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is the perfect word to describe the new furniture collection, designed and launched by our friends over at Maison 24.

I am loving the clean lines and contemporary look of their new pieces.


Ritz Club Chair


Meurice Sofa


George Sofa


Bristol Sofa

Choose from their upholstery fabrics (which takes only 3 weeks) or do COM!

A Budding Bargain!

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I just purchased Currey and Co.’s Crystal Bud Chandelier for a client.  It ended up looking gorgeous in their spacious master bath- the Cupertino finish on its metal stems ended up coordinating nicely with their dark cabinets.

It’s funny how when you complete a long awaited installation, you end up seeing the installed piece everywhere…



Today I happened to be flipping through Pottery Barn’s catalog, and I came across a chandelier that looked so similar to the Crystal Bud that it stopped me right in my tracks!


The Camilla 6-Arm also has a bud-like appearance- a combination of crystal leaves and iron branches.

They do look similar, don’t they? They could almost be identical twins…well maybe not identical- fraternal maybe?

Are you a creative homeowner who has the best looking bedroom in town?  Or are you a designer who has created a fabulous bedroom for a client? Now is the time to show it off!

Our friend Ronda over at All the Best is hosting a Best Bedroom Contest!


All you need to do to enter is submit clear, unpublished photographs (maximum of 5) of one bedroom designed by you to (allthebestcontest@gmail.com)

Familiar faces such as Ronda Carman, Amanda Nesbit, Todd Romano, Nathan Turner, Kelly Wearstler, Michael Devine, and Vicente Wolf will be looking at your work and ultimately deciding the big winners!

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes include Sferra Linens and will be published on All the Best blog.


Contest goes from 8/21- 9/25.  Winner announced 10/5!

Barclay’s Kravet Collections

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I tend to frequent the Kravet showroom in Dallas at least once a week!  I always seem to have such good luck there in finding the perfect fabric for a client.

While on a memo sample shopping spree the other day, I came across the most beautiful fabric- it consisted of a soft turquoise and brown leaf print embroidered upon a crisp white linen background.


{Herbarium- Mineral: 30352/1635)

And what do you know, it is a fabric by the distinguished interior designer, Barclay Butera!  I could not get this fabric out of my head all week.  It became the jumping off point for an entire room design for that client.

I  must say that all of Barclay’s fabrics and rugs for Kravet are so completely stunning…and the fact that he has also selected a forty color palette of paint from Benjamin Moore that will complement all these textiles, makes them that much more appealing!

His paint colors are organized into four divisions-

Beach (i.e.: Ben Moore’s Blue Toile 748), City (i.e.: Indian River 985), Mountain (i.e.: Great Plains Gold 1077), and Town & Country (i.e.: Krisp Khaki 234).

To learn more about these fabric divisions and get further Barclay inspiration, be sure to read his book, Living in Style.

Here are a few additional photos of Barclay’s Kravet fabrics to get your creative juices flowing-


These to me are such calming fabrics.  They aren’t loud or overdone in the least bit.  Fourth from the left, is my fabric crush- Herbarium.




Now let’s just hope that my client selects the color scheme that had Barclay’s Herbarium fabric in it! (fingers crossed!)

And one more photo for the road…Barclay’s Tufts for Kravet Carpet.  How great would this look with a bit of chocolate brown?


{Photos via Kravet, Inc.}

There’s only a week and a half left to register for the Material Girls/Merida rug contest!

Winner receives a 5′ x 8′ Serengeti Gazelle area rug valued at $1800.  This is a contest you don’t want to miss!


The Serengeti is part of Merida’s new Global Collection line and is composed of sisal and linen.

If you would like to receive a FREE sample of one of the Global Expedition products (like the Serengeti above), click here for their online sample request form.

Drawing will be held on August 31! Can’t wait to reveal the big winner!

Once upon a time, there was a very talented Houston design blogger named Joni Webb.

Joni set out on her daily Starbucks run one morning and happened upon a beautiful French styled Houston home belonging to Sally Wheat.  Joni stalked this house for over a year from her car window until one day she was invited to take a peek inside.  Joni’s love for the home only continued to grow after she visited its interior.  What started as stalking, quickly turned into friendship between Joni and the Wheats.


The rest is history as they say…

And why am I telling you this story?  Sally’s house was recently featured in the August issue of Houston House and Home.  My mom went to Houston last week and after she finished stalking all of Joni’s recommended Houston haunts, she came home and brought me a surprise.  She knew how much I loved Joni’s blog and Sally’s home, so she gave me a copy of this issue and let me just tell you how amazing Sally’s house is!

My favorite photo is the one of her living room that was on the cover-


The rest of the house is just gorgeous!  But I won’t spoil it for you…Cote de Texas has the full story here.

And a big congrats to Joni, who wrote its cover story!  The writing was excellent and the story is more than entertaining.

Joni’s original blog post, Stalking the Wheats, has proved to be one of the most popular stories on her blog.  People have fallen in love with the Wheat’s house and Sally’s unique style.

Can’t wait to see photos of the next time Sally decides to rearrange her furniture.  Congrats to the both of you!!

Stark Struck!

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I’m sure this diamond patterned Stark carpet has been blogged about over and over again…but for good reason!  It’s such a fantastic, versatile rug that looks great with any type of room.


The Stark sisal is a recurring piece that I often see in dining rooms and living rooms.  Well, not in “real life”, mostly in publications.  You see, most clients are apprehensive about using sisal rugs in their home.  Their view is that it is high maintenance and not very practical.  Maybe there is some truth to that, but you just really can’t beat the look of a sisal rug!

I really do see this particular Stark rug EVERYWHERE.  The name of it is Natura.  I was looking in my Style Book last night and started to notice just how many photos I’ve torn out that include this Stark rug! What are the odds?  Well, don’t answer that 🙂


This rug would be perfect for a project I am working on but I’m hesitant about it and wondering- is it just a fad?

Cote de Texas used the Natura in one of her projects.  Isn’t this living room lovely?  The diamond patterned sisal she chose is a perfect match with the paint color.


Here’s another instance where the Natura showed up- but in a dining room.  For a room like this where lots of grays are used, I think it is essential to have a natural rug like the sisal to warm up the space so it doesn’t look too stark (nor too matchy)


I spy…the Natura! In a Cote de Texas post


Here the Natura is (yet again) in one of my favorite Traditional Home spreads.  We blogged about this circus themed home not too long ago- such an interesting history behind it!


And another instance where a designer used the Stark rug.  This time, it’s in the “Yoga dining room” that was featured in House Beautiful.  I always remember this as the Yoga dining room because they framed grass Yoga mats with panel moldings for the backdrop of this room! Now if only I could find my old mat from Tarjay…


Same house- different room!  The Natura was also used in the client’s living room to keep it consistent throughout the public spaces.


This D Home spread featured a dining room with the patterned rug.  It complements the beautiful de Gournay wallpaper nicely.


I found this funky dining room in Veranda.  What do you know? They used the Stark rug too!


I just discovered that this rug is also sold at their Outlet…learn something new every day!  Didn’t even know Stark had a few outlet locations.

Would love to know your thoughts! Are you already over this rug or is it a classic?

Metallics Team Up!

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I always have to add a little bit of metallic to every room that I design.  It just never feels complete without this element…but oftentimes, I battle between silver and gold.  Do I want to design the room in predominantly silver? Or is this room more of a gold room?

Windsor Smith shows in the new House Beautiful, that it never hurts to add a little bit of both!  Who ever said it was a crime to mix? I am loving this chic combination with little touches of color here and there.


Windsor’s bedroom suite is perfect in my eyes- walls and ceiling are upholstered in a soft metallic printed fabric.  A gold sunburst contrasts nicely with silver pillows and a silver vase.  She definitely isn’t afraid of a little gold/silver action!

And let’s not stop here!


The silver/gold combo is carried into her bathroom area as well.  The vanity is covered in a gray/white silk skirt (from the Silk Trading Co.) and the antique French repousse mirror adds in some gold sophistication.

And Windsor isn’t the only designer that’s integrating both gold and silver into her designs…there are many more out there who adore this elegant mix.


{Jan Showers}


{Southern Accents}

tobi{Tobi Fairley}


{Elle DecorVicente Wolf}


{Elle Decor}


{Elizabeth Dinkle}


{Angie Hranowsky}

There are a lot of commercial interior designers out there, but it is rare to find someone who specializes specifically in commercial movie theater design.  I discovered this when working for Montague Design Group, a Dallas-based movie theater design firm.

For almost two years, I worked for Melissa Montague (the founder, owner and very talented designer).  Although she was my boss, she also played the role of mentor and friend.  I really did learn so much from her about the business and interior design.  Her creative, entrepreneurial spirit definitely rubbed off on me!


MDG has designed more than 350 movie theaters around the world- so I guess you can say Melissa has pretty much perfected the art of designing theaters.

Every theater she designs has such a distinct personality.  One in particular, is the Cinemafusion theater in Anaheim California.  I had to share this one as it is my favorite!


Rotating colored lights and electronic movie posters attract moviegoers to the entertainment venue.


Natural stone columns, modern pendant lighting, glass tiles, and a custom designed wallcovering make the box office so unique!



A bright and stylish color palette of orange, turquoise, chocolate brown, and green encompass Cinemafusion.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a movie theater this up-to-date anywhere near me!


More glass tile and colorful seating pods in the bar/lounge area.



There is even a swanky lounge here called the Sky Lobby where you can purchase drinks to enjoy in the lounge area or even in your seat!   They did an amazing job with the lighting design in here.  Notice the cool 3-form elements that hang from the ceiling.



The entrances to the theaters have large numbers covered in colored plexiglass.  These oversized elements make it so much easier (for people like me, who get lost easily) to find the right theater they need to get to.

If you are a theater owner and yours needs a facelift or you are planning on building a new one, contact Melissa– she can help!  She is the best in the business… I can vouch for that 🙂

Simply Chic

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I came across the most simple but lovely photograph today…


{House Beautiful}

All it consisted of was white ironstone and reliefware pitchers set against a background of Benjamin Moore’s Rural Earth paint color.  As basic as this photo was, I completely fell in love with it.  The display just felt so clean, graphic, and organized.  There’s such a nice contrast between the light vases and the dark background.

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that get me.  And what a difference an accent paint color makes here! Such drama in this photo- loves!