What if your interior designer was also someone you considered a friend, an aunt even?  A person you had worked with for eleven years who knew your taste so spot on that the interiors came out flawless- a reflection of your own personal style mixed with the designer’s good taste.

This relationship just so happens to describe that of Dallas designer Jan Showers and her client, Kimberly Whitman.


Jan just completed her sixth project for Kimberly, a residence she shares with her husband and son in Highland Park.  This gorgeous home was featured on the cover of the September Traditional Home.


I’ve always admired Jan Showers’ work.  Her interiors tend to be more on the glamorous and elegant side, which I gravitate towards.  I don’t think Jan has ever designed a room I haven’t been completely in love with!

To start, the tour, here is Kimberly’s dining room…can you believe the original homeowner left that stunning chandelier?  It goes perfectly with the space.  You can barely see it, but there are two matching wallpapered doors on the right and left side of the back wall that lead to the kitchen.  They are pretty well camouflaged!


Kimberly’s dining room reminds me of a project I am working on.  We just wallpapered my clients dining room in Nina Campbell’s Lombardia Ponchielli.  It looks similar to the gray and gold hand-painted wallcovering that Jan has used.  (but the Ponchielli would be a more cost effective alternative to doing a hand-painted wallcovering)



Across from the dining area, is the sophisticated and symmetrical gray-blue living room.  I am loving that mirror over the fireplace and also her idea to put a collection of vintage cigarette lighters as decorative elements on the coffee table.


Any friend of lacquer is a friend of mine!  The cozy library is lacquered in a dramatic navy blue.  Same color drapes disappear into the wall enveloping the end user in a deep cocoon of an endless hue.  Jan added green leather chairs from a Paris flea market and geometric pillows to interject other punches of color.


And who could forget the beautiful and luxurious bedrooms?

The master is one of my favorites.  So serene and calming- blue, cream, and gold is my preferred color combination.


The pale pink bedroom was in one of Kimberly’s previous homes and is now the guest room.  I have to say- I wouldn’t mind staying here!


The photos from Kimberly’s house are just so stunning.  Jan has done it again!

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2 Comments to 'Jan “showers” her clients with glamorous spaces- yet again!'

Lauren 28 Jul 09 at 12:12 pm

Loves!!!! I can’t wait to pick up a copy! I’m pretty sure the Whitman’s are the owners of my favorite living room I posted from, “curated interiors.”

paula 28 Jul 09 at 3:09 pm

loved looking at this too.

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