Cantoni is launching its concept home series with the debut of Axis, the premier Cantoni house.

The house will showcase the capabilities of the Cantoni Design Studio and will be open to the public on Sunday!


Cantoni was so very kind to personally invite the Material Girls readers and their friends and family to the house preview on Sunday June 28th from 2pm-5 pm.


If you’ll be in Dallas, be sure to stop by!

5903 Lakehurst Ave, Dallas, TX 75230

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2 Comments to 'Get a View of the Cantoni House!'

Nicolette 22 Jun 09 at 2:10 pm

I was just saying that a rug wood help soften up a modern design, and then I see this design. This is great. Modern design often focus on being clean, but sometimes, designers also have to add those little touches to soften them up.


Tommy Bahama Bedding 22 Jun 09 at 7:45 pm

Love the interior, but I’m just not sure about the exterior – there’s a little too much concrete for me.

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