I am loving the latest collaboration between Met Home and Showtime…(yes the home magazine and the tv channel teamed up to create “Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House”). What could be better than a mix of TV and design? My two forms of entertainment!

Renowned designers Jamie Drake, Laura Kirar, Vicente Wolf, Amy Lau, White Webb, Tori Golub, Johnny Grey, Luca Andrisani, Enea, Kirsten Brant and Jim Zivic have re-designed a Gramercy Park townhouse into a lavish abode of modernism, enthused by the hit tv series- Californication, Dexter, The Tudors, Weeds, The L Word, and United States of Tara. Love all those shows! I can only imagine what the insides of this home looks like.

The good news is that you get to see it too! Showtime filmed a half hour special around the making of this house. If you have Showtime, you can get it On Demand or on bonus features on Showtime series DVDs. But it gets even better…if you live in New York, you can stop by and actually take a tour of the home! $25 admits you anytime 11-4 pm starting on Sept 13th. More details on http://www.sho.com/

Here is a sneak peek!

Jamie Drake’s “Californication” Design Board

“Hank’s Study” rendering – Californication

Laura Kirar’s “The Tudors” design board

“The Tudor’s” Living Room Rendering

Vincente Wolf’s- “The L Word” Design Board

“Weeds” Living Room Rendering

I was so inspired by Met Home’s tv inspired home and Coco Kelly’s recent reader contest (don’t forget- her submissions are due Aug 18th!) that I think it would be fun for our readers to get a chance to design their OWN room based on one of their favorite tv characters! Could be a new or old show but the winner is the one whose room captures the tv character’s personality the best!

For example…
It could be a vacation home for Charlie on Lost (god knows that boy needs a vacation after what he’s been through). It could be a quaint and simple apartment for Pam on The Office, a glam place to party for Audrina and Lauren on The Hills, a renovation of Living Lohan’s Long Island house (someone please- I beg of you, they desperately need it!), a real house for McDreamy (he needs to get out of his trailer), or even Carrie and Big’s apartment that we never got to see completed after the movie ended!

After we get all the submissions via email by November 1st, we will announce a winner on November 15th!

Only rules are- it should be a pretty well known tv show and you must include a pair of Swank Lighting lamps in your design board.

Please make a virtual or real scanned in collage of any type of room you choose- feel free to go crazy with fabric samples, furniture/ lighting pics, paint colors, cut outs from magazines- you name it! (and hey if you are a good artist, feel free to include a drawing!) A small description describing your tv character’s room and why you chose the decor you did, would be much appreciated- send to Emily@ejinteriors.net

**The winner will receive a pair of lamps (valued at more than $2,000) from Swank Lighting!**

We are excited to see what you come up with!

10% Off

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I have never heard of Z Gallerie doing coupons before so I thought I’d pass this link along….

10 percent off any purchase at Z Gallerie- just print the coupon!

We all have that piece in our home we love and can’t imagine not seeing every day. Whether it was a huge bargain, an antique passed down from generation to generation, or simply because it’s something that fits our exact style and color preference (whatever the reason) everyone has that one fabulous piece!

We asked our readers to share with us a piece in their home that means a lot to them…it was definitely fun for us to hear the history on these pieces and not to mention, get a peek into their homes! Thanks you guys!

Thought we’d begin our post with the largest sized piece- wow, what an amazing statement in an entry hall!

This is from Julia, a designer in Chicago…

“When we were dropping off our daughter for college in L.A. I ran across the most fascinating thing that I had ever seen. “Washington” is a zinc architectural fragment from a building façade in NYS. He formally resided on Washington Street, thus the name. He has 3 identical brothers- two ofwhich live at a winery in Napa Valley. He looks like he weighs a ton but he actually only weighs about 70 pounds. We had just purchased this home and since we now have 12 foot ceilings he is perfectly, gracing our entry hall. We even decorate him for the holidays!”

Julia Edelmann

Buckingham Interiors + Design

“My favorite piece in my house is my custom painted fleur de lis that I have on my kitchen bar top. It is 32 inches tall and is a nice statement piece.”

Leah, Savannah, Tx

Well I’ve already shared my $89 end table I scored at the Room Service Home outlet, but on it sits two objects that always strike up interesting conversation. You see most “normal” people (not the design obsessed) have NO clue what these reproduction Chinese Calligraphy brushes could be. They have been guessed as everything from makeup brushes (um, eww) to, “is that what you used to paint the canvas above your t.v.?” I purchased the larger one first because I fell in love with the handle, and my Mother-in-Law (former boss- she understands these things) surprised me with the smaller one during one visit. Oh, and my dog likes them too (that is why they reside on the fairly tall end table).

Lauren – Material Girls

“I’ve been working on redecorating my living room and I came across this mid century, white chair and ottoman (in immaculate condition) at a vintage/antique store in my East Nashville neighborhood. I like to think that it belonged to some little old lady who kept it in her pristine living room. Oh and it was $175.00 for both pieces! Definitely a great find for me!”

Lucy Shine, Nashville


“The attached pic is one of my favorite pieces. It is a reproduction oval marquetry tray with brass handles. The inlaid pattern is a classic urn design. I paid about $50 for it on eBay. I’ve seen the real thing for hundreds of dollars, so I was happy.”

TN MIMI, Tennessee

“My girlfriends threw my bachelorette party in Dallas and they asked me what I wanted to do during the day and I said “scrap the spa day and let me go to the Horchow outlet!!” I found the screen in the scratch and dent room (why? I don’t know) marked from $1300 to $89. We had no room in the car after hauling all my purchases back to Houston. I got a lot of ‘you’re crazy’ from my girlfriends and then once it went up in our new house, they tried to steal it.”

Katherine, Houston

“Here’s my favorite piece, an old pine hutch with a history. My husband inherited it as a white elephant from his parents because his 3 sisters didn’t want it. Most likely because it was stained very dark- almost ebony, and had glass doors, a real clunker. 15 years ago, I stripped, bleached, and painted it, leaving several areas natural. It inspired all the finishes in our new kitchen. Now, a homeowner has chosen it as an inspiration piece for his kitchen makeover on HGTV’s Rate My Space (aired last week) and so that’s added even more to its history! If you’re curious and would like to see the “before” photo, it’s on my blog at http://www.ratemyfavoritespaces.com/2008/07/how-i-remodeled-old-pine-hutch.html

Mary Kay, Florida

“My secretary is my favorite piece because it was my mother’s. It’s not so much that it’s such a valuable antique but more that it was in my house growing up and it was given to my mother by her mother. It’s a 1940’s piece and I love the tiger eye maple and secret compartments it has inside!”
Kathryn, Dallas

“My favorite piece is my coffee table, the most used & favored piece of furniture in my house. It is a Baker swivel-top coffee table from the 1940s or 50s, I’m guessing.

The 4 main reasons I love it:
a) It cost $75 on eBay
b) The entire top swivels like a big lazy-susan which is SO convienient
c) It has brass goddess faces on the legs, these sort of caryatid faces
d) It is very useful as well as cool-looking

My 4 year-old eats his breakfast on it every morning (his little Batman chair fits under it perfectly), he plays with his action figures on it, we play cards on it, we rest our feet on it…just LOVE this table. One day I will have it refinished but for now I clean it with Orange Glo
once a week & it looks pretty good for all the use & abuse it gets.”

Lisa K.Netcong, NJ

“I got it at an estate sale and it was marked $500 and i got it for about $75!”

Lindsey, Dallas

Aside from my glass artichoke, I have another favorite piece in my home…it’s this crystal chandelier…my mom was about to throw it out- it was an old brass and crystal chandelie
r…I knew all it needed was a little spray paint! So I doctored it up with some cream paint, cleaned all the crystals (because it had been sitting in a garage for quite some time) and tah dah- it looked like a completely new lighting fixture! I love this chandelier because in a few years after I get sick of it (and knowing that it was free), I can refinish it and give it a whole new look!

Emily, Material Girls

“My favorite piece is a solid marble mortar with 2 wooden pestles. It is so heavy that when I want to move it both my husband and son have to carry it. It was first used by my grandmother in the early 1900’s. She used it to grind meat. Can you imagine what they went through just for hamburgers? LOL. It now sits on my dining room buffet and is often the topic of dinner conversation! It measures 12 inches high and 18 inches across. I simply love it! It’s very sculptural.”

Dianne, North Carolina

Street of the week

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It was just another Texas summer’s day with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees. It was almost unbearable to leave the house; but in the end, I was glad I endured the heat because I ended up finding myself on another East Dallas/Lakewood adventure.

Driving around “running errands”/spying on houses with my mom is one of our absolute favorite things to do. We love winding our way in and out of neighborhoods (oftentimes getting lost) exploring the most beautiful houses in Dallas and wishing we were its residents.

Today we decided to visit her “all time favorite street in Dallas”- Tokalon. Back when we were growing up, my sister’s best friend lived on Tokalon and that is how she became familiar with the area. I faintly remember visiting that house a few times growing up with my sister but wouldn’t have been able to point it out on a map if I tried. Whenever streets come up, my mom often references Tokalon as her absolute favorite. Today I finally agreed to go explore this street and see if it really deserves all of the accolades that my mom gives it.

Once we finally found it with the help of our trusty Garmin, I was absolutely certain within a minute of arriving that Tokalon was my new favorite street as well.

The magnificent houses in this neighborhood sit perched high upon green grassy hills and surrounded by large mature trees. The street is often called “the most beautiful street in Dallas” and now I know why! Tokalon did not disappoint at all…the photos just don’t do this neighborhood justice. Driving down the street, I got the feeling that I was somewhere else- far away from the hustle and bustle of busy Dallas.

If these houses ever go down two or three million in price, I just might be able to afford one!

This house is actually for sale currently…and why might I ask, would someone ever want to leave this beauty? In case you are interested in purchasing (I would be very jealous if you were) here is the information:

Status- Active Listing

Type-Resale -Single Family Detached


Location -6858 Tokalon,Dallas , TX 75214



Half Baths-2

Sq.Ft- 6,876

Here are the interior photos of this Tokalon house:

Breakfast area overlooks the heated pool and spacious backyard

Kitchen has Corian countertops and Sub Zero appliances

Rich hardwood flooring and elaborate mouldings makes this house look elegant and tasteful.

A coffered ceiling defines this ballroom and makes it look even more exquisite. The house’s listing says that its beauty is unmatched and it has to be seen in person to really be appreciated!

Another view of this house…now you can see why Tokalon is such a valued street- the position of the houses are very uncharacteristic of those in Dallas.

More Tokalon charmers…

This was my favorite…from far away the entry door looked teeny tiny…I kept wondering if a normal sized person could enter through it!

As you can tell, I am a sucker for cute, cottage style homes.

I loved this one also- the owners put two large pots elevated on either side of the house…the balcony above with the little bistro table and chairs is so adorable!

Nearby, another great street is Lakewood boulevard…

Look at all that gorgeous greenery

Mom, you can take me by Tokalon any day!

Anthropologie’s Furniture Jewelry

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Anthropologie has some of the cutest pieces of hardware out there. I know, you can go to Home Depot and spend about a 1/5th of the price on your hardware but for that special piece of furniture why not go the extra mile? These knobs would look adorable in a girl’s bedroom on a chest or a nightstand…they also have door knobs, finials, hook racks, door stoppers, light switch covers- the list goes on and on! Why not dress up your home a bit with some “furniture jewelry” as I like to call them..

Soda Fountain Hooks- $24

Medaglione Knob- $12

Portugal Knob- $8

Zinnia Knob, $6

Sea Blossom Knob, $10

Rosetta Knob, $12

Inlaid Pearl Knob, $14

Nouveau Knob, $8

Apparently Horchow has a brand new flash website-nice and organized so you can navigate through all their gorgeous furniture…AND they have all their new arrivals on there!

Had to post these Horchow pet dishes- this picture is just soo cute!

We want more Lepore

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Does this look familiar to you? Maybe you saw it at Z Gallerie for $799. It’s called the Crystal Ship Chandelier…or you might have seen one identical to it gracing the pages of Elle Decor this month in the article on Nanette Lepore’s home! Are these ship chandeliers the new thing? Did I not get the memo?

One thing is for certain, Nanette’s home is colorful, fun, and downright funky. We like those who aren’t afraid of color and will go out on a limb and do something out of the ordinary. You can even see her fearlessness in the clothes she designs…flirty, bold colored, and feminine, Nanette’s fashions are nothing short of runway-worthy which is why I did not expect anythign less from her home…she has great taste and with a little help from designer Jonathon Adler, she had all the tools she needed for a stunning home!

Nanette seems to gravitate towards bright colors- whether warm or cool, each room has its own little personality that comes alive through intense colored drapes, paint, wallcovering, fabrics, cabinets, and even artwork!

Aww- her cute little daughter sits on the custom made daybed…the colors look a little bit like something Nanette would wear herself!

Or create for someone else…

What about this fun and colorful master bedroom? She really knows how to make random hues all come together quite nicely…a vintage mirrored headboard adds some girly glitz to the room

This is her MASTER BEDROOM?! I would have taken this area for her formal living room! I adore the vintage loveseat (upholstered in a Scalamandre fabric) and the vintage sconces are pretty eye catching also. I think I would be content just taking over her Master Bedroom and living within that one room forever!

The green in the master looks a bit like one of her clothing designs, does it not?

Of course Nanette has to have the perfect dressing area for all those clothes!

And what gorgeous dressing room is complete without a toy poodle named Bunny?!

The Chinese Art Deco rug is by ABC Carpet and Home…and her mirrored chest was designed by Raymond Lepore- is this her brother? Anyone know?

On to the kitchen! Red cabinets…oh my! Only the boldest of the bold can pull this one off in my opinion…was the little red dress below on her mind when she designed her kitchen?

Her house just isn’t complete without a girly Dining Room. I would LOVE to have a wall of portraits some day. Mindy Weiss did it and so did Nanette. It would be a fun way to keep up a collection over years and years (which is something I don’t normally do) because I am way too impatient! It’s funny that the girls in the portraits bear a striking resemblance to her runway models!

Ahh the Living Area (excuse me, “parlor”) of her Manhattan townhome…Adler designed her coffee table and her sofa was upholstered in Designer’s Guild fabric. I’m sure you recognized the Knoll chairs! Lepore designed the rug.

This soft yellow shade looks familiar!

To counteract the soft yellow drapes, Lepore/Adler chose to use dark velvet furniture to ground the space…colors like the ones from the dress above were pulled in to the parlor area to darken it up.

Nanette puts my house to shame! I am now questioning myself and whether I have put enough color in my decor, if I have experimented enough with each room, and if I have let loose enough in my own home’s design! I wanted a softer more relaxing palette but hey, Nanette’s house is looking pretty good right about now!

Make her be a lesson to all of us that the sky is the limit and don’t be afraid to use lots of color! You only live once…

I stumbled upon an article in The Dallas Morning News which featured designer and entrepeneur Lisa Luby Ryan, owner of Vintage Living, in Dallas. The article focused on how gray was the “it color” of the moment and a photograph showed Lisa’s shop in Snider Plaza having just gotten a new shipment in from Europe that was enveloped in soft grays and creams.

Her shop has tons of gorgeous goodies and antiques handpicked by Lisa herself on her various trips to Europe throughout the year. Her website describes Vintage Living as taking a “calm, cool and collected approach to design. She prefers a fresh, clean minimal look with a touch of chic…glamorous with a modern flair…” I couldn’t have described it better myself…

She really does have simply stunning accessories and furniture to die for

This mirror is by far my favorite in Lisa’s showroom

Soft serene bedroom vignette

Her store reminds me a little of Stacy Hyde (one we have featured before)

Previously featured in Traditional Home as well as British Country Homes and Interiors magazine, Lisa started her first shop in 2002, called At Home with a Past. She has been named D Home’s Best Designer from 2004-2008.

Lisa’s shop is located at 6701 Snider Plaza if you are interested in seeing all of these striking antiques in person!