Washington Bedrooms

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I found myself very attracted to these two bedrooms that were featured in this month’s Traditional Home.  One of them happens to be located on the East coast in Washington D.C. and the other happens to be located on the West coast, in Seattle, Washington.

Exhibit A:

Washington D.C. Design House- (design by Kelley Proxmire)


Exhibit B:

Seattle, Washington (design by Carrie Hayden)


I really do love them both! They are both very feminine, soothing and luxurious (my favorite traits!); but on the other hand, their color schemes couldn’t be further from each other.  You have the bright and cheerful robin’s-egg-blue and ivory versus the subdued and more neutral gray and parchment scheme.

Which brings us to my never-ending internal “interiors” debate- do more color or do more neutral? Decisions decisions! They are both irresistable!

Tallest Bed

tiny tim

{Tom Scheerer Incorporated}

Largest Clock


{Jay JeffersHouse Beautiful}

Most Multi Functional Sofa


{Cote de Texas}

Most Challenging Stair Climb


Steepest Tub


{Shoe shaped bathtub by Massimiliano Della Monaca- via Coco Perez}

Most Books in a Library


{Karl Lagerfeld’s Library via Delish}

Narrowest Room


{Domino- via La Dolce Vita}

Most Whimsical Chandelier


{Nanette Lepore’s den- via Shelter}

Most Fittings in a Shower


{Vicente WolfElle Decor}

Most Colorful Wood Planks


{Met Home}

Most Natural Four Poster Bed #1 (it’s a tie!)


{Marjorie Skouras DesignMetropolitan Home}

Most Natural Four Posted Bed #2


{Philip Hooper & Sally Metcalfe- Elle Decor}

Most Light Fixtures within a Fixture


{Metropolitan Home image- via Pink Wallpaper}

Busiest Entry


{room via Domino}

Largest Bust Statue


{Kelly Wearstler’s Home– Vogue}

Most Extensive Art Series


{The Peak of Chic}

Darkest Kitchen

black kitchen kelly

{Kelly Wearstler}

Tidiest Library


{via the Scoop}

Pointiest Headboard


{design by Mary McDonald}

Most Patterned Fireplace



**Disclaimer: These awards are purely based on my own knowledge and my own knowledge alone.  I am pretty sure I’ve never seen the pointiest headboard in the world nor have I experienced the most challenging stair climb…but feel free to send me pics that rival my finds or any other photos that you think should be in MG’s Guinness Book of Design Records!**

Super cute rug…

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At the Park Cities Mega Marshalls of all places!


The rug’s lines remind me a bit of the work of Jan Showers (the custom pillows she designs, etc)



Avalisa’s Lively Wall Art

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One of my clients emailed me about the website, Avalisa– and I’ve been obsessed every since!  I have spent hours just combing through all of their fun, kid oriented, stretched wall art and fine art prints.  (not to say that some of their multi-colored, patterned prints, couldn’t go in an adult’s room too!) Their simplified, lively and unique designs are what draws me to their pieces.

They have so many to choose from too.  Here is a small sampling of what they have on their website- but there is much much more where these came from.
















They even have wall murals as large as 96″ x 96″!  You can also get custom colors and sizes made of their wall hangings.  We are about to order a few ourself. I wish I had known about this when I did the pediatric dental office.  They are such a great resource!

To vote for Valorie’s Modern Creole room in the 5th annual Apartment Therapy Room for Color 2009 Contest.

Valorie, our friend over at the Visual Vamp blog, is definitely no stranger to color.  Her bold and vivacious home in New Orleans is filled with lots of colorful Southern charm.





Click here to vote!

Good luck Valorie- we are all rooting for ya!

I Dream of Fabrics!

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Today’s mission was to find an inexpensive solid green fabric to coordinate with this Pindler and Pindler print.

picture 017

This vivid, multi-colored fabric is going to be made into a duvet cover for a child’s bedroom.  The client didn’t want to go too matchy matchy and do shams out of the same print, so my mission was to find a coordinating green solid print that we could use for the shams.  I was hoping to find something retail and readily available so that I could get the shams produced relatively quickly and inexpensively.

First stop of the day- Childress!

picture 027

If you live anywhere near its three locations (Dallas, Addison, or Frisco) you must visit Childress when in need for  economical and readily available fabrics.  I am partial to the Addison location as it is newer and has more up-to-date fabrics than the downtown store.

Most of their fabrics range from $5-30/yard and they have a huge selection.  So needless to say, I always have good luck here.  And not to mention, if you are into trim, they have a huge department of anything from tassels to tape.

Come and take a virtual peek!

The Greek key is everywhere at Childress- on tape trim, on fabrics, on furniture pieces- you name it!

picture 001

But why spend hundreds of dollars on a greek key fabric from the design district that could be obsolete in a couple of years?  This hot trend of the moment is everywhere and I’d rather spend $12/yard on tape trim or $15/yard on greek key fabric than breaking the bank for something that I might want to sell on Craig’s List in a few years.  Just my opinion!

picture 011

They also have a bunch of graphic geometrics.  Black and white as well as brown and white- lots of contrast here!

picture 002

picture 008

picture 033

picture 012

My favorite Childress print of the moment has to be this brown and cream, brown and green, or brown and blue (comes in lots of colorways!) soft geometric.  I can see this on a chair, as drapes, or as an accent pillow.  Don’t even get me started. I am going to have dreams about this fabric tonight!

picture 003

picture 005

I thought this fabric below was nice and different- you don’t seem magenta, orange, green, and brown together a lot.  It’s so refreshing to see something wild and different than the run of the mill overdone blue and brown combo.

picture 004

Oh gray, how I love thee.  Is it just me or has gray not made it to the retail stores just yet?  I mostly see it down at the decorative center.  A few weeks ago I had to find a really inexpensive gray sofa fabric for a client and it was near to impossible!  I was very surprised Childress had this gray and white fabric in such an updated print.

picture 006

Childress wouldn’t be Childress without a faux Imperial Trellis fabric!  Kelly W. would be so proud! They are really on top of things there.  Too bad this wasn’t there about a year ago.

picture 007

They even have ready-made drapes in 96″ and 120″ lengths.  I love how they have the really long panels- you often don’t see that in retail.  You mainly see the 84″ and the 96″ lengths- but not here!  I actually have some of these panels in my own bedroom.  All you need to do is add blackout liner to them, perhaps some inverted pleats and sew a little tape trim to the edges to add interest and voila! Drapery panels that start at $49 each- what a bargain!

picture 009

picture 010

I purchased this fabric to make drapes for my sister’s dining room at a store (that will remain nameless) and it was twice the price there.  Childress had it for half that.  They also have this fabric currently at Ballard Designs.  Small world!

picture 031

Can you tell that I love houndstooth?  Wouldn’t this bright pink one be adorable in a little girl’s room?

picture 018

I can imagine these colorful zebra prints in a child’s room also.

picture 019

Bolts and bolts and rows and rows of fabric.  You need to plan for at least an hour here! Don’t worry, I came back twice today.

picture 020

Below is my second favorite print at Childress (that I have actually seen at the design district before).  It’s so nice that you can just take this fabric home with you the very same day you see it- instead of having to wait for it to ship to you from a warehouse halfway across the US.

picture 021

picture 032

Whimsical circles print…

picture 022

My third favorite print from Childress. (I know, I certainly do have a lot of favorites here!) This suzani inspired red, brown, cream and grayed out turquoise is such a steal! $12/yard!

picture 023

Another colorway and its coordinates…I think I like the red version (above) better.

picture 024

They even have furniture that they can upholster in any fabric.  This chair on display reminded me a lot of Designer’s Guild.  (However, I think it would look sharper stained an espresso!)

picture 029

Ok, back to work.  Wait, what am I even here for again?  Oh yes, mission: green fabric to go with the Pindler print.  This green proved difficult to find- I did find one candidate but it was a little more muted than I would have liked so I held off on it.  But for $14/yard, who can complain!

picture 014


15201 Midway

Addison, TX 75001

Jackie Von Tobel, of the Jackie Blue Home blog, is definitely one of the hardest working designers/bloggers that I know.  If it’s not one project, it’s another.  I don’t know how she keeps up with it all- I am really in awe of her talent and dedication.

blog banner jvt

Most recently, she has written a design book entitled The Design Directory of Bedding (and no, it’s not her first book either! This woman is on a roll!)


Her new book consists of so much great information in the bedding department.  It is a serious must-have for any designer or homeowner’s library.

And can we just talk about the 1,000 + illustrations that Jackie hand drew herself?  Quite amazing!  You will be so blown away by all of the detail in this book.  It is incredibly organized too which is a plus- sections are divided into bedding components such as decorative pillows, pillow shams, pillowcases, bed skirts, bed covers…you get the idea!





{Illustration pictures from The Decorating Diva and The Design Directory of Bedding}

There are just too many lovely bedding ideas in here to count.  Jackie is truly an inspiration to all of us other designers. I love how creative she is AND am so jealous she can hand draw all of her ideas out.  What a great visual tool for clients to get to see what is brewing in that mind of hers!


As most of you can probably tell, I love to read (books OR magazines)- anything I can get my hands on really.  I am always wanting to learn more and soak up as much design information that I can- so up next for me is reading Jackie’s The Design Directory of Window Treatments!

If the information in here is just as extensive as that in her bedding book, I’m surely in for a treat!

Color Predictions- F&B

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Farrow, Farrow, Farrow and Ball– which are the trendy colors for fall?

Glitz and Glamour-









Urban Decay-



I can honestly say I am the worst hostess/cook in the entire world.  I was once assigned to bringing a dessert to a pot luck dinner with my girlfriends and brought over a box of uncooked chocolate chip muffin mix instead (which are actually quite delicious!)  But needless to say, no one asks me to bring dessert anymore.  It has become the joke among our group of friends that I can’t cook at all, nor am I the best hostess.


But this week I was faced with a challenge- to host a small, casual dinner at my place for a group of girlfriends in celebration of this weekend’s big OU/TX game here in Dallas.  I was supposed to cook an edible meal (oh the horror!) and make my tablescape coincide with the Red River Shootout “scheme”.

Aside from the cooking part, my other challenge was that these girls are all Texas fans (and I went to OU).  In the end, I decided that burnt orange and a splash of turquoise was a more fun color scheme than inserting any crimson and cream…(OU people, don’t hate me) and as always, Tarjay came to the rescue with inexpensive and outdoor friendly plates.

picture 016

I may be rooting for Texas’ color scheme, but I can’t say that I will be cheering for UT during the big game (much to my boyfriend’s disapproval).  Boomer Sooner!

Usually the rooms I gravitate towards go something like this….


Or this…


Or even this…


Nine times out of ten, I am attracted to a more feminine, colorful and patterned space.  But what was it about the below townhouse in this month’s Elle Decor that made my heart skip a beat?


It’s clean, casual, comfortable, organized and tranquil.  And at the end of the day, aren’t we all looking for those qualities?  Lately that is ALL I want to come home to (but of course nothing in my home fits that description, but that’s another story!)

This Washington D.C. home belongs to interior decorator and furniture designer, Darryl Carter.  Even his design website and portfolio embody this clean, gorgeous look- take a peek!


And the lack of color in his home, doesn’t take away an ounce of exquisiteness from these rooms.  Darryl added in texture, pattern, and contrasting light and dark elements to keep it interesting.  Who knew white walls could be so enticing?

I love the sleek and bulky table mixed in with the more dainty feminine chandelier.  Pops of green add a nice jolt of color to the dining table.


More contrast…the sleek paired with the rustic.  And don’t overlook the backs of the cabinets painted a very deep color.  Yummy!


Hello kitchen floors, I think I love you…


His office is by far my favorite room.  Who doesn’t want an incredibly tall cane back chair to cozy up in?  The logs stacked in the bookshelves give off a warm, welcoming vibe. This office screams- come in, pull up a chaise, start up the fireplace, and bring your Twilight series! No distractions here- just pure bliss.


I just had to post this photo.  Julia met Darryl the other week at an event in Chicago.  Aren’t these two adorable?  Both in their navy outfits…the shot perfectly framed by a sunburst mirror.  <sigh>


Next up for Darryl Carter- Material Boy?