Delectable de Gournay

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I am totally, completely, utterly infatuated with…


I know this hand-painted wallpaper is just about everywhere you look these days, but I still love it.  I’ve never been much of a bird person, but somehow I find myself very attracted to a wallpaper that has birds dispersed all over it!

Yes, it’s very expensive and yes, the lead time is excrutiatingly long…but that’s the price you must pay for perfection, I suppose!



De Gournay specializes in 18th century Chinoiserie and 19th century French designs.  They can alter the designs with a more modern color palette to give these classics an updated look.

The interiors below are rooms in which the designer has used de Gournay wallpaper.  Imagine the room without the paper…do you think paint would have had the same effect and jaw dropping factor that the de Gournay paper has created? Most likely not.  The pattern is what really “makes” these rooms.


{Bedroom designed by Miles Redd- Domino}


{Barbara Jacksier blog}


{de Gournay}


{Velvet and Linen}


{Domino book cover}

Normally I don’t like to bring up Domino because I end up getting all emotional- but do you remember the beautiful cover of their decorating book? That was based off of a DG wallpaper!


{Velvet and Linen}


{de Gournay}


{de Gournay}


{Maison 21}


{Velvet and Linen}


{Elle Decor}



Matthew Williamson’s London Boutique and the De Gournay dress

After seeing these photos, are you now under de Gournay’s spell too?

Interview with Vicente

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The Material Girls recently got the chance to interview the legendary and very talented Vicente Wolf.

Vicente has been in the interior design business for over thirty years.  There really isn’t a space that he hasn’t designed- from hotels and restaurants to private homes around the world, Vicente has designed them all!

House Beautiful named him one of the ten most influential designers in the United States and Met Home designated him as one of the top 100 designers in their “Design 100” issue.


{Vicente Wolfe in his home- New York Social Diary}

Here’s our interview with the design great…enjoy!

Favorite space in the home to design?

I love designing bedrooms- it is the most romantic environment, I feel an affinity to it, it’s a place where you can use color, softness and introduce a high sense of drama.

Favorite “indulgence” or luxury?

Travel- it’s the way that I escape the realities of life in New York and go back to the experience of discovery.


Favorite city to shop in?

Bangkok- it’s a city that offers such a wide variety of things- from the most exotic art and design to classic colonial furniture.  And this all while having a great time.

Proudest accomplishment?



Favorite home accessory?

Beautiful sheets- it’s the last thing you feel before you go to sleep at night and the first thing you become aware of when you wake.  Sleeping in high quality sheets is like wearing beautiful La Perla underwear…no one sees it, but it feels magnificent.

Most addicting TV show?

Antiques Roadshow– it sharpens my estimating capabilities.  I don’t watch much TV, but when I do I watch the Discovery Channel, the History Channel and I am addicted to old musicals- any time of the night or day that I can see one I would.  It helps me to relax and I just love to experience the glamour of old Hollywood.


Preferred metallic- silver versus gold?

Neither.  I prefer bronze or gun metal.

Favorite kitchen countertop?

White Corian or white Formica ColorCore


Best “green” advice?

I love bamboo-derived products.  There are some wonderful products made out of bamboo like carpets, floors and fabrics…it is a fast-growing material and when we buy these products, it helps the under-developed countries that grow it.

Favorite ink pen?

I love a Sharpie, but never carry one for fear of ink stains inside my bag.


What is your favorite color combination?

I always use Benjamin Moore’s Super White as the foundation and match colors to it that are very mercurial- a blue-green or a gray-blue…usually colors that are indefinable.  Though I must say that I love brown and pink- it was used by Sister Parish in her apartment in the ’70’s and it has always been a favorite combo of mine.

Who would you love to get the chance to meet?

Mmmmm…the playwright Noel Coward, the Portuguese Brazilian samba singer and actress Carmen Miranda, first female Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright and the most famous South African anti-apartheid activist, Nelson Mandela.

What is your favorite piece in your showroom right now?

We have just received shipments from Indonesia, Africa and Paris so the showroom is full of my favorite things.  If I had to choose I would say a cabinet from Indonesia that was a Dutch-Colonial secretary.  I love the sense of drama it offers.


Last but not least…our signature Material Girls question- what is your favorite design “material”?

Silk Tafetta- it’s not just about the fabric but the array of colors it comes in.  Though I don’t use it a lot in jobs, it’s one of the materials that I use initially to start the color design process in a job.

Vicente also has a blog of his own- be sure to check it out!


Thursday night was the debut party of Axis, the Cantoni house, that we blogged about last week.

Wanted to share a few photos from the fabulous event-


{Mohment Architectural Designers Jason Kongabel and Ben Callison}


{Robbie Briggs}


{Cars in Axis’ garage}


{Axis Backyard}


{Axis pool}


{Pogir and Michael Wilkov}


{Met Home Editor Ellen Thompson and Victor Almeida}

Don’t forget that the house is open to the public tomorrow from 2-5 pm.

5903 Lakehurst Ave, Dallas, 75230

Distinct Dwelling

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I came across the living room below in this month’s Western Interiors.  They have featured this home previously but this time around it was a tiny photo accompanying the Gold List’s best interior designers.


It caught my eye immediately and I had to go google the designers and find a photo to share with you!

I can’t reiterate enough how obsessed I am with orange…yes, still! And I think orange is even more fun when it’s paired with blue.  I recognize that shade fabric from somewhere and if it’s the one I am thinking of, it’s a really great pattern in person! Lots of rich colors to work with.  They mixed light blue with dark- cobalt lamps stand out against a fresh piece of typography art.


Lo and behold, I did a little research and found a photo of the master bedroom too! The chartreuse screen paired with an upholstered white headboard, graphic prints, and pink accessories- my idea of a perfect room.


Just Another Room in Paradise

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Seacloth fabrics are at Lee Jofa! These bright, colorful, and whimsical fabrics seem to represent every outdoor motif “under the sun”.  There’s no mistaking that with these textiles, your house will radiate summer cheer year round!












Who needs vacation when we have fabrics?

The June Total Home and Gift Market is this week from Wednesday 6/24 to Tuesday 6/30.   It is one of the biggest markets of the year and is held at Dallas’ World Trade Center and Trade Mart.

Normally I go as a spectator to see the pretty showroom vignettes and new products that these exhibitors have to offer; however, this year has been different for me as I’ve actually gotten to participate in an event!


The DMC has created a 4,200 sq ft seasonal showhome in The Grand Pavilion of The Trade Mart.  It features nine rooms fully furnished and completely decorated for Christmas with merchandise selected from exhibitor showrooms.

I was asked to design the Guest Bedroom of the home and I had so much fun participating.  Fantastic Craft did an excellent job in trimming my “Holiday Glam” room with their Christmas decor.  Photos to come!


{Pics from last year’s exhibit}

I wanted to let you all know about the home’s Open House that will take place on Tuesday, June 30th (and will be open to the general public).  This event have a $10 entrance fee which will benefit the Dallas Furniture Bank, a charity that provides furniture to individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness.  Would love to see you there! I’ve gotten a peek at all the other rooms and they look great!

By the way, if any of you other design bloggers will be attending the Dallas Market this year, please let me know- would love to meet up!


Cantoni is launching its concept home series with the debut of Axis, the premier Cantoni house.

The house will showcase the capabilities of the Cantoni Design Studio and will be open to the public on Sunday!


Cantoni was so very kind to personally invite the Material Girls readers and their friends and family to the house preview on Sunday June 28th from 2pm-5 pm.


If you’ll be in Dallas, be sure to stop by!

5903 Lakehurst Ave, Dallas, TX 75230

The Ultimate Eye Sore

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Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there (including my own!)

This post is dedicated to all the men, like my dad, who insist on picking out one and only one piece of furniture for their home…the piece that means so much to them- the recliner.


If done the right way, a recliner could be a nice asset to a living room; however, if chosen wrongly (or simply put- if a male’s recliner was originally bought during his college frat days or inherited from a long lost family member) it could ruin a room.

I know this from experience- because of my dad’s neck surgery last April, he decided to purchase a more “comfortable” recliner on a whim.  Well, let’s just say his recliner makes the one below look good!


It’s not so much the color of his recliner- but the style.  The back is so high it looks like a king’s throne and it doesn’t just disappear into the living room it stands out horribly and looks like a medical chair.


We thought eventually (once my dad was feeling better) he’d agree to moving his recliner to another room.   We told him “it would look darling in the closet” or “didn’t you always want a sitting area in the attic?” But nope- the recliner has stayed put in their living room for over a year…he loves it.  The electric motor, wheelchair back, and matching adjustable neck pillow make it just too hard for him to give up.  My mom wanted requests from readers on how to make it disappear?

With all the recliner obsession out there among men, pretty soon this will be the new fad…


Recliners as transportation? Your man would never have to leave his chair to get to work!



With all the bad recliners out there, I’m sure some of you can attest to a few recliner horror stories- we’d love to hear (and see!)

Ahhh the below is much much better…dad, how do you feel about cowhide? 🙂


Can you believe that it’s already been a year since Brad Pitt’s last shopping spree at the Art 40 Basel show in Switzerland?

Last year we blogged about his lamp purchase


This year he went for the wall art.  Brad perused a few paintings at the show. 


And even managed to have time to pose with some statues…


He ended up settling on this piece below for $960,000.  It’s a 1998 oil on linen painting by German artist Neo Rauch.  The name of the painting is Etappe.



I love living vicariously through Brad’s expensive purchases! Can’t wait to see what he picks up next year.

Saturday Fun

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I got word of an event that will be going on at the Preston Parker Horchow Finale in Dallas tomorrow- (thank you Katherine for the tip!)


This event will benefit the North Texas Food Bank.  Live music, a classic car show, and 20% off regular prices will top off the afternoon at Horchow.


The sale goes on until June 22nd.  I know it’s scorching hot, but stop by, help a good cause and maybe even bring something special home from Horchow!