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It’s that time of year again- when some of the biggest designers come together to create Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House.  We blogged about this showhome last year and it was even the inspiration for our 2008 Material Girls/Swank Lighting design contest.

However, last year we had only renderings to show you- but this year we have the actual photos of these tv show inspired rooms.  14,000 square feet of fun- check them out!

The Dexter Dining Room by Marie Aiello

What a fabulous dining room! I used that same Seatbelt chair in my Home for the Holidays exhibit at the DMC a few months ago.  Everyone went crazy for it…and now seeing it multiplied by six, all I have to say is wowza!


Marie quoted that a lot of broken/fractured items are displayed throughout the Dexter rooms representing the fractured person that Dexter has become.  The fractured dining table is below and was created by Marie herself (she named it “Cut”)


The Dexter Kitchen- designed by Marie Aiello


The United States of Tara second story lounge- designed by Francine Gardner

If you’ve never seen this show before- well, let’s just say that Toni Collette’s character, Tara, definitely needs a separate room design for each of her distinct and vibrant personalities! This playful pink one was designed for “T”- Tara’s teenager personality on the show who decides to come out every once in a while- much to the chagrin of her family.


Nurse Jackie Waiting Room- designed by workshop/APD

I haven’t seen this show yet, but I hear it is great.  Maybe even as great as this living space!  Walls are made of Corian with drilled indents that make a pattern of pills, representing Nurse Jackie’s addiction.  An inset of roses shaped into a red cross signifies Jackie’s inner person.



How clever- they even mounted perscription pill bottles to the entry wall! The burnt orange definitely pops against that dark brown.


Californication Entryway- designed by Joannah Kornak for Holly Hunt

For those of you who know Hank Moody from Californication, you are probably already aware of his various shortcomings and faults.  Poor Hank- always gets a bad rap!  But for once someone decided to highlight his strengths as opposed to his weaknesses- as shown through Joanna’s entryway design.  I can’t get enough of that Cork wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries.


Weeds Lounge- designed by Paul Latham

I don’t watch Weeds on a regular basis but people keep telling me that I need to!

Isn’t this lounge amazing? I am loving the natural mossy green color he used throughout the space…a dark accent wall and a green leather slipper chair by Global Leathers complete the look.


And his accessories definitely encompassed the “Weeds” premise- glass bottles with plants preserved inside add interest to a table.


The Tudors Dining Room- designed by Piero Lissoni and Nicoletta Canesi

The Tudors is such a beautiful show in itself.  With such gorgeous set design and pretty costumes,  it’s only suitable that their showhome room measures up to this- and indeed it did!

This is one of my favorite rooms- I love the custom-made chairs by Martin Albert Interiors.


The bust of Henry VIII is covered in Swarovski crystals! How’s that for royalty?


To see the complete set of photos, click here

(photos by Antoine Bootz, courtesy of Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House 2009)

Which is your favorite room and which Showtime show has got you hooked?

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3 Comments to 'It’s Showtime!'

francine gardner 15 Sep 09 at 10:44 pm

thank you for reporting on the Showtime Showhouse. There was such a fun team spirit among all of us while trying to finish on time. i became very fond of the character Tara for whom I designed a duplex apartment. Hope you can come and visit

KPeach 16 Sep 09 at 12:16 pm

too hard to choose a fave-but I love that Californication entry way and I need that bust!

MaterialGirls 16 Sep 09 at 10:30 pm

Hi Francine- so glad you found our post! You did such a wonderful job on Tara’s space. What a fun room that must have been! I wish I could come and see it- but I am here in Dallas. Though I am so glad I got to view the photos- I love seeing the designs from the Showtime Showhouse

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