Just Like a Circus…

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Still very sad over the fact that I’m not at the Britney Spears Circus concert tonight in Dallas. I would have loved to have gone- the sets, the costumes, the energy…her COMEBACK! But alas, the tickets were sold out too quickly and I am instead left with only sketches of Miss Britney in her crazy costumes designed by the Dsquared twins and the tales from those who went.

How could I have missed this??

I think the circus theme is just too much fun. One of my favorite books is Water for Elephants, which I hear is being made into a movie…can you imagine how imaginative and colorful the sets on this movie would be?

What if you and your family lived in a real life circus? (no, not as carnies) What we mean is, what if your home was originally the winter headquarters for John Robinson’s Circus (back in 1840) and your address was One Circus Place?

Hey, it could happen! At least it did for the Worples’ family. I will never forget this entertaining story that was in Traditional Home not too long ago.

Who would have thought that this normal looking Terrace Park, Ohio home would house such interesting roots?

The family said that they have definitely embraced the circus theme because of the home’s history…and it’s certainly apparent in their home! Brightly colored solid fabrics as well as lively contemporary prints adorn their furniture. They have taken the circus theme and modernized it in a whole new way.

Raspberries, lime greens, aquas, and hot pinks are everywhere! Hot pink velvet chairs above are Designer Guild and the ottoman is upholstered in a Manuel Conovas striped fabric.

What a fun house to grow up in! These rooms have so much vibrancy. As you can see, the homeowners interjected small accents of circus memorabilia without clowning around too much.

The family room is equally as fun as the rest of the house! Bold and vivid, I wouldn’t have any problem hanging out in here.

I love this wall color!

The landing’s curtains provide that extra jolt of color in the small space.

Harlequin vases on the dining room mantle provide some circuis flare! (they were given to the homeowners by their interior designer)

I wouldn’t recommend the circus theme in a normal residence; however, it definitely works here!

We have good news and bad…

The good- Fete Home Collection in Dallas is having a huge sale!

The bad- it ends TOMORROW!

So hop on over there and pick up a few funky finds at this home and gift shop in the Bishops Arts District.

Their entire inventory is marked down at least 60%. Everything must go by the time they close on Wednesday, 3/31!

Why so cheap? They are going out of business…but not to worry, they are reinventing themselves and will be back with a new name and new inventory sometime in late April.

Located at 322 West 7th St.

April Food Day

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Meg of Pigtown Design and Chris of Easy and Elegant Life have started April Food Day Bloggers Fighting Hunger blog action day to help bring awareness to hunger in America.

We are asking our readers to make a contribution to this cause tomorrow, April 1st.

You can donate here, to Feeding America, a national food bank- every little bit helps!

Mellow Yellow

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Never one to normally flock to yellow, (but never say never, right?) I found these tables at West Elm and I thought they were fun!

Can stack, nest or scatter these Nesting Hexagons. $199 for a set of two!

Pantone’s 2010 Predictions

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Pantone, the color experts, are at it again…and six months early! They recently came out with a Home + Interiors 2010 set of swatch cards of each of the 78 forecasted colors (including an additional neutrals palette). These cards encompass the anticipated trendy paint colors for next year.

Available for purchase!

I just saw I Love You Man and it was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while! I have loved Rashida Jones ever since she was on The Office.

But how could you not love her? She is so freakin adorable! And we think just the same about her NYC studio apartment that was featured in Domino, in Feb ’08.

Her apartment is only 400 sq ft but this little lady managed to transform it to fit all of her needs! One large room holds a dining area, living area, and bedroom! The article gives great tips on how to save space and organize effectively.

Her studio makeover included these things:

1) Efficient floor plan 2) Hidden Storage 3) Focused color scheme

Her color scheme included soothing light blue, black and white, with splashes of bold magenta!

Her symmetrical arrangement is perfect- two bookshelves flank a dainty white sofa.

I love her black Panton chairs- incredibly chic!

She managed to combine a bunch of different styles in her apartment and make it all look so seamlessly put together.

Fast forward a year later and her home is featured in Glamour. No, not that home…the other home! This one is on the west coast, in Los Angeles, and let me just tell you this home is just as fabulous as the last one we showed you!

Her LA home was designed by the talented Katie Fine and her celeb stylist friend, Estee Stanley. It looks simply stunning, I must say! This bright and colorful home seems to fit Rashida’s charming personality to a tee.

A lot of the furnishings came from Mecox and LA’s Dan Marty Design.

This living space looks so comfortable and provides a great place for guests to go and mingle (Rashida likes to entertain a lot). Walls are Elephant’s Breath by Farrow and Ball.

So now that we’ve seen her initial two houses, all that’s left to do is wait for her to move again! We need our next installment of Rashida home eye candy. She has the east coast down, and now the west, but how about Texas, Rashida? It’s a nice and central locale!

There’s still time!

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The Carrollton Wisteria Outlet sale is still goin on! I went there yesterday and was able to make it in before it closed. I must say, this is one of their best sales yet! Everything is marked down considerably. I am kicking myself that I didn’t go on Wednesday- the first day of the sale. Apparently stuff went pretty quickly.

Wish I had a proper entryway because I would get this chest in a heartbeat. The crystal knobs are the cutest!

They had a bunch of accessories and tables ALL marked down!

I really really wanted these chairs- but alas, there were only three and I think they are a different shade of white than my dining table. They were marked down to $150 each! Someone go snatch them up!

These cane back chairs were only $50 something dollars each! You’d need to recover the seats as most of them were needing repair, but what a deal!

This table is just gorgeous in person- too bad it’s already SOLD!

More and more console tables!

Joe, one of Wisteria’s employees, was kind enough to walk me around the warehouse and make sure I saw every inch of bargain! Thanks Joe! He loved these Art Deco-esque chairs..and for $99 each! You could even get new cushions made for them- imagine the possibilities!

Sale ends Saturday- better hurry because stuff is getting picked over fast!

Seems as if heiress Nikki Hilton and Brian Atwood have the same taste in wallpaper. And both in their dining rooms, no less!

This Martinique wallpaper is as famous” as its owners. It resides in The Fountain Coffee Room at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

This signature banana leaf wallpaper has been there since the 50’s and was chosen by decorator Don Loper.

Which dining room do you like it in better?

Nikki’s- this tropical but feminine, pink-accented dining room was designed out of nostalgia for the Beverly Hills Hotel. Nikki practically grew up there! Ahhh memories….

Brian’s- Ok well maybe Brian didn’t grow up in the Beverly Hills hotel, but he sure does like this wallpaper! So much in fact, that boyfriend Nate Berkus and him didn’t quite see eye to eye on it. Nate began to have nightmares about the infamous paper before it was even installed! Not to worry, Nate eventually grew to love the wallpaper just as much as Brian!

Brian’s dining room is a bit more masculine, modern, and sleek than Nikki’s, but one thing they do have in common, is that their wallpaper sure does make a statement!

So what’s your opinion on this paper and whose home does it fit best in?

{Apparently you can buy the iconic Martinique wallpaper here– just in case you want to pull a Nikki…or a Brian!}

Fabrics Galore!

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I have had so much fun these past few weeks picking out paint and fabrics for a client who needed custom window treatments, bedding, and pillows for two living areas and two bedrooms (a guest and a master). It has been so great working with her because she has fantastic taste as it is, and she’s not afraid of bold color or pattern!

As the process normally goes, we went through a variety of schemes initially…(some not pictured!)

Until we found the most perfect solution.

Since it is a relatively small space, she wanted all of the rooms to flow together and have similar color schemes…unfortunately, that meant having to ditch most of the raspberry/reds (that she loves) in favor of cooler colors like blues and greens (But not to worry, she also loves these!)

She has two casual and laid back living rooms (think mid century modern furniture, ebay finds, lots of goodies!)

Here is what we ended up deciding on-

Liv Room 1

Top left: Geometric pillow fabric for sofa

Top right: Dining chair fabric- leaf print (existing)

Bottom: (sorry for the crinkles!) Drapes and roman shade striped fabric

Furniture: Dark brown chair (existing); taupe couch (existing)

Paint color: Teal (nice and funky!)

Liv Room 2:

Left: Green sectional fabric (existing)

Middle: Drapes- Peacock print

Right: Sectional pillow fabric

Paint color: Creamy white

Master Bedroom:

Her master bedroom is my favorite!

Top left: Greek key fabric

Bottom left: Off white linen fabric for wall of drapes (to hide an unwanted door)

Right: Euro sham fabric

Paint color: Off white

Furniture: Deep dark wood- looks almost black (existing- Ebay find!)

Guest Bedroom:

Top left: Polka dot fabric for bedskirt

Top middle: Leaf print for roman shades

Top right: Scenery print for coverlet

Bottom: Stripe for accent pillow

Paint Color: Chartreuse

Furniture: Off white, distressed, twin iron bed

I could spend 24 hours a day selecting fabrics. It is definitely my favorite part of the design process! A bit sad that the hunt has come to an end- but hopefully I can show you photos when it all gets done!

A Minute too Late!

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There is a huge Wisteria Outlet sale going on right now in Carrollton (Texas).

It started today and ends Saturday! Bring your U haul- you may be leaving with a bunch of stuff! Apparently it is a great sale.

So I drove all the way there today in the rain somehow thinking I could get there before 4, and I get there at 3:57! The warehouse garage door literally shuts right as I get there. This rain is a curse I swear!

But I won’t give up…will be there Saturday with bells on!