It has been cloudy and gross as ever this week in Dallas. And just when you think the sun is coming out and here to stay, it disappears again! I was supposed to take some portfolio pics Monday of a few completed rooms, but the weather has put a damper on my plans until further notice.

Hoping for some clear and sunny skies soon. The room below from House Beautiful seems to put me in better spirits!

I love how they have the one single tropical leaf coming out of a glass vase. Gives me hope that the “sun’ll come out tomorrrrrow”….

Wishful thinking!

Star-Studded Closets

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We constantly see celebs looking flawless and dressed to the nines on the red carpet. But do you ever wonder where all that magic first began? Well, it starts in a “little” place I like to call, a celeb’s closet.

Whose is secretly a pig sty? (think Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds) Which celeb has their jeans carefully categorized according to light, medium, and dark blues?

Well, we wish we could show you the secretly messy celeb closets….but that aint gonna happen in this lifetime! As long as there are magazines and staged photo shoots, we’ll only get to see those perfectly organized closets (the ones that we yearn for)

Most of these closet photo shoots consist of stars prancing around their closet, wearing their Sunday best, carefully posing, wait, I mean pondering, which outfit they will be sporting on their next trip to the tanning bed.

Kim, you are all dressed up for us- you shouldn’t have!

Singer Jewel’s closet is nice and simple. Her closet looks like maybe something she maintains without an assistant’s help. But you never know, this picture probably cut off half the closet!

A boa? Rollerskates? What’s going on here in pop sensation Miley’s dressing room? Didn’t her mom teach her not to skate in the house/closet?

How could you expect anything less from miss Paris Hilton? I don’t think an inch of closet space is left!

The closet everyone covets- Rachel Zoe’s!

Decisions, decisions…Jamie Lynn Sigler wonders what to wear on her date with Entourage’s “Turtle”!

I don’t think she will have a problem finding the right shoes!

I bet baby Harlow’s closet is just as big as her fashionista mom’s!

Jessica trying on shoes in her closet (featured in In Style). I don’t think she has enough hats?!

Kimora’s closet is crammed with things! At least her closet gives off a homey vibe with a leopard print carpet, Louis side “table”, and antique chaise.

I like how Nikki’s closet within a closet has glass doors so you can just shove everything in and close it on up! The dark wood floors are a nice touch also.

Mariah Carey’s home was on MTV Cribs a while back and she has her own room- just for shoes! She owns more than 1,000 pairs- just a leetle excessive I think! You’d have to wear about three different pairs each day to wear all of them in a year! Who has the time!

And America’s cutie patootie, Eva Longoria. We’ll let her have as many shoes as she wants, she’s just so adorable.

I’m not sure why Paula keeps buying more clothes because she ends up on the worst dressed list in Us Weekly at least once a week. She needs Tim Gunn to come over and do some spring cleaning in that closet!

Hope you enjoyed the celeb closet tour! It definitely made me want to re-organize my whole closet now- maybe I’ll add a “shoe room”…or better yet, a shoe corner!! Mariah would be so proud!


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I saw this wallpaper at the ID Collection the other day and thought it was a hoot!

Silhouettes of various dog breeds can line your walls with Osborne & Little’s Best in Show. Daschunds, poodles, and bulldogs, all represent! Available in two colourways.

Even better, is their ad for this wallcovering. This pup surely has the most stylish doghouse on the block (and not to mention, a matching ensemble too!)

Serena & Lily

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What an adorable little company I came across today- Serena & Lily. This company is owned by who else? Serena AND Lily! These gals met by chance about six years ago. One, a talented textile designer and artist….the other, a baby boutique owner and knowledgeable businesswoman. They say opposites attract and perhaps that’s why this pair has been so successful. Their attributes complement each other but one thing is for sure- both are on a mission to provide the most chic baby room around.

Their collections are timeless, at incredibly reasonable prices, and are loaded with style. Mom can even shop here too for her own bedding, rugs, lamps, headboards!

This duvet was featured in April’s Elle Decor.

Orange is definitely the IT color of the moment! This fabric would look great paired with dark chocolate and white.

Never seen anything quite like this before- a pagoda lamp!

This floral duvet would look super cute in a girl’s room. Once she gets tired of floral, just flip it over- the reverse is a sprout houndstooth!

Like we always say, it’s good to mix natural, more rough materials with sleeker ones. That is why I love this lamp– the juxtaposition of texture (on the cork shade) with the sleek white base, makes it a perfect combo!

More fun fabrics…this one is their Ruby Sunshine Mosaic

So very cute!! I love the peacock print on the Marina Euro Sham

Such charm…!

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…encompassed the newest Traditional Home. The San Francisco home that they featured this month was really inspiring. Bright colors and bold prints throughout the space made for a very cheerful and lively setting.

Yellow and blue aren’t two colors that I’d normally think to put together, but it looks really pretty and works well here. It could be the fact that they paired them with a bunch of muted cream accents. Do you think if the walls were anything but cream it would have still looked this tranquil? The rug, roman shade, accent tables, and lamp all seem to disappear into the background and let the colorful chairs, sofa, and pillows take center stage.

Yellow tables mixed in with green chairs, green lamps, and a pink sofa? Done and done! These homeowners aren’t afraid of a little color and show this Victorian home who’s boss!

Sleek metallic bar stools provide a modern flair.

Such a happy place to sleep!

I think if you lived here, with a touch of yellow in each room (done on purpose), you’d have no other choice but to be optimistic, as this color means joy and happiness.

During times like this, you gotta be frugal…at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

Your home really can be stylish without you having to spend a fortune…it’s all about mixing high and low. And since right now, I can’t really splurge on the “high”, I turn to alternate resources for the low. Low meaning less expensive (without compromising good taste)

Although Ballard Designs isn’t anything new to the blogging world, I did find a few chic pieces on their website at some great prices that I had to share with you!

Here are my top 15 Ballard picks that are currently on their site (in no particular order):

I love this clean lined, elegant sofa. The neutral color on it is so nice and warm. I can see it blending in well with almost any type of interior.

This clock’s unusual design was developed by an 18th century clockmaker who wanted a small clock that could be read by candlelight.

In a lot of ways, I think Ballard is comparable in style to Pottery barn; however, one thing that PB does not have is a small antique brass clock! Ballard- you win on this one.

This desk is so soft and graceful. Would look lovely in a bedroom or you could even place a mirror over it and make it a vanity table!

I have to stop posting about tufting- but I just can’t stop. It’s a disease! How could you not love it?

You can upholster this Camden tufted headboard in Ballard’s fabrics or even send in your own!

This piece is my favorite (I told you that this list was in no particular order!) The Dunstan wing chair is a play off the traditional wing chair given its very extraordinary back. The nailhead trim on it makes it even more scrumptious! And as with the headboard, you can send in your own fabric for this one too!

Throw pillows are always a must. I haven’t tired of coral just yet. The cool thing about these is that they were needle-pointed entirely by hand!

This chair was designed in the Chippendale style and is handcrafted of natural rattan. Anything lacquered, we will take! Comes in red, black, or white.

As if I didn’t have enough Office Max file folders already! Ok, we’ll admit, these are much much cuter than manila. Marrakesh file folders come in a set of 12 (4 of each color) Makes me think of Maryam!

These garden suite prints are applied on a canvas and glazed. I love the colors used in this- so very soothing! Comes in a set of 2 prints.

Some of you love it, some of you hate it, but the fact of the matter is that wallpaper is back! There are some wallcoverings out there that scare me a little bit (especially when over done), but this one is so charming, I have to give it the thumbs up!

This mirror is so unique and different- it had to make the top fifteen list! I love ruffles, I love coral, and I love antiqued mirror- a win-win-(win) situation.

This lamp sure does make a statement. I can see this in an entry hall- one on each side of a console table with a bold teal wall behind it.

Such fun pendants! The Westport would look super cute in a bright and funky commercial space like a coffee shop!

The Denton Tripod Lamp would make the perfect vintage desk light. Crafted of antique silver, this beauty is adjustable too!

I think pleated silk shades on chandeliers are so pretty…couple this with crystal, and you have one glam chandy.

Just discovered that Eddie Ross is on Etsy! You know how much the MG’s heart Etsy (AND Eddie Ross for that matter!)

To find out that Eddie, whose own home we admire so much, is selling a unique collection of hand picked, antique tabletop on one of our favorite sites, well, let’s just say that we couldn’t have heard better news! Each and every piece he specially selected from his travels around the world and handled with the utmost TLC- he washed, iron, or polished every piece by hand.

Did we mention that each piece is $100 and under too?

Such classic pieces….that “E” sterling silver spoon would fit in nicely in my silverware drawer.

I need to buy some of his pieces for my own home. The good news is that he updates his finds every Wednesday so there will be some pieces leftover for our readers after I buy out his whole shop! Gorgeous!

Green with Envy! Part II

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Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

Apparently the MG’s are crazy for this holiday and the color green! Great minds think alike so I am going to follow Jill’s Green Envy post with Green with Envy: Part II! Abby, Julia, and Lauren, feel free to keep up the trend and post Green with Envy: Parts III, IV, and V!

I always remember the date of St. Patty’s because I am Irish and it’s my half birthday!
I love this holiday because green is one of my all time favorite colors. It’s not gender specific, looks great with sooo many other colors: yellow, chocolate, pink, black and white, blue, orange, camel, white/cream….the only color I really hate with green is red- it screams Christmas.

I felt it was only appropriate to show you some images of my favorite green rooms. Enjoy your day and kiss someone who is Irish! 🙂

Dining room by Mary McDonald

{Elle Decor}

{Western Interiors}

{Sherrill Canet Interiors via Tobi Fairley blog}

{House Beautiful}




The most recognized green room of all- the White House’s!

Be sure to visit my favorite green blog in the spirit of St. Pattys Day- Coco + Kelley!

After seeing all of these beautiful rooms, it makes me green with envy! What’s your favorite shade of green?

NY designer, Victoria Hagen has recently added some new pieces to her stunning high end furniture line. Victoria is infamous for her beautiful interiors as well as her line of home accents for retail giant, Tarjay.

Her furniture pieces are so extraordinary, thought you’d want to take a look!

Victoria’s Target pieces are just as chic! (minus the expensive price tag)

What Victoria pieces do you have in your home, if any- the steal or the splurge?

Take a Vacation from Boring Fabrics!

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Most people are on Spring Break this week (well the teachers and the students are anyways!), so I decided to fish for fabrics that are fun and tropical to substitute for the fact that I am stuck in Dallas this week!

These Thomas Paul prints for Duralee put me in the mood for summer and a tropical vacay-