely make a lasting impression on a home…and we aren’t kidding…some of their products include a monkey ashtray, a white antler coat rack, a hand hook for purses, a miniature lips sofa, a penguin pillow, a wooden radio, and so on and so on. It reminded me a little bit of a more refined CB2- still modern and quirky but pricier

I love this Thomas Paul picture frame. Even though you are probably supposed to replace the silouette with a real picture, I like the silouette! Only $15

They have tons and tons of nature inspired wrapped canvas’s. What I love about these is that you can get them in any size ranging from 16″x16″ to 60″x34″. What I hate about most pieces of art is that they come in “one size fits all..homes?” Don’t think so! You will find that perfect piece in just the right color that complements your Living area perfectly but it’s a teensy 20″x20″. Don’t you just hate that?

Orange seems to be my new favorite color! And this bright lamp works it perfectly

This is the George Nelson Tripod Desk Clock– was the very first desktop clock that he designed from the 1950’s-was reissued by Vitra but produced to the same specifications of his original – $335

Pink sofa!

This coffee table comes in robin’s egg blue, watermelon, dark olive, and ivory…it’s a favorite of those who work for Velocity- $449

This table makes me laugh…see what I mean when I said “original”?

This pillow is by Maharam- I knew I recognized that fabric!

This color combination is yummy…the “Inhabit Coral in Aqua” pillow

Thomas Paul Dervish in Kiwi pillow– pattern reverses to opposite color on back.

I love when I discover fun new places to shop. When I’m in the mood for a little modern, I’ll definitely be back to Velocity!

2008 Fall Color List

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I can feel it- fall is finally in the air…no longer 105 degrees here in Texas, the weather has come down to a chilly 85 and I can finally start getting excited about a new fall color palette in decor.

Dictated by fashion trends and New York’s Fashion Week, Pantone has predicted that fall “is defined by rich, elegant hues that offer a vibrant selection. New York’s fashion designers emphasize cooler blues, greens and purples in the top five tones used in their collections, followed by variations of warm red, orange and yellow.” Verrry interesting…

These are the colors Pantone predicts will be HUGE this fall

But it seems these rooms are already way ahead of the game!

This golden yellow is sure to cheer up any space

This bold red can spice up even the most serene of spaces- notice how they used this deep shade in the bedroom and then paired it with softer colors like green and pink to tone it down..

Just the name of this blue puts visions in my head of a deep night sky…I love how they used an abundance of the Twilight Blue in this Living Room along with metallics- almost gives it an outerspace feel

This house has not one but TWO hot shades for fall- Caribbean Blue and Shady Glade…these back to back rooms give this house some spunk!

When I see Withered Rose, I immediately think of antiques or a room in my grandma’s house..I think that’s because of it’s apparent delicate quality…it’s a very quiet and understated pink..you can’t put this hue just about anywhere. I think it would look gorgeous in a dainty room such as a bedroom, powder room, or dressing area for someone who wants a little bit of romance and that discreet feminine look.

We see tiny bits and pieces of the Royal Lilac shade in this bathroom. And what do you know? It’s paired with a color that looks strikingly similar to Pantone’s Caribbean Sea! These two colors are a knockout together!

This mushroom- like color is a mix of brown, gray, and even a tad bit of green…it’s kind of that strange color that you aren’t sure what it is exactly and it would probably be a little harder to match with other things than say, the normal chocolate brown or silver gray that we are all used to.

Blue Iris- Pantone’s “Color of the Year”- of course it had to make the fall list!

If you haven’t ever google searched “burnt orange rooms”, well…don’t…it’s pretty much impossible to find a room that so precisely matches Pantone’s idea of burnt orange…I could have showed you a UT dorm room, but I thought I’d try for something a little prettier. I am liking the orange in the Met Home photo but don’t know how I feel about Pantone’s burnt orange on walls…especially for me, a Sooner, painting my room burnt orange? That might shock some people…what are your thoughts? Will you be rocking the burnt orange in your home this fall?

Style…and Grace!

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There is just something about a Grace Home Furnishings ad that makes me smile….here is their latest one that I ripped out of the new House Beautiful…as I googled more Grace ads, I stumble upon a fantastic post that Alkemie already did back in March on the Grace advertisements…you always have to be so on top of things Karen Olivia! 🙂

I couldn’t agree more with her..their advertisements make flipping through a million other ads (like JC Penney) bearable!

You don’t see many furniture ads that have dogs wearing pearls either!