Big sale!

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If you’re in Dallas, head on over to the Peacock Alley Warehouse sale this weekend!
2050 Postal Way

Design 100

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The upcoming June issue of Metropolitan Home will be their annual Design 100 issue!

It’s a compilation of the editor’s picks of favorite people, places, and things from the world of design- gathered into one list!

So far, we’ve gotten word of these favorites:

It’s a compilation of the editor’s picks of favorite people, places, and things from the world of design- gathered into one list!

#15- architect and designer, David Rockwell

#67- Dutch owned Droog’s playful new Soho store

#93- designer Barbara Barry transforms an ugly duckling into a modern swan

You’ll have to read the issue to find out what the other 97 favorites are! (available late next week)

Remember that little color combo that we used to see around once in a while- turquoise and chocolate brown? Well, I think this bright bold blue and deep neutral is being taking over by more icy blues and grays.

Barbara Barry’s Poetical Bedding Collection at Macy’s illustrates just this.

It’s so refreshing to see a subtle, more modern floral pattern on bedding for once. So often we see florals that look like they came straight from your grandmother’s linen closet OR those floral patterns on bedding that are so bright and busy, they are blinding. Talk about stressful!

I’m all relaxed with this one! Night night!

This month’s Traditional Home featured three beautiful rooms from three different showhomes.

I like to call it the Eat, Play, Sleep article because the areas were each from three different parts of the house.

Here we have Eat:

Looking at this room, I am speechless! (which is rare) What is there not to love about this dining room from the Boston Design Center Showhouse? Gerald Pomeroy was the genius behind this looker.

It’s all drama here- but in a good way! Gleaming hand painted plum blossom wallpaper, a graphic brown and white rug reminiscent of Billy Baldwin’s style, and cream accents throughout, give this room a great deal of elegance and individuality. The accessories he used in here are extraordinary- especially those obelisks! Where can I apply for a pair of those?

On to Play:

There’s just so much playfulness in this little girl’s bedroom designed by Victoria Neale for the D.C. Design Center Showhouse. Pink and apple green is such a cute, happy color combination, creating a room one can grow into (I’d take that mirrored chest and gourd lamp at my age!)

The dark twin beds are flea market finds. They add some much needed “heaviness” to the room, among a sea of bright colored, whimsical prints.

And you can’t forget Sleep:

Everyone needs a calming, gorgeous bedroom to unwind in at the end of the day.

The white lacquered headboard is just so fabulous, I can’t get over it. Apparently it was purchased from Lorin Mash (thanks to the Readers Resource in the back of T.H.) The large scale ikat pattern on the fabric wall behind the headboard gives this room tons of personality and provides a nice focal point. Crisp white accents break up all of the dark colors. This is the perfect room for a couple that doesn’t want to exude too much of a feminine nor a masculine look in their bedroom. It’s a nice happy, luxurious medium!

Which is your favorite room- Eat, Play, or Sleep?

A Squared

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One of my clients emailed me today with a link to Angela Adams’ site (any relation to Ansel?). She wants to purchase one of her fabulous rugs for her home.

I got to exploring more of her site and she has some really interesting pieces on there. I love her use of color and pattern in all of her products. Her designs are inspired by the natural beauty of Maine. Never been to Maine before, but if it’s as gorgeous as her designs, we may just have to take a trip there!

Not only does she have home decor, she also designs apparel.

What fun little totes for summer! I don’t know about you, but I am a tote bag fanatic…I feel like I have one for every occasion- working out, traveling, design consultations, overnight bag, beach bag- really the possibilities are endless with a cute tote!

Her rugs are amazing too. Large floral and graphic prints adorn her wool rugs.

These trays are perfect for serving sweet treats (like cupcakes) at a party. Magnolia Bakery or Sprinkles? Hmmm decisions, decisions.

Her Lulu Stationary

It has become a recent obsession of mine. Recent meaning- about an hour ago. I love this current and stylish color combo- blue and orange!

These Pod/Sprout pillows are the best- never quite seen anything like them!

These geometric pillows are equally as fun.

A lot of her fabrics, wallcovering, and rugs are sustainable too- so you can be chic and enviro friendly at the same time. Also, check out her contract wallcoverings for MDC (to the trade)- cool stuff!

I just stumbled upon these chairs called the S chair at Bed Bath and Beyond.

They have an incredibly striking resemblance to the Panton Junior chair available at DWR.

However, I still like the original DWR version with the matte finish much better. It looks more classic and the orange Panton is actually $25 LESS expensive than the orange S chair from Bed Bath and Beyond!

Who woulda thought?

Martha Stewart Radio!

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The Martha Stewart Living Radio Blog is on week three of its four week series on home design with Apartment Therapy’s Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan.

For four Mondays in April on Whole Living (live 10 am ET/7 am PT on Sirius 112 and XM 157), they are featuring a series of blog posts and radio segments on decorating ideas for their design enthusiast readers.

This week it was all about color, lighting, and furniture (doesn’t get much better than this)….so be sure to tune in!

Wallpaper with Flair!

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I got this room photo (below) from my Style Book- I had torn this page out of the September 2007 issue of Traditional Home a few years back. I loooove this modern damask wallpaper and felt that it would look perfect for a client’s entry that I was working on. Problem was that I needed to know where the wallpaper was from! So I tore up my whole office looking for this old magazine…ended up finding out it was a Cole & Son paper and could be found at Lee Jofa in Dallas. (I really should be a detective!!)

I just knew it would be perfect- it looked like it was a plum color- not too red, not too purple- the exact color I was looking for!

I take a trip over to Lee Jofa and came to find out that yes, the wallpaper is gorgeous but no, it doesn’t look the same in person as it did in the magazine! (don’t you just hate that?) I was actually a deep deep purple in person! Maybe it was the magazine’s printer or perhaps it was the photographer’s camera- either way, it just wasn’t going to work for this house after all.

It’s funny how everything happens for a reason (even in interiors!) Although I didn’t end up coming back with my dream paper, I stumbled upon some other great Cole & Son wallpaper when I was there and even found a replacement for the one I was looking for!

If you aren’t a designer and don’t have access to the “to the trade” showrooms, Their website has lots of great images that you can peruse through instead. Their wallpaper is amazing! And the fact that they have been around since 1873 gives me goosebumps- what an incredible history!

I love their papers because they put an updated spin on a traditional pattern.

They have something for everyone here…geometrics, florals, damasks, stripes…you name it.

And if you want something that is a little off the beaten path, no worries- they got that too!

I had the pleasure of visiting the D. Porthault showroom in Dallas last week and meeting its store manager, Angela, and her associate, Kelly.

They were incredibly sweet and gave me the run down on their linens. Unbeknownst to me, their linens have an extensive, very interesting history. They have been around since 1920 and was started by Daniel Porthault and his wife, Madeleine, in Paris during the Roaring Twenties.

What was different about their linens during this time was that they weren’t the traditional white and ivory linens- instead, they were printed sheets inspired by Madeleine’s love for Impressionist art and the gardens at Giverny.

The rest is history as they say…

D. Porthault has created and printed custom linens for almost ninety years. The White House and Buckingham Palace were just a few noteable places in which the Porthault linens resided. Some of their clients have included Audrey Hepburn, Sir Winston Churchill, President and Mrs. Kennedy, Coco Chanel, and Brigitte Bardot.

{Tori Burch’s bedding}

In 1976, the brand expanded to porcelain, beachware, accessories, and children’s clothing.

The four leaf clover that was often seen in Louise de Vilmorin’s signature (she was a friend of the Porthaults’) inspired Les Trefles, another well known D. Porthault print. (below)

Another classic pattern of theirs is Les Coeurs (above). It was designed with the Duchess of Windsor and is now the infamous heart pattern that their clients love and know so well!

The Dallas location opened back in 2004 (in Highland Park Village) and has been a very successful boutique ever since! They have tons of loyal clients who keep coming back for more of their legendary prints.

It seems you can’t flip through a magazine these days without finding an advertisement or article about D. Porthault. Last month they graced the cover of House Beautiful, next month- who knows where they will pop up? All I know is that with the continued production of such beautiful patterns, D. Porthault will no doubt be around for another ninety years!

Define Chapter 11?

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Not sure what this means exactly- saw the below article on The Dallas Morning News website. Is it cause to be worried?

Z Gallerie Inc., a Gardena, Calif.-based home decor retailer with two stores in Dallas, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Friday.

The privately held chain said it voluntarily filed to remove its liability from leases and to strengthen its balance sheet.

Last month, it closed a distribution center in Atlanta and 21 stores, leaving several markets. A spokesman said there are no plans to close its seven Texas stores.