They design their kitchens in all white!


They buy x benches!


{Kristen Bell’s home featured in In Style “Inside Stars Homes”}

There are just way too many similarities between myself and Kristen Bell! We could be sisters.

with Jan Showers’ new book, Glamorous Rooms!  I read it all in one sitting.  It is 206 pages of fabulous eye candy and noteworthy design advice from the Dallas based interior designer.


With a foreword by her friend, Michael Kors, and a book case created to look like one of her favorite fabrics, Hinson and Company’s Snow Leopard, this book goes down in history as one of my favorite coffee table reads!

There are so many jaw dropping images throughout her book.  I gathered my favorite Jan Showers’ rooms to share with you (as well as quotes), until you can go out and buy a copy of the book for yourself!  It’s too bad this book wasn’t a magazine or I would have torn out a bunch of pages to keep on hand in my Style Book!


“Create an aura of glamour with some or all of these classic design elements: warm silver-leaf tea paper on the walls, a fabulous Murano-glass lamp, gilded mirrors, a pair of eighteenth-century painted Italian slipper chairs, and a graphic animal skin on the floor”- Jan Showers


“Rugs should be kept understated and elegant.  Though it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, low-contrast rugs typically work best.  However, you may opt for a high-contrast black and white graphic rug to mitigate the vastness created by a double-height ceiling.”


“Mix textures and styles liberally.  Cashmeres, low-sheen satins, linens, silks, velvets, mohair, and wonderfully ironed and waxed leathers are favored textures in living rooms.”


“Mixing silver and gold is always a good idea”


“Never be afraid to mix patterns, periods, and wood finishes.”


“Too much upholstery is one of the most prevalent mistakes made in present-day design, because it lacks detail and interest.  Detail is critical to establishing the singularity and quality of any piece.”


“Two lighting elements are central to all my dining room designs: chandeliers and lamps.  Frequently people are surprised when I suggest that lamps be placed on buffets.  They create a luscious glow in a room that can be quite challenging to illuminate.”


“One shortcut to an atmosphere of warms is the use of dining chairs with upholstered backs.  At a rectangular or oval table, have the host and hostess chairs upholstered in a different fabric than the other chairs if they are a different style.”


“The opulence of bedrooms should extend to the walls themselves.  Soothing colors such as soft greens and French blues are just right.  Ivories and pale peaches complement skin tones, which is a very good idea in the bedroom.”

Her first book definitely aims to please!

MG Chats with Swank

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Thank you Swank Lighting for including us in your Design Blogger Profile series!


Click here for the interview!

The Big 02!

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Can you believe it?  It’s growing up way too fast. It seems like only yesterday our blog was two months old and now it’s a full two years.

I remember when it took its first steps…in creating a blog name, when it said its first words…on the initial blog post, when it celebrated its one year birthday…virtually.


Ahh memories…

If only we had a scrapbook to mark our blog milestones (well, that might be going a little far).  But there are too many unforgettable moments from the past year, that we couldn’t help but take a trip down memory lane.

Swank Lighting Contest- November 08

We had so many great, creative entries.  This contest was such a blast and we couldn’t wait to reveal the winners  to everyone!


Flashback 2008 Trends- New Years Post

We looked back on the trends in fashion and home decor throughout 2008.  It’s fun to look back and see which ones were still around this year and which ones flew the coop!


Bloggers’ Homes- Unveiled!

We asked our blogger friends to send in photos of their own homes.  And just as we had expected, their homes were as wonderful as their blogs!  We got a great response to this post and hope to do another Bloggers’ Homes post in the future.


Design Challenges- we solved readers’ room problems each month through a design advice giveaway-

Paint challenge, space planning challenge, accessories challenge, bathroom challenge!


To Chop or Not to Chop? The pillow debate lives on!


Julia/Chicago went shopping with Eddie Ross! I was very jealous to say the least!


Our Interview with Nate Berkus– what a cutie!  I wonder if he’d consider being a Material Guy?


Our Interview with Vicente– such an accomplished designer- we could all learn so much from him!


Everyone seemed to have an opinion on the post- Gwyneth Paltrow- designer?


Lauren’s Classy or Trashy posts (especially the Z Gallerie Zebra rug one), always got interesting responses from readers!


During Top Design Season 2, readers had lots to say about Jill’s post on judge/ Fashionista Kelly W’s off the wall hairstyles!


We also hosted some fun giveaways throughout the past year-

Vinyl Silhouettes


Merida Meridian


The things you can find on Craigs List!  Well, the things Hilary can find on Craigslist!  Amazing chairs...and design students.  Who knew? NY Craigslist’s hidden gems!



We got a new Twitter name a few months ago!  New name- @materialgirls


Julia, our Chi town blogger, was featured in Beautiful Homes magazine.   What a beautiful spread!


The beginning of Lauren’s beloved  “Furniture Friday” posts


Can this outfit be turned into a room? Jill showed crossovers between interiors and fashion.



Are You Over It or Over the Moon For it? We STILL want to know!


MG was incredibly flattered and honored to be named as one of House Beautiful’s “Sites We Love”.


A Bygone Design Aesthetic- The Restoration Hardware debate…


And other MG posts, that brought very unfortunate news-

The closing of Expo stores


The end of Domino


The shut down of Southern Accents


Here’s to year three of blogging!

Fab Stripes!

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Seeing the photo below in this month’s House Beautiful, reminded me of how much I love a good WIDE stripe!


{Wallpaper is Millennium Stripe in Beige and White by First Editions- design by Meg Braff}

I think wide stripes just make so much more of a statement than a narrow stripe.  My belief is that if you are going to stripe it up, you might as well do it to the extreme.  Make it bold!  Wide stripes look great just about anywhere- on headboards, painted on walls and ceilings, on wallpaper, on pillows, on chairs, on window treatments and on rugs!  There is nothing better than a wide stripe (ok, maybe a fun geometric) but you get the picture!

Of course, wide stripes don’t look great everywhere- you certainly have to choose the right application.  Scale is very important in this case!  You need to make sure the repeat of the stripe isn’t too big and overwhelming for the piece you are putting it on.

Take a look at these whimsical rooms below, that decided that in the right application, going wide is the answer!

Bringing the stripes all the way up on the ceiling, helps this bathroom feel much taller.



Horizontal stripes helps to widen a room.


{Miles Redd}

Wide stripes on roman shades make a fun, graphic statement in this playroom.


{Traditional Home}

There is no “coloring between the lines” here!  The designer decided to take the stripes all the way out to the exterior border of this headboard.  Never would have thought to do this, but it works wonderfully here.


{House Beautiful}

Wide stripes can look fabulously graphic on a black and white rug.


{Visual Vamp blog}

Wallpaper is one of my favorite applications of the wide stripe- go bold with red and white or keep it simple and understated with a tone on tone neutral stripe.


{This is Love Forever blog}

Stripes even look great on the ceiling- especially in a nursery!


{Apartment Therapy}

Or how about wide stripes on the floor?


{Point Click Home}

Or even alternating colors on the wall?


{Coastal Living}

I adore wide stripes on furniture…and I’m talking WIDE! The settee below takes wide to a whole new level.



Green and cream stripes are repeated throughout the room below.  This repetition is what makes this room so interesting and cohesive.


On the right chair, a wide stripe fabric can look really lovely. Normally I am not a red person, but the chair below is so rich and fabulous!  The more contrast in color that your two stripes have, the more of a statement you will make!


{Patricia Gray Blog}

Since wide stripes are more whimsical and playful in my opinion, doing them in a nursery or playroom is a great idea.  Julie Richard of Shelter blog, created this nursery for her son, which was featured on La Dolce Vita’s Personal Style, Defined series.  Perfection!


{Design by Julie Richard of Shelter}


These photos make me want to go get some painters tape and start striping whatever I can get my hands on!

It’s that time again for the Dallas WISTERIA


Hundreds of items from the catalog (marked 40-8% off) will be awaiting your purchase! wist2

Last Outlet sale I went to, this adorable sofa was marked 1/3 off.  Lauren probably would have snatched it up- had she lived here!


So you just never know what you will find…see you there!

2055 Luna Road, Suite 182

Carrollton, TX 75006

Studio bon, based in Dallas, is a collection of hand-printed, personally designed textiles by former interior designer, Bonnee Sharp. 



I first heard about Bonnee’s fabrics from an article in The Dallas Morning News and most recently learned that her fresh and fun fabrics are coming to Schumacher (what was once only available online, will now be available in each MG city)!














{London Bridge}

Take a tour of her fabulous home here, where you can see a bunch of her textiles in action!

More Swanky Lamps!

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Can you believe how stunning these are?


This lighting happens to be Swank’s new line of contemporary Murano lamps, produced from a glass house in Italy.

The first phase of the line will include twelve different designs.  Currently there are four on their website.  We can’t wait for the next eight to come out later this fall!




(FYI, the White Snowmen lamp will soon be available in Pale Blue, Pale Lavender, Pale Mint Green, and Pale Pink with 24k gold accent)


Here’s a peek at the official photo of the Architectural Digest Greenroom backstage at the 61st Emmy Awards.  This red hot lounge area was designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.  I love all of the rich colors, texture, and pattern in this eclectic room. The Greenroom definitely emits a lot of energy!


Click here to download the time-lapse video of the making of the Greenroom.

{Photo by Craig T. Mathew/Mathew Imaging}

It’s Showtime!

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It’s that time of year again- when some of the biggest designers come together to create Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House.  We blogged about this showhome last year and it was even the inspiration for our 2008 Material Girls/Swank Lighting design contest.

However, last year we had only renderings to show you- but this year we have the actual photos of these tv show inspired rooms.  14,000 square feet of fun- check them out!

The Dexter Dining Room by Marie Aiello

What a fabulous dining room! I used that same Seatbelt chair in my Home for the Holidays exhibit at the DMC a few months ago.  Everyone went crazy for it…and now seeing it multiplied by six, all I have to say is wowza!


Marie quoted that a lot of broken/fractured items are displayed throughout the Dexter rooms representing the fractured person that Dexter has become.  The fractured dining table is below and was created by Marie herself (she named it “Cut”)


The Dexter Kitchen- designed by Marie Aiello


The United States of Tara second story lounge- designed by Francine Gardner

If you’ve never seen this show before- well, let’s just say that Toni Collette’s character, Tara, definitely needs a separate room design for each of her distinct and vibrant personalities! This playful pink one was designed for “T”- Tara’s teenager personality on the show who decides to come out every once in a while- much to the chagrin of her family.


Nurse Jackie Waiting Room- designed by workshop/APD

I haven’t seen this show yet, but I hear it is great.  Maybe even as great as this living space!  Walls are made of Corian with drilled indents that make a pattern of pills, representing Nurse Jackie’s addiction.  An inset of roses shaped into a red cross signifies Jackie’s inner person.



How clever- they even mounted perscription pill bottles to the entry wall! The burnt orange definitely pops against that dark brown.


Californication Entryway- designed by Joannah Kornak for Holly Hunt

For those of you who know Hank Moody from Californication, you are probably already aware of his various shortcomings and faults.  Poor Hank- always gets a bad rap!  But for once someone decided to highlight his strengths as opposed to his weaknesses- as shown through Joanna’s entryway design.  I can’t get enough of that Cork wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries.


Weeds Lounge- designed by Paul Latham

I don’t watch Weeds on a regular basis but people keep telling me that I need to!

Isn’t this lounge amazing? I am loving the natural mossy green color he used throughout the space…a dark accent wall and a green leather slipper chair by Global Leathers complete the look.


And his accessories definitely encompassed the “Weeds” premise- glass bottles with plants preserved inside add interest to a table.


The Tudors Dining Room- designed by Piero Lissoni and Nicoletta Canesi

The Tudors is such a beautiful show in itself.  With such gorgeous set design and pretty costumes,  it’s only suitable that their showhome room measures up to this- and indeed it did!

This is one of my favorite rooms- I love the custom-made chairs by Martin Albert Interiors.


The bust of Henry VIII is covered in Swarovski crystals! How’s that for royalty?


To see the complete set of photos, click here

(photos by Antoine Bootz, courtesy of Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House 2009)

Which is your favorite room and which Showtime show has got you hooked?