Orange Italia

Friday, July 24, 2009 | Category: Color, Commercial Spaces

I went and ate at Ristorante Cibus tonight (located in Northpark) and it was wonderful…but who could expect anything less than that from Dallas restaurateur, Alberto Lombardi? With seven successful restaurants under his belt already, there was no question that Cibus would turn out to be a dining hit with Dallasites.


The food was delish and the decor was equally amazing.  The plethora of bright orange throughout the restaurant was right up my alley!

Booths upholstered in an orange geometric print and orange chandeliers made this commercial interior pretty unforgettable.


Luckily it was a cool 85 degrees and I got to sit outside.  I had a great view of the orange acrylic chairs and fun yellow accents that pervaded the outdoor seating area.


If you want a more casual atmosphere, Cibus also has a Caffe and Gelateria next door- where you definitely won’t miss out on any of the orange appeal!


Where was I when this tray came around?


Will orange be the new phenomenom for dining areas like red was five or six years ago?  I hope so! I am loving this fresh, stylish color and it definitely worked on my appetite!

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2 Comments to 'Orange Italia'

Carolyn 24 Jul 09 at 10:48 am

You have inspired me to decorate in orange accents!! Love it!! Goes well with my new painting.

Down Pillow 24 Jul 09 at 2:01 pm

Sounds like a really fun time 🙂 I love those orange chandeliers!

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