Gwyneth Paltrow- designer?

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It’s always funny/scary when your boyfriend starts knowing about as much as you do about interior design! (and by you, I mean me)

My boyfriend Ben follows our blog religiously (as does other MG boyfriends/husbands apparently- ahem Bryce) and just the other day he flat out said- “you can mix silver and gold in a room”….oh really? Mr. design expert? Apparently he learned that important fact from one of Hilary’s recent posts.  He was so proud of himself that I had to laugh (and then tell everyone I know).  He has come so far from when I first taught him what a sconce was.  Now he suggests sconces to solve any and all design problems- “sconce it up” has become a popular catch phrase around the house.


With that said, he does very well in keeping me abreast of whatever new design info or celeb gossip he comes across (which I can appreciate) and tonight he did inform me of both.  Supposedly, Madge wants Gwynnie to design her newly adopted baby Mercy’s room in her NY townhouse (read it here!)


Madge thinks that Gwynnie would be the PERFECT candidate.  She was so impressed by the room Gwynnie designed for her daughter Apple (in her Hampton’s home) that she thought what better person than BFF G. Palt to get the job done right.


{Apple’s Room}

We all know that Gwyneth has deemed herself a lifestyle expert/fashionista through her newsletter GOOP…but have you read it? I’m not a huge fan.  Do you think Gwyneth is the style maven that she makes herself out to be? Does she have what it takes to design Mercy’s room as pretty as Apple’s? (and the real question is…did she even design Apple’s room entirely by herself?) Let’s ponder that!

For all of you designers out there who frequently use Robert Allen as a fabric resource, this post is for you! I recently discovered some new info about a collaboration between RA and Sherwin Williams!

How did I come to know about this? Well, it all began the other day when I was at their showroom selecting green fabrics for a client.  I said to Judy (who works there)…”I wish I had brought my paint samples with me- then I would know exactly what green to look for!”


{since I had such a specific green that I needed to match…almost an army green….it would have been very helpful to have had the paint swatch to match to their fabrics}

I know what you are thinking- a designer not bringing paint samples to match the fabric? Well I was technically matching the fabric to a patterned Cole and Son wallpaper but wanted the green paint swatch from the adjoining den for reference since it was a larger swatch…anyway Judy looked at me and said “you know we have collaborated with Sherwin and now have a library of paint colors here!”

So there you have it- a perfect example of how this new addition to their showroom could have really come in handy in this situation (too bad the swatch I was needing was a Ben Moore paint) however,  I use Sherwin just as much so their new resource will really be nice to have! (especially those days when I’ve run out the door without grabbing my paint samples!)



So, in a nutshell- the Robert Allen fabrics are meant to coordinate with Sherwin’s paints.

For instance, their Hydrangea collection is set to match a few different paint colors (one of which is SW6961 Blue Beyond)



Their Leaf Collection goes with SW6710 Melange Green



Their Terrain collection matches SW6076 Turkish Coffee



And their Tulip collection matches Cherries Jubilee- SW6862



I’m sure you get the picture by now!

On another note, Robert Allen has also partnered up with The Shade Store! More info on this exciting new partnership here.

Walk a Mile in His Shoes!

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I wish! If only I could be so lucky!

I’m not shy about my love for Miles Redd’s work.   A lot of times when I stumble upon a beautiful photo- I look for who the designer was- and oh, what a surprise? It’s Miles Redd again! Remember when I went on and on about the outdoor living area he designed? Even to this day, I’m still obsessing over it!

The latest photo of his that I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over was in the July House Beautiful.


What is not to love about this room? Moody blue lacquered walls, inky velvet covered slipper chairs, leopard print fabric, and an abundance of jewel tones! Oh how I want this room…Miles, call me if you want to take on another design project (a.k.a.- my house)

Taking a look back on some photos from Miles’ portfolio, one can’t help but swoon!










Here’s an interview that All the Best did with the inspiring and personality-filled Miles Redd.  Enjoy!


Ver-y Fun Rugs!

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I didn’t know Vera Bradley had a rug collection, did you?


As a matter of fact, (if you want to get specific) this fine rug collection was created for Vera Bradley by Marcella Fine Rugs and is made of 100% wool.

The Peacock Rug above bears a striking resemblance to none other than her Peacock bag collection (which I have and love!)


Her rugs mimic the colorful, playful patterns that have made her bags such a success.  Check out more patterns here!

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Bunny Williams at Mecox.  She was incredibly sweet and her furniture was so stunning in person!


It was difficult to get too many photos of the BeeLine pieces because the cocktail party was quite crowded.


You can see that her coffee table is already getting some use (I wanted to go find a coaster for that person’s wine glass!)


The infamous Bunny Williams…

Next stop for Bunny- Houston (tonight)! Then she heads to Chicago on the 16th.

A big thank you to Paloma for inviting me to be a part of her Personal Style Lineup on La Dolce Vita.


You can see more Before and After photos of my bedroom here.

Also, be sure to check out some of the other Personal Style posts- Katie of Katiedid, Lauren of Material Girls, Julie of Shelter, Sarah of Matters of Style.  There are some really talented bloggers out there!


D. Porthault’s semi annual sale starts next week on June 15th and runs through the 30th! (30-80% off sheeting, terry, accessories and children’s items!)


An event not to be missed!

Open Monday- Saturday 10-6

Highland Park Village

Bunny Williams will be at Mecox Gardens (4532 Cole Ave) on Tuesday June 9th from 6-8 pm.


Bunny will introduce her BeeLine Home collection, which is her first line of furniture and accessories.  She has been working on it for four years.  While we’ve only seen photos of the furniture, we imagine that it will be even more spectacular in person!


And, FYI, books will be on hand for purchase that Bunny can sign!

What do Tori Spelling, the Kardashians, the Barefoot Contessa, and the Jonas Brothers all have in common?


They heart La Plates!


These monogrammed dinner plates are the cutest things I’ve seen in a while!  Kris K. looks pretty giddy above with her K La Plate.


Cheryl Hines’ daughter’s name is Catherine Rose (so pretty- love this name)- the rosy pink plate fits her name to a tee.

Here are some more patterns they offer- you can change out the background color, font, font color, and personalize it any way you like!


If I were designing a La Plate for myself, I would do the pattern above in chocolate/white with an orange colored font. This is honestly too much fun!



Just some of the plates that La Plates did for celeb tots-





My Kind of Fabrics!

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I recently came across Mally Skok, a very talented interior designer in Lincoln, MA.  Not only does she practice design, but she also designs fabric! (a favorite topic of MG)

Her fabrics are unique and colorful…prints that could certainly make for a happy and comfortable home.

Mally Skok portrait

Mally is no stranger to fabrics- she had a mother and grandmother who knew how to sew, knit, AND crochet!  Mally learned their techniques and eventually began making her own clothes as a teenager.



Her favorite kinds of fabrics are those that are antique and tribal.  A trip to India inspired her first collection.  Right when she got home from her trip, she pulled out her watercolors and let her imagination and inspiration take over! The rest is history as they say.


I love the colors she uses in her designs- very fresh and up to date! Can you believe these fabrics were all produced from watercolor paintings? Mally must be one talented artist!



This linen is GORGEOUS- the pink adds in an unexpected, fun element.  I am loving all that texture!



All fabrics available by the yard.

Next up for Mally is an African collection (which is drawn from the country of her birth and childhood years).  Can’t WAIT to see!