Last Minute Contest Update!

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One thing we forgot to let you all know about the MG/Swank Lighting contest, is the time it ends! 11:59 pm on Saturday night! (Thank you Lana!)

“Sweetish” Seating For Tots!

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We just got a sneek peek at some of the new November catalog for Wisteria and we adore the new Swedish Style Children Seating- bench and chair.

This furniture has a distressed finish and cotton/linen ticking stripe upholstery.

What a sophisticated and sweet little arrangement for your tot!

Tis the season for contests!

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Wanted to let you all know about 2 great contests that I have learned about recently…

One is a contest over at The Galiway blog where you can win your favorite boxed holiday greeting cards. All you have to do is post a comment on their blog post stating which of the Galison greeting cards is your favorite- easy as that! Contest ends November 13th!
My favorite are the vintage “Dear Santa” cards…so adorable!

Another contest that comes a little earlier this year is the one hosted by Blogging Top Design. You all are invited to design a room around one of these fantastic crystal chandeliers from Swarovski’s Crystal Palace collection – just like the designers did on the show!

And…the celebrity judge will be…(wait for it)…..Margaret Russell herself from Top Design and Editor of Elle Decor! The contest starts immediately and all entries are due by Friday, November 7th. More info on it here!

With all these contests on the horizon- what is a girl to do? Participate of course! We love these!

Deals and Steals!

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Today I decided to take a visit to the new Horchow Finale on Inwood/Lovers in Dallas…didn’t expect to find anything and certainly not buy anything…are you crazy? In this economy? I am trying to be more frugal these days about where my money goes…(unless of course “a deal of the century” type thing comes up and then that previous statement is definitely negotiable)

^Mirror before hanging

While perusing through the mirror department, I stopped upon one that I absolutely loved and one that would be perfect for my dining area…it was marked down from $300 to $175! Wow what a deal I thought…I confirm this with the sales lady…no, it is not $175 marked down…that was the first markdown- it was now $30! I kid you not. Deal.of.the.century.

I had to get it? I can sell my old one on Craigs List?! Luckily, I had my mother with me (who is probably the worst influence ever and tells me to buy everything) and she confirmed that it was in fact the deal of the century. Mother knows best, right?

So glad she “convinced me” because the mirror is really gorgeous in person….although incredibly heavy.

Anyways, just wanted to give you all a heads up on their sale…you have to dig around to find stuff (and my mirror had a tiny crack at the bottom left) but for the most part, I was astounded at how low they dropped their prices….sale ends November 3rd and is only at the Inwood/Lovers store- go take a peek! You might just find your deal of the century.

Some other mirrors still available (as of earlier today)

The three above were all 75% off apparently (which I want to say made the first mirror around $40 and the second mirror was around $100) not so sure about the third..

I loved this venetian one also but it wasn’t marked down- just at regular outlet price!

And the countdown begins…

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Only five days left until the Material Girls/Swank Lighting Contest is over!

If you haven’t heard about the contest yet, you can win a pair of $2,000 lamps from Swank in three easy steps!

1- Pick one of these gorgeous lamps from Swank’s website

2- Pick a favorite tv character (from an old OR new show)

**Create a glamorous and fancy abode for Ginger on Gilligan’s Island…**

**Help Brandon move out of his parents house and get him an apartment of his own!**

**Design a house just for Johnny Drama- eliminating any Entourage!**

3- Create a design board for your favorite tv character based on his/her personality and lifestyle including the pair of Swank lamps you chose!

Lauren’s Board- she designed a new apartment for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

You can submit a virtual or scanned in design board of any type of room you choose- feel free to go crazy with fabric samples, furniture/ lighting pics, paint colors, cut outs from magazines- you name it! (and hey if you are a good artist, feel free to include a drawing!) A small description describing your tv character’s room and why you chose the decor you did, would be much appreciated-send all boards and descriptions to

1st, 2nd, and third prizes/Swank lamps will be given out to the winners! Good Luck!

Thanks so much for participating!!

Who would have thought that the intersection of two streets in New York would be the inspiration for the name of one of the most well known internet outlets for designers and collectors alike?

I recently came across Bond and Bowery, an online collection of high quality antiques, fine art, and design. Basically, modern meets vintage at this “virtual showroom”.

One of the best parts about their site is how organized it is- you can search for furniture/art/accessories by categories- such as most viewed, makers/artists, styles/periods. It makes it a lot easier to find what you are looking for!

The renowned and classic “womb chair”…I am loving it in the light blue hue. This month Domino showed the womb chair in the nursery of one of its staff members.

Brass Bedside Chest…simply gorgeous

Lovely neutral club chairs and slipper chairs are just some of the great finds you will discover at B&B

We even came across a pair of positively perfect pink lighting from none other than our friends at Swank!

More modern jewels like this Tulip table by Saarinen..hey, the knockoff at IKEA never looked this good!

Industrial lighting- loving these simple but stylish pendants

Take advantage of this wonderful site and be sure to become a dealer or a registered user! It’s a great resource for you designers out there or antique collectors. So many great pieces, so little time!

Living La “Vida” Eva

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Every time I see pictures of Eva Mendes at a red carpet event she looks absolutely exquisite…so upon hearing that she had launched a new home decor line, “Vida” at Macy’s in September, I quickly got onto the Macy’s website to see what Eva the diva had produced…let me just say I was less than thrilled and expected something with a lot more style and excitement. I guess it’s safe to say that she isn’t going to the be the next Martha Stewart.

I also think they could have staged the above picture to look more appealing- a more modern headboard would have been nice, a colorful accent wall behind the bed would have added some excitement….that mirror, that screen, oy.

“Vida is about easy luxury — the colors, fabrics and textures that I live and love, brought to life in a stylish, comfortable and affordable way,”- Eva Mendes

I may have to stick with Cindy- one of the original celeb designers!

William Sonoma’s classic blue and white Ginger Jars above have gotten a recent facelift…

And we really like the updated and very versatile chocolate version just as much! WS Home took the 700 year old Chinese tradition of blue and white porcelain and made it new again…good for them!

Keep your eye on the prize!

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Just two weeks left to enter your design boards into the Material Girls/Swank Lighting Contest!
The Material Girls and judges can’t wait to see what designs you all come up with!!!
Blogger Visual Vamp is already wearing her early-entry Swank t-shirt as her blogging uniform/pajamas!

Contest ends 11/1

Back in the 50’s, this was the most renowned hourglass shape in the country…

Until this little show came along…

But now, the hourglass is taking over the world in other forms….we are seeing it everywhere in decor!

Just another nice reminder of the passing of time…(and how few hours there are in a day to get all of our to-do lists done!)

Although we can’t complain about this time measurer, it’s just so presh-

These Anthropologie decorative hourglasses would look cute on a desk

This looker from Treadway Gallery is a large hourglass shaped lamp in brass…

Need a basic black or white sand hourglass? Hop on over to Z Gallerie- they’ve got plenty!

You can always count on Wisteria to provide a cute side table in any shape or form- this one above is the Shimmering Hourglass Table

Hourglass rugs featured on Design Milk

Hourglass meets contemporary design here at Vivre

Although this desk clock is currently sold out, hopefully it will be back in stock soon at Revive Home

Oh yes Tarjay picking up yet another trend…Hourglass Curtain Panels!